REMfresh Reviews

Is REMfresh Any Good? 

REM Fresh Is A Poor Sleep Aid And False Economy

REMfresh is a sleep aid designed to give your sleep wake cycle the company's patented ion powered pump. It claims to help you get to sleep quicker, stay asleep longer, enjoy a good night's sleep, and then feel rested and refreshed when you awake.

Unfortunately, other evidence suggests taking REMfresh won't provide the kind of sleep support that they claim.

REMfresh relies solely on 1 key ingredient, a hormone called melatonin that occurs naturally in your body. The problem is, the dose used is far too low to have any real effect, especially if your body's natural production of melatonin is already low.

The worst thing is, it appears that the manufacturers are well aware of this fact.

While the packaging suggests you take one REMfresh caplet 30 to 90 minutes before your intended bedtime each night, they also say that you can take up to 5. This means they know that the "recommended dosage" won't work, and are simply listing it to create a false economy.

You then have a range of "other ingredients" hidden in the small print that have not been food and drug administration or doctor recommended to have any effect on sleep, but could cause allergies and side effects or exacerbate certain medical conditions.

When you factor in that it is also very expensive when you take a worthwhile dose, there is just no real reason to use REM fresh. That is why re recommend against taking REM fresh, and suggest that you use a proven sleep support supplement instead, such as RestAgain.

REMFresh Customer Reviews

When you look at the average rating value of REMfresh on Amazon it looks very positive, as it holds an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. However, when you read reviews, rather than just look at how many stars it has, you will start to see a very different picture.

While some did say that they were able to drift off to sleep a bit quicker while using it, which is to be expected when taking any sort of melatonin, they also mentioned that it had no effect on the quality or length of sleep they enjoyed, and they felt no more refreshed in the morning.

Meanwhile, others said that it had absolutely no effect, while some even mentioned having adverse reactions occur. One doctor recommended it also shouldn't be used by pregnant or nursing women, or people who operate machinery.

REMfresh Review: Conclusion

REMfresh claims to improve your quality of sleep and touts the "patented ion powered pump" produced by its melatonin content as the reason it can. However, like so many other sleep aids on the market, it falls well short of this lofty goal.

From its miniscule melatonin dosage and litany of "other ingredients" to being intentionally disingenuous about its price and able to cause severe side effects, it simply isn't worth your time, money, or health to try REMfresh.

If you really want to improve your sleep quality, you are far better off with a sleep aid like RestAgain instead. Containing optimal doses of multiple, proven active ingredients, it is guaranteed to help you get a decent nights' rest every single night, without any side effects.

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