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Does Joint Genesis Work?

Published 7th July 2023

Joint Genesis has pretty much only one effectively dosed ingredient and that’s Boswellia

Joint Genesis is relatively new to the joint supplement market, and it’s not particularly great, they seem to have picked up a lot of steam and the customer reviews aren’t terribly, but they’re not stand out either. 

The supplement is definitely overpriced for what it is, and there are infinitely better combined supplements available at this price range. The fact is that there are some ingredients in Joint Genesis that had they been dosed correctly would’ve been good for joint health, but they haven’t been. For example the ginger root is around 6 times lower than what it needs to be for it to show any improvement. 

This is pretty common with budget joint supplements that are just trying to include the names of known ingredients on the bottle without effective dosages to save money whilst claiming the health benefits. But, at it’s $60 price point there’s no excuse for Joint Genesis and Biodynamix, this is a straight up rip off. There are other joint supplements with these ingredients in the correct doses at the same price. 

And considering that biodynamix make an awful lot of lofty claims around their product, this makes matters worse. 

On a positive note they do offer a money back guarantee, which if they honor it, is a positive for Joint Genesis.

But, even with that in mind we don’t recommend Joint Genesis.

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Joint Genesis Customer Reviews

There’s not a whole lot to go on here, with there only being 2 written reviews on Joint Genesis Amazon page at time of writing, but they’re split straight down the middle with “it does nothing” and it’s great. 

With so few reviews we can’t really be sure if they’ve bought one themselves and just said it’s good. We’ll update this section as more customer reviews of Joint Genesis become available. 

Currently at time of writing Joint Genesis does not have a Trust Pilot of Better Business Bureau profile.

Joint Genesis Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
-  Has the correct dosing of boswellia - ​​​​Doesn't have the best health ingredients
- ​​​Vegan, GMO Free Etc - ​​​horribly overpriced
- Has a good amount of hyaluronic acid

Joint Genesis Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid 80mg - Hyaluronan, a molecule that absorbs water and keeps the synovial fluid lubricated, begins to decline as we age. This leads to reduced production of synovial fluid, resulting in joint stiffness, discomfort, and pain. The lack of proper lubrication and nourishment for the joints can significantly impact mobility and flexibility. This is where Joint Genesis get the idea that will do something. Hyaluronic acid is a vital component of the synovial fluid and plays a crucial role in joint health. [1] Unfortunately for Joint Genesis hyaluronic acid only really works when injected directly into the site [2] as almost all of it is broken down in the stomach. 

One thing that we will say in Joint Genesis favor, is that they at least put a larger amount of this in, most supplement manufacturers only include 10-20mg which is completely none functional, some of this should survive orally at this range, just very little so it will still be an ineffective ingredient. 

Boswellia Extract 100mg - Boswellia extract is known for its anti-arthritis properties and its ability to reduce joint inflammation.[3] By including this ingredient in Joint Genesis have actually gotten something right. It’s also within the effective dose range, but this is pretty much the only good thing we have to say, and functionally you could buy a Boswellia pill for ¼ of the price of Joint Genesis. 

Ginger Powder 200mg - Ginger powder is a well-known natural remedy for pain relief and inflammation. In Joint Genesis, ginger powder helps improve the production of synovial fluid, further enhancing joint health and reducing joint discomfort. [4] Which all sounds good, until we realize that the dose is nowhere near the effective range. We need more than a gram of ginger for it to be effective. There are some ginger and galangal extract blends which can be effective with 255mg, (our number one rated joint supplement FlexAgain uses this as it happens) [5] but they’re expensive as ingredients go and this isn’t what is being used in joint Genesis. 

Pycnogenol (Pine Bark Extract) 25mg - Pycnogenol is a powerful antioxidant that has some mild anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, this ingredient should have some minor benefits, but the studies are limited ad you’d need more of it than there is in here anyway. [6]

Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) 5mg - Bioperine, derived from black pepper extract, enhances the bioavailability of the other ingredients in Joint Genesis. It aids in their absorption and ensures their effectiveness in promoting joint health. Which would be good if the amount of ginger was closer to where it needs to be as bioperine can improve absorption rates by 20% or so, but we’re not within that range, so it’s not going to achieve much at all. And even this is underdosed as the ideal range is 8-10mg.  [7]

Joint Genesis Review Conclusion

When we compare Joint Genesis against the other joint health supplements in it’s price bracket it simply doesn’t hold up, if it had been a $15 supplement perhaps we could’ve forgiven it, seeing as we’re looking at two ingredients with a high enough dose to do anything at all, both of which can be found in $20 supplements along side glucosamine in it’s full dose too. And that’s with store brands. When we compare it to what you should be getting for this sort of money, from products like FlexAgain or Physio Flex Pro then it just looks terrible. That’s not to say that Joint Genesis won’t offer any benefits as we’ve mentioned boswellia can by itself show some improvements to joint pain, but that’s not really what is being sold here when biodynamix are selling a premium all in one solution.   

To say it once again we don’t recommend Joint Genesis.  

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