Thorne Daily Greens Plus Review

Are ‚ÄčThorne Daily Greens Good?

Thorne Daily Greens Aren't Bad, Just Relatively Mediocre

Thorne Daily Greens Plus is a greens supplement that claims its formula of 28 "powerhouse ingredients" promotes optimal immune function and cellular energy production, and a healthy stress response and healthy aging, while being able to enhance foundational nutrition, brain functions, and recovery time.

They even say it does all this while being totally transparent, free from unnecessary additives, fairly priced, and boasting the "typical Thorne quality" and a minty flavor that tastes great. However, we did our own review of Thorne's daily greens powder, and it's obvious that most of these claims are not true.

Thorne's daily greens powder's formula is split into four separate blends, which include a Greens Blend, Mushroom Blend, Adaptogen Blend, and Antioxidant Blend. There's then three more proprietary blends found within them, as well as two other ingredients, mint flavor and monk fruit concentrate.

Many of the ingredients are admittedly very useful in green powders, but most are present in doses that are far too low to be of any use. Although Thorne do get a few right like Rhodolia and Resveratrol. They are then surrounded by others that either aren't proven to work or can cause known adverse interactions.

Some people even claimed to hate the taste as well. That's why we highly recommend you do not purchase Thorne Daily Greens Plus and instead stick to one of the several similar priced alternatives on the market that don't feel the need to hide the ingredients and actually dose the correctly. Generally for most people looking to boost your health and add some green nutrition, we recommend Supergreen Tonik which we rated number one in our best greens of the year round up.

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Thorne Daily Greens Plus Ingredients

Greens Blend

Matcha (Leaf) - 1 Gram

Matcha is made from a specific type of green tea that is full of antioxidants, caffeine, catechins, rutin, chlorophyll, phenolic acids, quercetin, theanine, and vitamin c. It boosts weight loss, calorie burning, energy levels, brain functions, and heart health, and combats inflammation, liver toxicity, and certain illnesses.

However, to do any of this, you must consume at least 2 grams per day (1). As Thorne Daily Greens Plus contains just 1 gram of matcha, it's far too weak to produce these results.

Spirulina (Whole Plant) - 1 Gram

Spirulina is a blue green algae high in antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins. It boosts your immune function, metabolism, heart health, and weight loss, combats free radicals, and reduces oxidative stress and damage, inflammation, blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and your appetite.

The issue is, you'll only see these health benefits if you consume at least 2 grams a day. With Thorne Daily Greens Plus again containing just half of this at 1 gram per serving, it will not have any effect (2).

Kelp Powder (Whole Thallus) - 500 MG

Kelp powder is made from various types of seaweed and is said to promote optimal immune function and health and prevent the absorption of some carbohydrates, to provide foundational nutrient intake support and aid weight management.

Unfortunately, as studies are still ongoing and there's no conclusive proof that kelp powder can do any of this, its presence in Thorne Daily Greens Plus may be of absolutely no use (3).

Moringa Powder (Leaf) - 500 MG

Moringa powder comes from the horseradish tree native to Africa and Asia and is full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories that help it neutralise free radicals, regulate blood sugar levels, and detoxify the body and protect it from harmful chemicals (4).

With 500 mg being the recommended daily intake of moringa powder to produce these benefits, this is a rare instance where Thorne Daily Greens Plus actually uses a suitable dose of an effective ingredient.

Watermelon Powder (Seed) - 500 MG

Watermelon seeds contain amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, and are said to boost your metabolism and keep you hydrated. However, as there's little evidence these benefits transfer to its powder form, it is highly likely the watermelon powder in Thorne Daily Greens Plus does nothing (5).

Mango Extract (Leaf) - 140 MG

Mango leaves are said to reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, aid weight loss, and boast antibacterial effects that promote skin healing. The problem is, as none of these claims have been proven, the mango extract in Thorne Daily Greens Plus is highly unlikely to be of any use (6).

Spinach Powder Extract (Leaf) - 100 MG

Spinach powder extract is made from one of the most widely eaten leafy greens and is high in fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins. It boosts your vision, eye, heart and immune health, and blood pressure, and combats oxidative stress, anxiety, stress, heart disease, and certain other illnesses (7).

