Bulletproof Greens Review

Is Bullet Proof Greens A Scam?

BulletProof Greens is Very Underdosed and is Ultimately a Bolt on Product and Nowhere Near Better Products at it's Price Point.

Bulletproof Greens is a vegan, GMO free superfood supplement made by Bulletproof Nutrition. Bulletproof Greens claims to contain 35 superfoods, vitamins, minerals, nootropics, and digestive aids in its formula, which they say will deliver a full serving of vegetables in each portion, to fill any nutritional gaps in your diet.

There is one thing we do like about Bulletproof greens, and that's the fact that bulletproof greens offer a sachet is great, we do like a more convienient option and this is a better product than some of the tablet based greens, so keeping it in the work place would make sense or for when you're on the go.

Bulletproof Nutrition also say that the Bulletproof Greens benefits include better cognitive function, focus, nutrient absorption, stress management, and gastrointestinal health support, as well as far better overall health. Unfortunately, after extensively reviewing Bulletproof Greens, we found this is simply not the case.

The Bulletproof Greens ingredients are split into four different proprietary blends. These include the Vegetable And Fruit Powder blend, the Superfood And Mushroom Complex, the Nootropics Blend, and the Digestive Aids blend. Bulletproof Greens then also features a range of b complex vitamins & minerals.

While ingredients like lion's mane mushrooms and digestive aids like acid maltase can indeed benefit your cognitive function and overall wellness, they won't when used in the dosages present in the Bulletproof Greens supplement.

They are then surrounded by ingredients that are not proven to work at all, which will only dilute the efficacy of Bulletproof Greens even further.

Then you have the feedback from past users, which includes countless complaints about a lack of efficacy and quality control, as well as a poor taste and side effects, with virtually all of the positive reviews of Bulletproof Greens focusing exclusively on the price.

So, while they say it can be used to fill in any nutritional gaps in your diet, especially by those following a bulletproof diet or bulletproof coffee plan, that is simply not the case and this is ultimately a bit of a cash grab product. 

That is why we suggest you do not buy Bulletproof Greens and stick to a transparent greens supplement that you can see uses the right ingredient dosages like Super Green Tonik.  

And if you're looking for a mid price greens powder as a cheaper option than AG1, which is a large part of the bulletproof greens audience, then we generally recommend Live It Up . The reason being they stick to a much more stripped down formula so you actually get full doses of useful ingredients, which ultimately is a big part of Bulletproofs issue, trying to do too much at once at the $50 price point.

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What Does BulletProof Greens Taste Like? 

When we tested Bulletproof greens this one split the office. Nobody was overly keen on the taste of bulletproof greens, but some people really disliked it. 

With half of us saying they could hardly taste the supposed pineapple or citrus flavor and the other half simply getting the earthy greens flavor. Definitely not one for people who don't like the taste of greens powders in general. 

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Want to find the best greens powder for you? Not sure if Bullet Proof Greens powder is what you're looking for, then check out our list of the best on the market in 2023.

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Bulletproof Greens Ingredients

Vegetables And Fruit Powder - 2,037 MG

The Bulletproof Greens Vegetables And Fruit Powder blend contains organic spinach, organic kale, broccoli, organic celery, cauliflower, cabbage, kelp, organic cucumber, limes, lemons, organic blueberries, and organic strawberries.

Kale & Spinach

The largest of the 4 Bulletproof Greens proprietary blends, this blend starts out pretty strong with two leafy greens that offer numerous health benefits and are included in many of the best green powders.

Organic kale is rich in phytochemicals, vitamins, and minerals which can reduce inflammation, cholesterol levels, and the risk of heart disease, while boosting skin health, bone health, and brain function (1).

Organic spinach is high in fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals, which help it offer benefits like enhancing your vision and the health of your eyes, heart, and immune system, and reducing blood pressure, oxidative stress and damage, anxiety, stress, and the risk of heart disease and a variety of other illnesses (2).

