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Does MoveFree Joint Health Work?

Move Free Works, But At What Cost

Move free have quite a few products out there, and one of them is ok, but horribly overpriced, and the rest are total and complete disasters of supplements with largely debunked ingredients that we're surprised are still on the market today. Move Free Advanced is the one that does actually have some decent backing, but the problem is that it relies almost entirely on glucosamine HCL as the functional ingredient, which should cost you about $10 for a monthly supply not the $60 that Move Free Advanced does. The other ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid don't really work. Hyaluronic acid only works if it's injected into the site, and the calcium frutcoborate doesn't really do a lot. The chondroitin is fine, but it can normally be bought as a combination supplement with glucosamine supplements for again about $10/monthly supply. So, unfortunately Move Free Advanced, the one thing in their range that is effective costs about 6 times what it should do. 

That all said due to the size of a required dose of glucosamine a lot of other joint health products don't include it. And it is a good option. If you didn't mind taking 6 pills a day the ideal combination would probably be an omega supplement, a glucosamine supplement and a combo pill that contains all the smaller dosed ingredients like Physio Flex Pro . However, if you were going to ditch one of these three, it would be the glucosamine, meaning we can't really recommend using it as a go to, unless you've already tried the other types of supplements.

Move Free isn't terrible, it's price is a large part why it doesn't make our list of the best joint supplements when there are much better options at its price point. 

Customers Move Free Advanced Reviews

Customers move free advanced reviews were unsurprisingly good, the main ingredients are well proven amongst joint supplements and backed by extensive research. There are better options available, but as far as the supermarket brands go Move Free advanced is one of the better options so we're not surprized so many people wrote a positive move free advanced review.

Move Free vs Relief Factor (The Market Leader)

If you use Move Free and an Omega oil supplement, then odds are you'll have a better result than you'd get from Relief Factor. This is assuming that you tolerate all of the ingredients in Move Free Advanced. However, if we're comparing Move Free Ultra vs Relief Factor, then we'd recommend Relief Factor.

Move Free Review FAQ

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What About Move Free Ultra Reviews

Move Free Ultra is unfortunately nowhere near as good as the advanced alternative. The ingredients are sound, they're all just chronically under dosed to do anything to really improve improve joint pain. Turmeric for example needs to be about 1000mg whereas Move Free Ultra is only 250mg. So the ingredients are certainly nowhere near where they'd need to be. So if you're looking at move free advanced vs move free ultra then definitely go for the advanced option. 

Is Move Free Advanced FDA Approved?

Natural products don't have to undergo FDA approval, there are manufacturing guidelines which these products have to meet, but not specific FDA testing. 

Move Free Advanced Side Effects

Nausea, diarrhea, constipation and stomach pain are the most common side effects of Move Free Advanced.

Move Free Ingredients

Glucosamine is the backbone of Move Free Advanced and is recommended by the Arthritis foundation, the other ingredients aren't great. Glucosamine has been shown to be effective for joint pain specifically [1] but, researchers haven't seen any improvements to joint health or inflammation. Dosages have to be at 1500mg or higher, which Move Free Advanced gets right.

Chondroitin like glucosamine is one of the building blocks of cartilage, but it has shown be less effective than it's counterpart. [2] It's not completely ineffective, but as far as joint health supplements go there are worse ingredients, they're just not the best either.

Hyaluronic acid is proven to be effective for joint pain when it's injected to the site directly, it doesn't really matter about the dosage seeing as it's completely ineffective. There were some early studies which suggested that it could be useful [3], but these have since been disproven by many more studies.

Calcium Fructoborate - This one is a bit of a gray area, there is one particularly favorable study. [1] The catch is the study was only 15 days long. And it was only one relatively small study so the results are not conclusive as to whether or not this will have any actual improvement to joint or knee pain. 

Move Free vs Osteo Bi Flex

These are actually quite similar supplements so it is worth comparing the two, we would suggest that Osteo Bi Flex is a slightly better option as long as you tolerate all of the ingredients well. The same glucosamine hcl is responsible for the side effects of move free and Osteo Bi Flex, so if you don't tolerate one, odds are you'll have issues with the other too.

Move Free Reviews Conclusion

You can do a lot worse for a supplement than Move Free Advanced, the problem is mostly the cost. As for Move Free Ultra, we don't recommend that at all, it can't possibly have effective doses of anything it claims to have. Schiff Move Free products are not created equal is the long and short of it. We also would say you'd be better off with a generic Omega supplement and a combined supplement like Physio Flex Pro.

If you do want a supplement more similar to Move Free Advanced, then Osteo should be a better option. Still, there are better supplements to optimise your joint health.

Best Joint Supplements
Criteria Rating
Ingredients 8/10
Pain Relief 9/10
Joint Health 5/10
Swelling 3/10 
Value 3/10
Recommended 6/10 


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