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Is Green Vibrance any good?

Good probiotic blend, but fairly standard in every other respect.

Green Vibrance is a fairly decent and healthy greens powder, but it’s nothing special. Perhaps its strongest aspect is the inclusion of 25 billion probiotics in each serving, which is the highest amount we’ve found in a greens powder.

In many respects, this greens powder falls short, however. Many of the ingredients, while healthy, are under-dosed. This is particularly true of the amount of spinach leaf powder, spirulina powder, and turmeric root. Many other ingredients, albeit less important ingredients, are also under-dosed.

Due to the under-dosing, Green Vibrance is healthy but will not be as effective as other greens powders with higher doses of the best ingredients. We recommend exploring our best greens powders list to find a more effective green supplement.

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Green Vibrance Customer Reviews

Verified reviews of Green Vibrance on their website, which uses a third-party review platform, are overall very positive about the product. Many customers pointed out that it tastes great despite not containing any added sugar, while other customers reported feeling more energetic.  

A couple of customer reviews of Green Vibrance actually noted that it improved their gut health, which makes sense since this product’s best feature is its gut-health-boosting probiotics blend.   

Of course, not all reviews were positive. On Amazon, negative reviews of Green Vibrance focused on the taste. Clearly, not everyone is in agreement that it “tastes great”, as some customers put it. Others reported finding it difficult to drink even after mixing it with juices or smoothies. 

Green Vibrance Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions in Green Vibrance Powder Reviews.

What Does Green Vibrance Taste Like

We already mentioned that the customer reviews of green vibrance weren't all too posisitve about its taste. And this is from customers who generally like greens powders. It was marked as more than just the usual grassy overtones and as having a distinctly bitter taste and being very strong. We'd be inclined to agree and say it was possibly the worst tasting greens powder we tried. The mixability wasn't as bad as some customers said, although still not good. If you can imagine the grit and dirt at the bottom of a coffee pot, and how bad that tastes if you've ever had the misfortune to drink it, imagine a green version of that.

Green Vibrance Formula 

Green Vibrance contains 70 different ingredients. These are split into 10 different groups: cereal grasses, plant-based micro-nutrition, antioxidant life preservers, immune support, adaptogens, skeletal support, fibre, liver support, enzymes and tonics, and probiotics.

Overall, the ingredients in Green Vibrance are slightly under-dosed compared to similar greens powder products, such as Supergreen Tonik. That said, we’ve nothing to say against the ingredients they chose to include, they are generally healthy, supportive, and beneficial. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these blends…

Cereal Grasses

Cereal grasses are packed full of nutrients that benefit the body in a number of ways, including boosting the immune system, supporting cardiovascular health, and promoting healthy digestion. Green Vibrance includes three different cereal grass powders derived from leaves and juice. These are barley grass, oat grass, and wheat grass.

Plant-Based Micro-Nutrition

For us, the main ingredients in this section worthy of note are spirulina powder and spinach powder, both of which are under-dosed.

Spirulina is a great ingredient with heaps of known benefits. Unfortunately, the amount in Green Vibrance is quite a bit on the low side. They include just 600mg whereas other greens powders, Supergreen Tonik for instance, include up to 2000mg, which is a much more beneficial amount. While 600mg will not doubt offer some of spirulina’s benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties, to enjoy other advantages more is needed. For example, studies have shown that 1g or more per day is able to lower cholesterol.

In addition to not having enough spirulina powder, Green Vibrance is horrendously low on spinach leaf powder, with only 200mg per serving. We would expect at least 1000mg per serving to gain the full benefits of this powerful green superfood. Spinach is high in vitamin E and magnesium, as well as being high in protein and low in calories. It also helps to remove and prevent toxins.

Antioxidant Blend:

The Green Vibrance antioxidant blend certainly contains healthy ingredients but some of them are way under-dosed to be effective. Turmeric root, for instance, is known to be an effective antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, but only when taken in doses of between 500-2,000mg per day. The 150mg dose included in Green Vibrance is not likely to do much.

The most highly dosed ingredient in the antioxidant blend is chromium, the antioxidant effects of which are supported by some evidence [1]. However, the 800mg dose is still slightly too low, with studies suggesting 1000mg per day would be most effective.

Immune Support

While many of the ingredients in Green Vibrance offer immune-boosting benefits either directly or indirectly, the makers felt it necessary to add a few more immune-supporting ingredients just to be sure. There are three ingredients in the immune support blend: astragalus, beta glucan, and ResistAid.

Astragalus is derived from a plant and has anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties. There is some limited research suggesting it can help prevent viral infections and fight against the common cold in humans. There is no consensus on how much astragalus you need to take for it to be effective but estimates range between 9-30 grams per day. If this is true, then the 200mg dose included in Green Vibrance is basically useless.

Beta glucan is derived from oats and is considered by the FDA to reduce the chance of heart disease. It is also thought to boost immunity, however, studies into its effect on the immune system have not yet been carried out on humans, only in the lab and on animals. For its other benefits, the recommended dosage is 2.5-2.5 grams per day. Again, this means Green Vibrance is very much under-dosed, with only 30mg in each serving.

The third immune-boosting ingredient, ResistAid, is derived from the larch tree and has been shown to boost the immune system in a number of ways by multiple studies. Though the studies we have seen suggest around 1.5g per day, whereas Green Vibrance contains just 30mg [2].

Probiotics Blend:

Probiotics are good bacteria that actually improve your health. In particular, probiotics are great for improving gut health and intestinal health. Some experts advocate the use of probiotics to treat gut-related illness, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

Green Vibrance has a good amount of probiotics with around 2.5 billion CFU per ingredient, amounting to a total of 25 billion probiotics, which is the highest amount we’ve seen in a greens powder.

Most greens powders contain much fewer probiotics and some don’t contain any. For example, Raw Organic’s green powders supplement contains just 1 billion and Spruce Greens has 10 billion (making it the second highest dose of probiotics we’ve seen in a greens powder).

The Green Vibrance probiotics blend has 12 different strains of probiotics. This diversity will help to keep your gastrointestinal tract healthy and strong, improving digestion and alleviating any digestive issues you might suffer from. 

Green Vibrance Review: Conclusion 

Green Vibrance contains a lot of healthy ingredients. Where this greens powder falls short, however, is in the dosing. A large number of the ingredients are included at doses far lower than recommended.

While you’re likely to gain some health benefits from drinking Green Vibrance is far from the most effective greens powder you could be using. And since it’s a comparable price to superior products, we would recommend shopping around before choosing this supplement.

The one area where Green Vibrance excels is in probiotics. It has by far the highest number of probiotics of any greens powder we’ve come across. If you are specifically looking for a greens powder that will boost your gut health then this product could be a good option for you.

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Taste 1/10
Essential Nutrients 5/10
Health Benefits 5/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 3/10