The problem is 900 to 1,000 mg of each is required in order for them to produce these effects. While it is technically possible that Bulletproof Greens contains these amounts, the proprietary blend makes it impossible to know for sure, while the total weight of the blend being just 2,037 mg makes it highly unlikely.

Broccoli, Organic Celery, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Kelp, & Organic Cucumber

Things then get worse when you move on to the rest of the ingredients in the blend.

The vegetables in Bulletproof Greens, broccoli, organic celery, cauliflower, cabbage, kelp, and organic cucumber can offer benefits like reducing cholesterol, inflammation, and carbohydrate absorption, and enhancing immune health, digestion, and gut health when you consume them fresh.

However, none of these health benefits have ever been proven to be produced by their powdered forms.

Limes, Lemons, Organic Blueberries & Organic Strawberries

Then you have the 4 fruits in the blend, the low glycemic citrus fruits (limes & lemons), organic blueberries and organic strawberries. Between them they are rich in essential vitamins and can provide antioxidant support, which allows them to prevent or reduce inflammation and keep your body generally healthy.

Unlike the vegetables, the low glycemic fruits in Bulletproof Greens can be of use in supplement form, but only if they are taken in massive doses. Given the fact that they are buried right at the bottom of a blend that is not big enough to contain such doses in its entirety, they are therefore again going to be worthless.

You put all of this together and there is nothing in the Bulletproof Greens Vegetables And Fruit Powder blend that is actually likely to do you any good.

Superfood And Mushroom Complex - 1,570 MG


Organic spirulina is a blue green algae rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that can offer countless health benefits.

It can improve your metabolic rate and body composition, suppress your appetite, help you lose weight, fight free radicals, prevent or reduce oxidative damage, oxidative stress, inflammation, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels, and enhance your heart and brain health.

Unfortunately, these effects will only be produced if you consume at least 2,000 mg per day (3).

Given that this is more than the entire weight of the Superfood And Mushroom Complex, there simply cannot be enough spirulina in the Bulletproof Greens powder to be of any use.


Chlorella is a type of chlorophyte green algae that contains antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which can boost your energy levels faster than sugar, without causing blood sugar spikes. It can also lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, treat diseases and illnesses, detoxify the body, and boost your overall health.

At present there is no agreed optimal dosage of chlorella, so it is possible that Bulletproof Greens contains enough, but their use of a proprietary blend makes it impossible to know one way or the other (4).  And whilst it is possible that some of the chlorella and spirulina benefits can work together in smaller doses, that would mean that nothing else in this blend could be effective.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract boasts large doses of natural caffeine, polyphenols, and the antioxidant catechin EGCG. It can aid weight loss, boost energy levels, lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure levels, reduce stress and inflammation, enhance heart and brain health, and treat conditions like diabetes.

However, it will only do any of these things if you consume at least 500 mg each day (5).

While the weight of the blend and its position in it means it is technically possible for Bulletproof Greens to contain this amount it is highly unlikely, and the use of a proprietary blend means there is no way to know for sure.

Acai Berry

Acai berry powder contains anthocyanins that people claim can provide antioxidant support and improve your heart and gut health.

Unfortunately, as studies on the acai berry and its extracts have never been able to conclusively prove any of these claims, it is highly likely that its presence in the Bulletproof Greens powder will do nothing at all (6).

Acerola Cherry Extract

Acerola cherry extract is rich in vitamin c and, when taken in large doses, it can benefit the human immune system (7).

However, given the fact that the dose present is likely very small and none of its other benefits have ever been proven, it is more likely than not that its presence in Bulletproof Greens will not do anything.

Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract

Lion's mane mushroom extract can improve your memory, focus, concentration, cognitive function and performance, blood flow to the brain, brain cell and nerve growth, and immune health and functions, while reducing or preventing inflammation and age related mental decline (8).

Unfortunately, lion's mane mushrooms will only do this if you consume around 500 mg per day, which is far more than Bulletproof Greens can possibly contain, making its inclusion worthless.

