Olly Miss Mellow Review

Once Again Olly Miss The Mark

Olly Miss Mellow capsules simply don't have nearly enough of the ingredients to be anywhere near their effective dosage. At least they actually filled the bottle with a full months supply for a change so that's a plus. As you can probably tell we're not a big fan of Olly products here and whilst there are some decent supplements for pms symptoms on the market this is not one of them. 

Now, the ingredients dong quai, chasteberry and soy isoflavones isn't a terrible blend if you're looking to balanced mood swings specifically there are some slightly better ingredients. But, as we've already said the main issue is that they're not dosed highly enough. 

Now, Olly Miss Mellow is cheap, but that doesn't really excuse it. Now, there's some possibility that some of the positive reviews come from a placebo effect, and there is always the option to double up the dosing to get enough to actually combat mood swings, but then at that point the price per month comes out more expensive than Kittie PMS, which contains all these ingredients, a dozen more and in better dosages. Meaning that once again Olly Miss Mellow capsules is another of their products that we simply can't recommend. 

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Customer Reviews of Olly Miss Mellow

Olly Miss Mellow does have a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, which is a good sign for the product, coming in at over 4* with 1600 reviews isn't a bad sign, the fact that some of them (a lot of them) are clearly incentivised with some 4 and 5* reviews saying that the product doesn't actually do anything. Which is usually a sign of partial refunds given to people who were leaving negative comments. There's also the fact that a lot of the positive reviews said that Miss Mellow was probably a placebo. There were also the standard fake looking reviews that seem common with Olly, with 5 star reviews talking about the packaging and things a day after the product was delivered and even stating they haven't used it yet.

Some of the negative Olly Miss Mellow reviews did however state that it caused notable breakouts, which if we're being honest isn't going to do anything positive for anyone's mood changes. 

Olly Miss Mellow Reddit Reviews

And all of a sudden we see a much more negative story than we do on Amazon, which makes sense as there always seems a bit of a difference with these. Now, it's not saying that nobody said anything positive about Olly Miss Mellow and it certainly faired better than some of their otehr supplements, but it does seem the consensus is it's overpriced and that people would be just as well off with simple chasteberry supplements echoing our thoughts. It seems a few older women had been using it for hot flashes, but there are infinitely better menopause supplements out there.

Olly Miss Mellow Review Conclusion

All in all Olly Miss Mellow capsules are a case of you get what you pay for, they're nowhere near as effective for hormone balance compared with slightly more expensive PMS supplements. And unfortunately when you consider the fact 2 of the 3 ingredients are half their intended doses things don't get better for Olly.

This is why we generally recommend Kittie.life for PMS, it contains chasteberry, a more concentrated extract and a dozen other more effective ingredients with more backing to suggest it will be effective for PMS. And if you're looking for something to help with hormone balance in later life, with issues like hot flashes then you'd be better off with something like estrocare.

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Criteria Rating
Cramps 2/10
Mood Swings 4/10
Menstraul Health 3/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Ingredients Quality 7/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10


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