FYI Ultra Garden of Life Review

Is FYI Ultra Any Good?

FYI Ultra Only Has An Effective Dosage Of Glucosamine and Selenium, Meaning There's No Reason For It's Exaggerated Price Point.

Garden of Life FYI Ultra isn't so much a cartilage formula as it is a simple glucosamine supplement with the price point of a fully comprehensive joint health supplement. Whilst it does contain ingredients that have been proven to improve joint pain and support cartilage tissue, none of them are in their effective dose ranges. 

Turmeric and Ginger for example can have benefits, but they require grams each not the combined 700mg. There are specific extracts that can come from these which could fit into 700mg, however they legally have to be listed as such, so we know for sure that isn't what's in Garden of Life FYI Ultra. 

As for the Antioxidant Cartilage Formula in in FYI Ultra that's really not going to do much of anything at all for joint health. 

On the positive note glucosamine supplements have been shown to have a benefit to support joint tissue health, but you can also pick up a simple supplement of this kind for $15 a month which is five times less than the cost of Garden of Life. There is one positive to Garden of Life FYI Ultra, which is that there is a vegetarian option, which is unusual for glucosamine supplements, although again this would still be much cheaper as an option.

All in all Garden of life FYI Ultra is a poor quality supplement for it's price range, it goes up against much better competitors, that contain the correct dosages of the effective ingredients in Garden of Life, and more. Take for example FlexAgain (which is only $5 a bottle more), which we rated number one on our best joint health supplements list, it contains the curcumin and gingerol extracts we mentioned before in their correct doses, glucosamine and boswellia, in their correct doses as well as 7 other ingredients in their clinically studied amounts. You actually get two times the capsules for the money and as a result we simply can't recommend Garden of Life FYI Ultra.

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Customers Garden of Life FYI Ultra Reviews

There are an awful lot of 5* reviews of Garden of Life FYI Ultra on Amazon that talk about how they like the bottle, and before they've actually tested the product, which always looks a little bit suspect. The overall rating still looks pretty good, but we'd suggest that it looks more like 3.5* once you remove the ones that haven't actually tested the product at all. 

There's a reasonable amount of people that say Garden of Life does work, which isn't too shocking seeing as glucosamine has been shown to be effective.

There were also a lot of complaints about the turmeric spilling out of the capsules and making a mess. And more unfortunately the common issue of Garden of Life FYI Ultra side effects, most notably nausea.

Garden of Life FYI Ultra Review Conclusion

Garden of Life FYI Ultra isn't great as a cartilage formula or a joint supplement in general. The main issue is that it doesn't really do much to go beyond a lackluster glucosamine supplement.

The rest of the ingredients are either ineffective or incorrectly dosed to support joint health. It's unlikely to do much to live up to it's claims it can rebuild cartilage tissue, and all in all it's main saving grace that it is in fact shell fish free.

There are much better options in the premium price point that FYI Ultra sits in and as a result we don't recommend it against any of the products on our best joint supplements list and especially not against the top rated FlexAgain.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 4/10
Pain Relief 4/10
Joint Health 5/10
Swelling 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 4/10


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