Cordyceps Mushroom Extract

Cordyceps mushrooms are said to fight diseases, promote healthy brain function, reduce inflammation and the signs of aging, boost heart health, physical performance, brain cell growth and testicle function, and treat coughs, diabetes, diarrhoea, headaches, liver and kidney diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and tumours.

Unfortunately, not only is there little conclusive evidence to prove any of its claims, but even its supporters say that at least 1,000 mg must be taken every day for it to be of use, which is far more than can be present here (9).

This makes its inclusion in Bulletproof Greens completely pointless.

Nootropics Blend - 450 MG


Citicoline is a variant of the amino acid choline that can aid your neurotransmitter production, physical and mental performance, and energy levels, reduce your cholesterol levels and the effects of aging, oxidative damage, and toxins, prevent cognitive decline, and enhance your overall wellness and mental health.

This is a decent inclusion for Bulletproof greens powder, and it's possible that it's within a reasonable dosing range, 200mg would be on the low side, and 500mg is better, but seeing as about the only two things that bulletproof greens gets right is in this nootropics blend, you'd be better of with most other greens powders. (10).

Panax Ginseng Root Extract

Panax ginseng root extract can boost your immune system, brain function, mood, and testosterone levels, aid stress reduction, and treat low mental energy, erectile dysfunction, and conditions like diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome, and fibromyalgia. (11).

With 200 mg being the minimum dosage required to see any benefits, it is possible its presence in the Bulletproof Greens powder will have some benefit, but this is one of only a few things that we suspect that it's getting right, and other greens powders do this better.

Digestive Aids - 320 MG

Bacillus Coagulans - 20 MG

Bacillus coagulans is a healthy probiotic bacteria that can prevent poor gut health, gastrointestinal problems, leaky gut syndrome, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), while boosting the production of digestive aids like gut microbiome.

The 20 mg present in the Bulletproof Greens powder may be enough to produce these benefits, but the fact that it is listed in mg instead of CFU (colony forming units) makes it hard to know for sure and is a big red flag (12).

Even if it is though, it would be the very lowest useful dosage so would not produce anything near optimal results in Bulletproof Greens.

BioCore Optimum Complete Digestive Enzymes - 2 Billion CFU

The Bulletproof Greens BioCore Optimum Complete Digestive Enzymes blend contains the digestive enzymes amylase, protease, alpha-galactosidase, glucoamylase, lactase, protease, invertase, lipase, acid maltase, and peptidase.

Admittedly, many of these are fabulous digestive aids that can greatly support gut health.

Unfortunately, the blend not only misses two of the most important digestive enzymes, cellulase and sucrase, but the overall weight of the blend is far too low, as you could comfortably use that quantity of each digestive enzyme, rather than of all of them combined (13).

This makes it yet another aspect of Bulletproof Greens that simply won't deliver the results people expect.

Bulletproof Greens Review Pros & Cons


  • Has a very reasonable per serving cost

  • Many of its ingredients are proven to be useful in green powders


  • Most of the proven ingredients and digestive aids are used in dosages that are far lower than required

  • Many of the ingredients are not proven to be of use in greens supplements

  • Customers have complained about the taste, side effects, and a lack of efficacy, quality, and customer service

Bulletproof Greens Review Conclusion

Bulletproof Greens sells itself as the top green superfoods nutritional supplement on the market and says it offers a full serving of vegetables, vitamins & minerals in each serving, to provide countless health benefits. 

Unfortunately it isn't that, it's a mediocre greens suplement at best, and argueably sub par, in terms of the greens powders that come in a portable option, it's definitely better than 8 greens, so the sachets could be worth leaving at your desk in case you forget your normal daily greens, but that's about the only niche use case we can recommend them for.

As mentioned in the intro there are a lot of better options on the market, and bulletproof greens powder doesn't really provide the dietary link up between it's other supplements it claims, so it fails on it's unique selling point too, as such we don't recommend bulletproof greens.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste 4/10
Essential Nutrients 3/10
Health Benefits 4/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 6/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10


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