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Does Olly Joints Work?

Published 11th Sept 2023

Olly Joints Ultra Strength is anything but strong.

The problem with Olly Joints is the same problem we have with almost all of their products, and that is simply that there’s nearly nothing in there. You’ve got vitamin D and the lowest viable amount of boswellic acid to be within the effective range and that’s it. The other two ingredients in Olly Joints are horrendously under dosed. Turmeric for example needs to be in the grams, whereas Olly has 100mg. This is because you need at least 500mg of curcumin (which makes up less than 8% of Turmeric) for it to be effective. So, ultimately this is relatively pointless. And even boron was underdosed at 5 times below the ideal dose.

So, that leaves us to ask is $20 an OK price for a Boswellia and Vitamin D supplement, and the answer is it’s a little overpriced, but not horrendously. A Boswellia supplement from amazon would likely set you back about $12 for twice the dosage and a 60 day supply, and a vitamin D is not to dissimilar. So, by this logic Olly Joints Ultra Strength is probably about double what it would cost for you to get the same benefit. Which isn’t great, but it’s not horrendous when we’re looking at the $10 range.

The issue we take is more that Olly Joints is marketing itself as a comprehensive joint softgel and it is far from that. Actually comprehensive joint supplements tend to cost more around the $50-60 mark, but they do include 20 times more ingredients (at least if we’re comparing it against our number one rated joint supplement FlexAgain). As a result 20 times more for $40 more, or 3 times the price, does seem like the better deal. And the dosages are actually in their correct ranges as well as containing a lot of the more effective ingredients for joint supplements whereas Olly seems to stick to the cheaper ones.

Ultimately, with the Olly brand it often comes down to you get what you pay for. As a result we don’t recommend Olly Joints Ultra Strength.

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Customers Olly Joints Ultra Strength Reviews

Surprisingly the reviews of Olly Joints Ultra Strength are actually pretty good, it actually holds an average of 4.3 stars on Amazon, which even when we account for the fake reviews, of which there are a few, it still comes out around 3.8* stars. What is interesting however, is that most of the people saying that it doesn’t work at all still gave the product 3* which results in a slightly higher average than we’d expect. This is likely due to the low price point and people not expecting too much from Olly Joints. 

As for the Olly Better Business Bureau doesn’t have too many complaints, with only 3 from the last 3 years, which considering the size of their brand isn’t too bad. As of the time of writing we couldn’t find any Olly Joints Reviews on Reddit.   

Olly Joints Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
-  Has the correct dosing of boswellia - Very low dose
- ​​​Good dose of Vitamin D - Not even close to comprehensive
- Cheap - Much better supplements available

Olly Joint Ultra Strength Ingredients

Vitamin D 20mcg – Vitamin D is a good ingredient for Olly Joints Ultra Strength plays a crucial role in maintaining joint health. It helps with the absorption of calcium, which is essential for strong bones and joints. A deficiency in Vitamin D can lead to joint pain by itself as well as weakened bones and increased risk of joint disorders such as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. [1] By ensuring an adequate intake of Vitamin D, you can support the health and strength of your joints. However, it's important to note that while Vitamin D is beneficial for overall joint health, it may not directly treat or cure joint-related issues. It’s also worth noting that depending on the study, the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency for over 50s ranges from 20% to 70% in the USA. [2] 

Boswellia Extract 100mg - The active compounds in Boswellia extract, known as boswellic acids, have anti-inflammatory properties that studies have shown can joint inflammation and pain. [3] This is a pretty common ingredient across joint supplements, and not a bad one for Olly Joints Ultra Strength. But, it’s generally included in most combined supplements so is not really anything special. 

Turmeric 100mg –
Turmeric is one of the better inclusions for a joint supplement, if it’s dosed correctly. However, you need an extract standardized to be predominantly curcumin. The positive studies that show curcumin can be as effective as a lot of pain medications for treating joint pain, but these were all done with at least 500mg of the extract itself.  [4] As curcumin is usually 4-8% off turmeric Olly Joints does not contain nearly enough of the ingredient. [5] 

Boron 2mg –
Boron isn’t a bad ingredient for a joint supplement, but it’s not making the top tier any time soon. The 2mg in Olly Joint Strength is also on the low side, with 10mg being the ideal. Boron can help improve the absorption of calcium and vitamin D, along with increasing collagen production and supports the production of certain compounds involved in joint repair and maintenance, such as glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) and proteoglycans. [6] That said, most people do get enough of it, but it’s all in all an “ok” inclusion for Olly Joints.  

Olly Joints Review Conclusion  

All in all Olly Joints just simply isn’t up to scratch, sure it’s cheap, which leads to minimal complaints despite most reviews stating that the product isn’t particularly effective. It does in fact contain 2 ingredients, which could be effective for a lot of people, but you can get these substantially cheaper than what Olly are offering. With Vitamin D and Boswellia being available in 3 month supplies for the same price as Olly Joints. We would generally say that if you’re looking for a comprehensive joint supplement, there isn’t really anything available at this price range.

Although if you are looking for something around the $20 a month price range, then we’d recommend most people simply take a multivitamin, some omega 3 and maybe look at either a boswelia, curcumin or glucosamine supplement on top, this can be done for around the same price and will be far more effective than Olly Joints Ultra Strength.   

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Recommended 4/10


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