Neuropure Reviews

Does Neuropure Work?

Updated 11th Feb 2024

NeuroPure is Mediocre

NeuroPure is a nerve health supplement designed and produced by Premier Vitality. Premier Vitality say the NeuroPure supplement is a complete neuropathy protocol made with an "advanced nerve support formula" which can completely cure neuropathy symptoms in the vast majority of people in just 30 days.

They even say that as it's made in a GMP and FDA approved facility and all purchases on the NeuroPure official website come with a 60 day, 100 percent money back guarantee you can try it without any risk. However, after doing our own NeuroPure reviews, we can tell you that it would still be a waste of time.

The NeuroPure formula consists of only natural ingredients and contains passion flower, marshmallow root, corydalis, prickly pear, and California poppy seed. It then also contains the non active ingredient magnesium stearate to help stabilise it, and everything is housed in a hypromellose vegetable capsule.

While using only natural ingredients is usually a good thing, the fact that none of these have ever been proven to deliver on the potential benefits they are said to offer is a huge issue, as is the fact that all of the dosages are far too low to deliver the maximum benefits they could usually offer to your well being.

Then there is the fact that customer reviews are very hard to find and those that do exist say it will not notably improve your nerve cells, energy levels, sleep quality or general health or well being in any way.

Some customers even mention that they found that product to be of a poor quality or said the company itself was very unprofessional, and there is no evidence that the money back guarantee was honoured.

You put all of this together and it is very easy for us to come to the obvious conclusion that you just simply should not purchase NeuroPure. 

NeuroPure Ingredients

Passion Flower - 145 MG - Early studies have suggestedpassionflower has the ability to increase the brain's production of GABA and cause brain signals to be sent a little bit slower. This would result in it reducing stress, inducing a feeling of relaxation, making it easier to fall asleep and enjoy restful sleep, and combatting neuropathic pain. The problem is, very little scientific research has actually been done on either the passion flower or its extracts and their effects. This means it has not been conclusively clinically proven to do anything at all, so its presence as the main ingredient in the NeuroPure formulation is not guaranteed to be of use (1).

Marshmallow Root - 110 MG - Marshmallow root has some evidence that it can be useful for boosting gut health and weight loss, as it swells up in the stomach, suppressing hunger, improving digestion, and stopping you from overeating. This is all while also being able to help treat a variety of other health issues, such as coughs, colds, flus, stomach ulcers and skin irritations, but there's almost no evidence to suggest it does much for brain health (2).  Unfortunately, not only have most of the claimed health benefits of marshmallow root not been proven conclusively, but even the studies that support its use say doses of around 5 g must be taken each day. This means the 110 mg present in the NeuroPure nerve support formula is all but certain to be of no use.

Corydalis - 100 MG - Corydalis has quite the list of claimed health benefits it is said to offer include combatting depression, mental disorders, high blood pressure, gut issues, mood swings and tremors, alleviating discomfort, protecting or repairing the nerve tissues and free radical damage, helping support healthy nerve function, and offering calming effects. The issue is there have been very few clinical studies actually done on corydalis to this point, and most of those that have been done have been done on animals and produced mixed outcomes (3). As a result you just quite simply cannot rely on corydalis to add any real health benefits to the NeuroPure capsules.

Prickly Pear - 50 MG - There are then also suggestions that it has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties that enable it to soothe irritated tissues, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, aid digestion, prevent nerve damage and repair already damaged nerves, and help treat issues like hangovers or an enlarged prostate (4). However, not only are its effects on a person's blood sugar and cholesterol the only benefits of prickly pear that have ever actually been proven, but even these are only seen if you eat 200 g of fresh prickly pear a day. As a result, the 50 mg of prickly pear extract that is used in NeuroPure is totally pointless.

California Poppy Seed - 45 MG  - In terms of the relevant health benefits for neuro pure, we're looking at the claims around poppy seed improving sleep quality and latency, raising energy levels, preventing or reducing oxidative stress, harmful enzymes, and most neuropathy symptoms, and generally boosting the human nervous system and your overall well being and health (5). The problem is, virtually all clinical studies into the effects of the California poppy admit that they are in the very early stages and have not yet produced any conclusive results. This means the presence of its extract in NeuroPure simply cannot be relied on to support healthy nerves or treat nerve pain in any way.

NeuroPure Pros & Cons


  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Every purchase comes with a 60 day, 100 percent money back guarantee


  • Can only be purchased directly from NeuroPure's official website
  • None of the NeuroPure ingredients have actually been proven to benefit the nervous system, while most will not even benefit your overall health even if they normally could, as they are present in such low dosages
  • Customer reviews are extremely limited and those which do exist say you will not see NeuroPure work in a positive way