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Is primal sleep a good sleep aid?

Primal Sleep Underdoses Many Ingredients With Better Quality Sleep Aids Available

Primal Sleep should work a little, in that it has 3mg of melatonin (although this is realistically the very bottom end of the effective range for adults), and the 100mg of GABA should do something, although once again, this is near the bottom end of effective [1]. Beyond that the ingredients are either laughably underdosed, like hops extract, at 40x below the effective range or lavender extract which simply doesn't work at all when taken orally. Then there's magnesium glycinate which is only 14% magnesium meaning you only get 14mg, [2] when you need 200 or more for it to be effective for sleep quality. This is pretty much a common theme with Primal sleep, with L Tryptophan and Lemon Balm struggling with the same issue.

As a result the ingredients in Primal Sleep can have a mild impact on getting to sleep quicker, but aren't really going to do much for sleep quality. And if we look at a slightly more expensive competitor (RestAgaain at $10 a bottle more) you get 10mg of melatonin, 300mg of GABA, 20x the magnesium, as well as double the valerian root. It swaps the ineffective hops, lemon balm, lavender extract and chamomile extracts, for the well backed calcium, ashwagandha, 5htp, L theanine, and vitamins d, b6 and b12. All within the effective dosage range. In short, primal sleep may be ever so slightly cheaper than what we rate as the number one sleep aid supplement available over the counter, but it's nowhere near as good value or as effective.

Primal Harvest Sleep simply isn't a great supplement and ultimately a cheaper melatonin supplement would do the same job for half the price, but if you're looking for a more premium and comprehensive supplement then go with RestAgain

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Customers Primal Sleep Reviews

Customers reviews of primal sleep generally agree with our sentiment, in that it gets only 3* on Amazon even after the obviously paid reviews, the general sentiment is that it puts you to sleep a little quicker, but doesn't do much else. 

There weren't many complaints about primal sleep side effects, although some people did mention having particularly vivid dreams which is consistent with known melatonin side effects.

Although Primal Harvest Sleep reviews generally didn't complain about this being too bad. Oddly some people did specify that it made them wake up needing the bathroom, but this seems to be simply one or two cases.

In terms of positive rather than negative primal sleep reviews (filtering the fake ones) all we really saw was people talking about falling asleep faster as the only one of the claimed benefits of primal sleep that holds up.

Our Experience: Center TRT Testers Primal Sleep Reviews

We gave primal sleep to two of our testers, and it faired pretty much as we'd have expected based on the ingredients list. Both testers reported that it did not work as well as their usual sleep aids, and when taken as described on the bottle resulted in little to no effect whatsoever the tester who was used to a higher dose of melatonin. As for our second tester, they simply stated that it did not work, and noted slightly more vivid dreams.

Is Primal Sleep Safe?

For the most part Primal Sleep is safe. As mentioned in the customer review sections there are some known primal sleep side effects which come from melatonin or valerian, most commonly vivid dreams or mild nausea. It is possible for higher doses of melatonin to cause daytime grogginess, but this is unlikely due to the low dose in primal sleep. However, please consult your physician if you're taking any other medications especially if it's related to blood pressure as there are known interactions with melatonin.

Primal Sleep Review Conclusion

The same problems both ourselves and customers Primal Sleep reviews have with the supplement is simple, you don't get anything extra for your money than you'd get from any normal melatonin supplement at half the price. 

And the simple reason for that is all of it's additional ingredients are under dosed to the point where there's pretty much no way in which they could promote restful sleep, as a result we can't recommend primal sleep and instead would recommend that you either try a much cheaper straightforward melatonin supplement or spend the extra $10 and get RestAgain which is simply a much better sleep aid.

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Criteria Rating
Falling Asleep 6/10
Sleep Quality 2/10
Stress 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10

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