The issue is, for spinach to provide these health benefits, you must consume at least 1,000 mg a day. With Thorne Daily Greens Plus containing just a fraction of this at 100 mg per serving, it's far too weak to be of any use.

Mushroom Blend

Lion's Mane Mushroom - 300 MG

Lion's mane mushrooms are a tooth fungus proven to promote optimal immune function and health, aid memory, focus, concentration, cognitive function, cognitive performance, blood flow to the brain, brain cell and nerve growth, and healthy aging, reduce inflammation, and prevent mental decline (8).

Unfortunately, with 500 mg of lion's mane mushrooms required to produce these effects and the Thorne Daily Greens Plus Mushroom Blend only containing 300 mg, it simply will not deliver these results.

Chaga Mushroom - 250 MG

Chaga mushrooms are a fungus found on birch trees that are said to contain melanin and a range of polyphenols, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides. Some say they boost immune functions and gut health and prevent or combat fatigue, cellular mutation, and a range of chronic illnesses (9).

The problem is, there's little to no scientific evidence they can do any of these things. This means their presence in Thorne Daily Greens Plus may be of no use.

Maitake Mushroom - 100 MG

Maitake mushrooms are said to contain various antioxidants, beta glucans, vitamins, and minerals, and lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, boost the immune system, and help combat certain chronic illnesses (10).

However, there's again no evidence they actually do any of these things, so they may serve no purpose in Thorne Daily Greens Plus.

Reishi Mushroom - 100 MG

The reishi mushroom is a polypore fungus native to east Asia that's claimed boost immune function and health, reduce stress and blood sugar levels, improve your mood, and combat metabolic syndrome and certain other chronic illnesses (11).

The issue is, not only is more evidence needed to prove these claims, but even the studies that support it say you must use at least 1.44 grams per day to see any effect. This means the reishi mushroom content of Thorne Daily Greens Plus will do nothing.

Shiitake Mushroom - 100 MG

The shiitake mushroom is said to be rich in vitamins b and d and offer benefits like better heart health, weight loss, energy levels, cognitive performance, and immune health and functions, and reduced inflammation (12).

Again though, with none of these claims having been proven, it's just as likely it does nothing at all in Thorne Daily Greens Plus.

Adaptogen Blend

Ginger Extract (Root, Rhizome) - 250 MG

Ginger extract is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that prevents or reduces oxidative damage, joint pain, and cholesterol levels, and boosts joint, gut, and immune health and functions, as well as the bioavailability, absorption, and efficacy of all the other ingredients present (13).

Unfortunately, these benefits are only produced if you consume at least 1 gram of ginger extract a day, so the 250 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus will do nothing.

Ashwagandha Extract (Root, Leaf) - 225 MG

Ashwagandha extract comes from the roots of the winter cherry shrub and boosts testosterone levels, fertility, sexual functions, sleep quality, athletic performance, mental clarity, muscle size and strength, weight loss, and brain and heart health, and reduces stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels (14).

The problem is, at least 300 mg of ashwagandha extract is required in a single dose for it to produce optimal effects, meaning its presence in Thorne Daily Greens Plus will be of little use.

Lemon Balm Phytosome (Leaf) / Phospholipid Complex (From Sunflower) - 100 MG

Lemon balm phytosome comes from a plant in the mint family that's rich in vitamin c and many minerals and said to improve relaxation, mood, and cognitive performance, and reduce stress and anxiety (15).

Sunflower phospholipids are rich in healthy fats, choline, and vitamins and minerals, and can reduce cholesterol and fatigue, improve energy levels, heart and cognitive function, and skin health, and enhance the stability and texture of greens powders (16).

However, with the effects of lemon balm phytosome having not been proven and 2,400 mg of sunflower phospholipids being required to be of use, this part of the Thorne Daily Greens Plus Adaptogen Blend will do nothing.

Rhodiola Extract (Root) - 100 MG

Rhodiola root extract comes from an Arctic flowering plant and combats anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue, and boosts brain functions, physical performance, focus, metabolism, and blood sugar levels.

The issue is, as at least 200 mg of rhodiola extracts are the ideal needed to be of use, although the 100 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus can work a little bit (17).

