Unisom Sleep Tabs Reviews

Does Unisom work?

Mixed Unisom Reviews show it definitely works, but can have some undesired effects.

Unisom sleeptabs, gummies and unisom sleepgels all rely on one ingredient doxylamine succinate. The ingredient is supposed to be an antihistamine which induces drowsiness as a side effect and whilst it can be effective at helping you fall asleep it doesn't do much to solve the problem and many users report feeling groggy afterwards. There is also the issue that antihistamines are habit forming, which is obviously a problem. 

Melatonin on the other hand is far less likely to have this issue [1] and it does seem to have about the same efficacy rate when dosed correctly.

Taking unisom sleeptabs can be an OK short term solution, but there are better sleep aid alternatives to use that can improve sleep through the night as well as just inducing short term grogginess. The use of antihistamines as sleeping pills is something of an old fashioned practice and in most countries marked as not safe for children under 12 and other people whereas melatonin supplements are generally a better option especially for people who have chronic insomnia. 

Unisom sleeptabs will work, but there are other options that will work better and are less likely to cause side effects and a groggy feeling the next day. 

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Customers Unisom Reviews 

Customers generally do say that it does work to help them fall asleep, the main concern is standard with antihistamines and that's that a lot of people either don't stay asleep or are lethargic the next day. 

Then there are a lot of people that complain of unisom side effects, most commonly vivid nightmares. If you have a more chronic sleep issue then we don't recommend it due to the habit forming nature, but for a short term solution it can be ok. 

What About Unisom Simple Slumbers?

Unisom simple slumbers on the other hand is quite a different product, ultimately that is a 5mg melatonin supplement with 2 ineffectual ingredients added to the point we definitely wouldn't recommend it.

Unisom Review FAQ

Most commonly asked Unisom questions

Is unisom safe during pregnancy?

There have been some weird side effects reported from people taking unisom sleeptabs whilst pregnant, particularly wildly vivid dreams and night terrors amongst other issues. Which isn't exactly ideal if you're already having trouble sleeping. That said a lot of people say it's particularly beneficial for pregnancy nausea in the first trimester so, there's definitely some pros and cons of unisom sleeptabs here. It should be noted that many doctors do not recommend doxylamine be taken during pregnancy.

Can I take 2 unisom sleep tabs?

The sleeptabs each holding half the dose of their gel or unisom gummy counterparts, meaning that taking 2 unisom sleeptabs should be fine. 

Unisom sleep tabs vs melatonin?

Generally we prefer to recommend melatonin based supplements over doxylamine succinate where possible. You shouldn't build up as much of a tolerance or as quickly so you're not likely to have as much of a dependence issue.  

Unisom Sleeptabs Reviews Conclusion

Unisom sleeptabs are a decent product for what they are, the medication works fine and the unisom brand is respectable. That said there are better options in most cases to help you fall asleep and an antihistamine shouldn't be a go to in 90% of cases. Generally speaking we'd recommend trying a Melatonin and GABA based supplement first aas it's just as likely to help you go to sleep without the same likelihood of forming a habit. 

As such unisom sleeptabs are ok for a short term fix, but we'd recommend a product like restagain instead if you can afford the extra $15 for a months supply.

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Falling Asleep 9/10
Sleep Quality 5/10
Stress 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 7/10


1 - https://www.nhs.uk/medicines/melatonin/