KaraMD Comfort Guard X24 Review

Is Comfort Guard X24 Any Good?

KaraMD Comfort Guard x24 Has A Simple Formula But Could Use Higher Doses

Comfort Guard x24 isn't a bad idea, Boswellia is a good ingredient and it's correctly dosed, but the curcumin is under dosed as is the ginger extract, meaning that KaraMD comfort guard x24 is functionally a very overpriced Boswellia pill. That's not to say that the curcumin is such a low dose that it will do nothing at all to reduce inflammation, but it definitely is well below ideal. Curcumin is the active ingredient in Turmeric, and typically it's dosed at 500mg and up in the trials where it has been shown to be effective. [1]

Now, you'd initially think that having 150mg of it and 1050mg of Turmeric simultaneously would give you enough, but Turmeric typically only contains 3% curcumin. [2] Sometimes it can get as high as 20%, so if we're being generous you could have about 350mg, but that still isn't ideal. The ginger extract in comfort guard x24 also has a similar issue, but it's even more exacerbated as the amount here is about 30 times to little as it's not. There is a work around for this with using a specific extract highly dosed with hydroxymethoxyphenyl [3], but comfort guard x24 doesn't do that.

The customer reviews of comfort guard x24 are mixed, not terrible, so it is potentially due simply to Boswellia extract present, but it could also be slightly improved by the turmeric decreasing inflammation. There are some reviews that show they honor their money back guarantee, which is a positive though.

But, when we compare comfort guard x24 to the number one joint supplement on the market at the moment, it doesn't look like a great value proposition. FlexAgain for example contains all of these ingredients in their proper dosage, and 8 more. In terms of active ingredients this totals almost 4 times as much for $25 more. Or alternatively a simple boswellia supplement which you can pick up for half the price we'd say that you're better off with one of these options.

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Customers Comfort Guard x24 Reviews

As we've mentioned the verified reviews of comfort guard x24 are mixed, there's a fair few that simply say that it didn't work as an anti inflammatory as promised, there's equally as many that said it did work to reduce joint pain. There's a fair few that talked about gastric distress.

All in all it's pretty evenly split between positive and negative comfort guard x24 reviews, but it doesn't look like there's too many fake ones in there. As a result they score moderately on our customer review scale.

Comfort Guard x24 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
●       ​Correct Dose Of Boswellia ●       ​Most Ingredients Are Underdosed
●       ​Available On Amazon ●       ​Quite Expensive For What It Is
●       ​Money Back Guarantee ●       Mixed Customer Reviews Of Comfort Guard X24

Comfort Guard x24 Reviews Conclusion

Comfort guard x24 is a nice idea, but they'd be much better served by simply using a bit more curcumin extract and less standard turmeric. If they did that and used a higher quality ginger extract, it would be a great simple formula. It can still reduce inflammation, but if they'd used more potent anti inflammatory extracts it would be better.

Comfort guard x24 wouldn't take much to be a great budget supplement and it could still keep it's price point low. We like the money back guarantee, so it does have that advantage over a cheaper boswellia extract in that if Comfort Guard x24 doesn't work at reduce inflammation you can simply get your money back.

Beyond that comfort guard x24 doesn't really have much to say about it. It's produced in an FDA registered facility and third party tested so it's as safe as we'd expect from a decent brand. It's not the best supplement on the market by any stretch although it will probably do a little bit to reduce pain if you respond well to the boswellia.

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