Spearmint (Leaf) - 100 MG

Spearmint leaves are rich in antioxidants and said to improve your memory, digestion, and hormonal balance, and reduce stress and your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, 900 mg is required to produce these effects, so the 100 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus will do nothing (18).

Eleuthero Extract (Root) - 50 MG

Eleuthero root extract is an adaptogen from the Siberian ginseng plant that's said to improve physical performance and reduce fatigue, provided you consume at least 300 mg per day (19). This means the 50 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus is unlikely to be of any use.

Antioxidant Blend

Glutathione (Reduced) - 175 MG

Glutathione is an antioxidant naturally produced by the body that's required for every cell to function correctly. The problem is, it's been proven that the body cannot utilise it when it is consumed orally, so it's of no use in a greens supplement like Thorne Daily Greens Plus (20).

Nicotinamide Riboside Hydrogen Malate - 100 MG

Nicotinamide riboside is a form of vitamin b3 that's said to support healthy aging and improve your hormone balance and body composition. However, with most studies suggesting you need to take 250 to 300 mg per day for it to have any effect, the 100 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus is worthless (21).

Pomegranate Extract (Whole Fruit) - 100 MG

Pomegranate extract contains vitamin c, punicic acid, punicalagins, and anthocyanins, and can reduce inflammation and blood pressure and blood sugar levels, promote a functional and healthy mind and heart, and boost digestion, urinary tract health, and exercise performance.

The issue is, to do any of this you need to take in excess of 180 mg per day, so the 100 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus is of absolutely no use (22).

Quercetin Phytosome Extract (Flower) / Phospholipid Complex (From Sunflower) - 100 MG

Quercetin is a bioflavonoid found in some fruits and vegetables that has anti inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti artherogenic effects on the human body, while sunflower phospholipids again provide the same benefits we saw in the earlier proprietary blend.

Unfortunately, with 1200 mg of quercetin and 2400 mg of sunflower phospholipids being the minimum required for them to do anything, neither will produce any results (23).

Trans-Resveratrol - 100 MG

Trans-resveratrol is found in Japanese knotweed and said to help burn fat, regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, and hormone levels, improve glucose and insulin sensitivity and heart health, and combat diabetes.

Although some of these claimsa are a little overblown, it is effective for brain and joint health. And the 100 mg present in Thorne Daily Greens Plus will be of use (24).

Coenzyme Q10 Phytosome (Coenzyme Q10/Phospholipid Complex From Sunflower) - 50 MG

Coenzyme Q10 is chemical humans produce naturally that can prevent heart failure, chest pain, high blood pressure, headaches, migraines, and fluid build up, and promote healthy aging and a healthy mind. The phospholipid complex is then again the same as we saw earlier in the Antioxidant Blend.

However, with 90 mg of coenzyme Q10 and 2,400 mg of sunflower phospholipids required to be of any use, this part of the Thorne Daily Greens Plus Antioxidant Blend will do nothing (25).

Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine) - 21 MG

Betaine is an amino acid and methyl donor that supports digestive system and liver health, promotes cellular reproduction, and improves the metabolism of amino acids.

The issue is, with 3 grams of betaine anhydrous required each day to produce these effects, the 21 mg in Thorne Daily Greens Plus is worthless (26).

Thorne Daily Greens Plus Pros & Cons


  • Contains a wide range of proven ingredients
  • Reasonably priced and has a nice minty taste


  • Most of the ingredient dosages are far too low to be of any use
  • Some of the ingredients are not proven to work or can cause known adverse interactions

Thorne Daily Greens Plus Review Conclusion

Thorne claim their "unique" greens powder formula can enhance foundational nutrition and promote physical endurance, healthy aging, and a healthy stress response. Unfortunately, our review clearly shows it's not even as effective as a normal greens powder, let alone a good one.

From poor doses of its proven ingredients to a variety of unproven ones and even complaints from many customers regarding its taste, it simply fails in every way. That's why we strongly suggest you don't buy Thorne Daily Greens Plus and we generally recommend Supergreen Tonik.

A comprehensive daily greens powder made by a well researched company and packed with green foods, whole plant and root extracts, and potent antioxidants, with no hidden mixtures, it really can promote a healthy stress response and better wellbeing, while being far more enjoyable to use.

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Criteria Rating
Taste 6/10
Essential Nutrients 4/10
Health Benefits 6/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 6/10