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Does 8 Greens Actually Work?

8 Greens Has A Use, But, It's Not A Substitute For A Proper Greens Powder

8 Greens is an interesting concept, it obviously comes with some limitations by virtue of condensing a greens blend into a soluble pill if we compare it to a normal greens powder which ultimately has 5 times the volume to work with. This means that a few of the ingredients are just going to be in too low of a volume to be effective.

However, that doesn't mean 8 Greens is entirely useless. Your body doesn't reset what goes into it every 24 hours, so if you have a normal greens powder with similar ingredients on a daily basis, but keep a pack of 8greens at the office for when your forget to have your more comprehensive green powder, or want something for travel then that's where 8 Greens starts to come into it's own. As a great backup option to make sure you still cover your bases.

The other option is that if you already have a particularly healthy diet then once again it makes a nice top up. Generally speaking we prefer things like Super Green Tonik , which has all the same ingredients in double or higher volumes with these being the effective ranges.

And unfortunately, before you ask can I have more than one 8 greens tablet in a day, due to the vitamin blend in 8Greens we wouldn't recommend having more than one tablet a day. It probably won't do you any harm, but it's still not the best idea.

All in all 8 Greens is a decent product, but it's not a substitute for a real greens powder .

What Does 8Greens Do?

8Greens claims are relatively modest, and as such we don't really have much in the way of issues in regards to 8 greens health benefits claims. Even just the vitamins contained within the supplement would be enough to justify the claim of improving energy levels through the day. As for promoting healthy aging pretty much anything that contains some vitamins that are common deficiencies has a reasonable claim here.As for it's claims that it can cure a hangover we can report from personal experience that it's not really up to much on that front, but we assume everyone took that one with a pinch of salt anyhow. 

Customers 8Greens Reviews

Verified customer reviews of 8Greens are generally quite positive, mostly citing that it tastes surprisingly nice and that the supplement has indeed led to them feeling better overall. And we can't say we're surprised, for the average American even the relatively small amount of leafy green vegetables in 8 Greens is more than most get, so it's an improvement for sure. There is a small catch however, and that's quite a few 8greens customers did report that the 8 greens pills did cause laxative effects. Whilst our experience on this front was relatively mild at most, there are a few things in 8 Greens that can have this effect so it does seem to be a reasonable complaint and enough to expect some negative 8 greens reviews. The other question was around the use of artificial sweeteners which some people are more sensitive to than others.

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8 Greens Review FAQ

The most commonly asked questions we came across when researching our 8greens review.

Does 8 Greens Have Side Effects?

There shouldn't be any serious side effects from 8 greens although a few customers have mentioned that it's caused some laxative effects. Whilst this shouldn't be all too common there are a few ingredients which could cause this. Some people also have sensitivity to artificial sweeteners which could also cause some mild stomach upset. 

Does 8 Greens Contain Caffeine?

8Greens does not contain any caffeine.

Does 8 Greens Expire?

Whilst technically 8greens does only have a shelf life of 2 years, as with a lot of supplements they'll probably be good for a little while longer than this. 

8 Greens Ingredients

Vitamin C 400mg - 500% is probably more vitamin C than you really need in a supplement like this, however it will have a positive impact on energy levels for most people. [1] And vitamin c deficiency is relatively common in US.

Vitamin B6 3mg 200% and Vitamin B12 9mg 360% - B vitamins are another energy boosting vitamin [2] pair. Very few people are deficient in these however, and they make it into most energy drinks, however it's still a reasonable vitamin to fortify.

Pantothenic Acid 15mg 250% - Otherwise known as b5 helps you process food and turn it into energy more efficiently. All good here.

Potassium 90mg 45% - Potassium is good for our heart, blood flow, our bowels and a host of other things, generally it's a relatively uncommon deficiency, so 60% is a good amount as most people get enough or close to enough.

Zinc 6mg 60% - Zinc is actually quite a common deficiency in the US, and it's incredibly important, even a mild or sub clinical deficiency (which applies to up to half of the US population) can cause hormone imbalance. [3] It doesn't seem that taking zinc over 100% gives many extra benefits so 8Greens dosage is probably enough to top up your diet.

Proprietary Greens Blend 667mg

We don't really like proprietary blends as it's quite often used to hide that supplement companies aren't actually including enough of the more expensive ingredients for them to be effective. However, with 8 greens none of these ingredients will be in large enough doses to get their most prominent benefits. But, that's not the point of 8 Greens, the point is to top up an already healthy diet to improve your health benefits, or to cover you on a day in which you otherwise would've done a lot worse, so we'll give it a bit of a pass here.

Spinach is known to be rich in antioxidants and vitamins, whilst this is true, it's often overblown a little bit. For example people commonly state it's a good source of calcium and you'd need to eat 2lbs of spinach to cover your calcium intake. However, there are a lot of other benefits and it's a solid inclusion.

Wheatgrass can be quite good, it's great for inflammation and antioxidants but there's no way that there's enough of it in this blend to get the most out of it's benefits as it would be more than is available in the whole 667mg on offer. We do like that it's organic wheatgrass powder, which is a common thing for less high quality greens powders to skimp on.

Kale contains a few essentials like beta carotene and we'd love to know exactly how much of it is in 8 greens...

Blue green algae is one of those things that people only really get if they take a supplement, there could be enough in here to get the most out of it, although with the other ingredients it's like a little underdoed. Whilst there are some weight loss claims around this, they're generally overblown however, stress and immune system benefits are less so and it is generally considered that blue green algae is beneficial for human health. [4]

Chlorella is excellent as ingredients go, again, not likely to be in the ideal dose as would be ideal, but it's a good source of omega 3 fatty acids and lutein, it's another type of algae commonly used in omega supplements. [5]

Aloe Vera - The claims that 8 greens make about aloe vera are partially reasonable, in that it does settle the stomach. However, it's claims about Aloe Vera's healing benefits only apply if it's used on your skin. There are a lot of claims around Aloe Vera in the supplements industry, and unfortunately these aren't always well backed.

Spirulina extract is good for regulating blood sugar, but the claims that 8 greens make about weight loss are tenuous, even in a much higher dose than is possible in 8 greens it's a relatively minor benefit.

Barley Grass tends to be mostly beneficial for the fact it's covered in enzymes that are good for the body, but it does depend on the source, which we can't confirm.

All in all 8 greens has a lot of decent ingredients, the problem we keep coming back to is that they can't possibly be in high enough volumes to be at their most effective. But, that's not the point of 8 greens. If you want better nutrition get a proper greens powder, ideally one with a transparent formula so you know you're getting the right amount, not 90% of the cheapest ingredient (one again we'll mention Super Green Tonik). If you want a backup then grab 8greens. 

8Greens Review Conclusion

8 Greens is a good addition to have as a back up to a proper greens powder, it's a bit gimmicky if we're completely honest, but it's not entirely pointless and it does what it does well. A few of the ingredients like aloe vera are somewhat overblown in their health claims and we'd have probably preferred to have seen a higher amount of algae. 

It also does miss out on a host of ingredients that proper greens powders contain like ashwagandha and rosea which have more impactful mood boosting benefits, but if you're looking for something to leave at your office desk or take with you on holiday 8Grees serves a purpose. If you want something for day to day use however, we'd recommend that you select something else from our best greens powders list instead. 

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Criteria Rating
Taste 8/10
Essential Nutrients 4/10
Health Benefits 4/10
Ingredient Quality 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 7/10


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