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Does stonehenge health dynamic brain work?

Nothing Dynamic About This Supplement

Dynamic Brain is a brain support supplement designed to for memory improvement, focus, learning, alertness, mood, and mental clarity and energy. However, even a cursory analysis reveals that taking Dynamic Brain is highly unlikely to offer any real cognitive benefits at all.

Its formula consists of a wide range of vitamins and minerals, as well as a collection of other natural ingredients. Unfortunately, very few of them are able to provide even one key benefit related to brain health.

Some ingredients are under dosed or have their dosage hidden, others have next to no evidence that they're effective, with some that have never even been linked to brain health. As a result, the Dynamic Brain supplement seems to be nothing more than an overpriced and ineffective multivitamin with some brain related buzzwords tagged on.

Things like being gluten free and lactose free and offering a 90 day money back guarantee may convince some people to give it a try, but as far as we can tell you will simply be wasting your money. There's also the fact that it's $55 price tag puts it up against some of the most comprehensive brain supplements on the market (which are usually 6 capsule per day options, meaning they contain 3X the active ingredients for the money and usually much better ones at that).

That is why we don't recommend you buy Dynamic Brain and instead suggest that you purchase a brain supplement that has actually been designed as such, not what appears to be an off the shelf multivitamin with some marketing spiel attached. We've made a handy list of the best brain supplements on the market right now that you can check out.

Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain Review: What Did Past Customers Say?

Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain reviews by past customers are fairly average, and it currently holds a 3.9 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

While there were some positive reviews, these tended to focus mostly on how it improved people's overall health, as well as its ability to support improved memory recall in elderly users and help them to improve mental clarity and focus.

However, the negative Dynamic Brain review section painted a significantly different, much less favourable picture. Many complained it did nothing for brain fog, or memory with a massive portion of users said that the Dynamic Brain pills had no effect on their brain function at all, while others said it had a negative effect on both their physical and mental health.

There are claims that the Dynamic Brain side effects include bloating, diarrhoea, hives, nausea, stomach pain, palpatations and depression.

Some also claimed that the advertised refund policy was not adhered to when they tried to get their money back, and a few even claimed that Stonehenge health continued to take money out of their bank account after they cancelled the subscription and called the company a scam.

The "positive" Dynamic Brain review section seems to support our hypothesis that this brain supplement will only benefit the elderly or people in a state of cognitive decline.

However, when you combine it with the negative dynamic brain reviews, it appears it is disingenuous at best.

Dynamic Brain Review FAQ

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Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain Side Effects

There have been a lot of dynamic brain complaints about bloating and nausea, which isn't uncommon for DMAE or bacopa which are both ingredients so we'd this isn't an unexpected side effect. Most side effects should be limited to this. Although we have seen some people complaining of more severe stomach pain. 

Where can I buy Dynamic Brain?

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Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain Ingredients

Vitamin A - 122 MCG

Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that improves your growth, vision, skin health, and immune system when you consume 870 mcg per day. However, as Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain contains less than a seventh of this, it is unlikely to be of much use (1).

Vitamin C - 125 MG

Vitamin C controls the production of collagen and a number of neurotransmitters, maintains and repairs bones, cartilage, muscles, organs, skin, and teeth, improves immune functions, prevents diseases, and increases the absorption of the other nutrients in your diet.

However, the 125 mg present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is already 40% stronger than recommended. Given that vitamin c is also incredibly common in food, it is simply too strong yet again (2).

Calcium - 20 MG

Calcium is an essential mineral that is proven to keep bones, muscles, nerves, teeth, and the heart healthy, strong, and functioning properly, while combatting issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, and certain other chronic illnesses, provided you consume at least 1 gram a day.

Unfortunately, the miniscule 20 mg present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is not likely to do anything (3).

Iron - 1 MG

Iron is vital for muscle and bone growth and health, effective immune functions and digestive functions, red blood cell production and transportation, and body temperature regulation, and it also benefits countless other systems in the human body.

Much like with calcium though, the 1 mg of iron present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is just a fraction of what is required to actually produce results (4).

Vitamin D - 3 MCG

Vitamin D is needed to strengthen the bones and muscles, enhance the immune system, boost your mood, prevent depression, and keep your heart healthy.

However, with just 15% of the daily recommended dosage present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain, it is unlikely to be strong enough to be of any use (5).

Vitamin E - 14 MG

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin and antioxidant that is vital for nerve and cell maintenance, blood, eye, and skin health, and brain functions, and it also helps to reduce inflammation.

This is also a rare case where Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain actually uses a sensible dosage too (6).

Vitamin B1 - 3 MG

Vitamin B1 is vital for development in young people, and it can accelerate the breakdown of amino acids and sugars, boosting focus and energy levels. Unfortunately, the dose present is 2.5 times stronger that the recommended daily dosage, which puts you at risk of side effects (7).

Vitamin B2 - 1.7 MG

Vitamin B2 promotes antibody and blood cell production, muscle, organ, and skin growth and repair, nutrient and energy metabolism, effective digestion, and cellular respiration throughout the body when taken in daily doses of 1.3 mg.

This means the 1.7 mg present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is a little on the strong side and can cause complications (8).

Vitamin B3 - 12.5 MG

Vitamin B3 can enhance brain function, joint, organ, and skin health, and cholesterol levels, but it will only do so if you consume 16 mg per day.

While the dose present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is lower than that, it is close enough that it should be able to offer some benefits when combined with the b vitamins in your food. This makes it one of the best ingredients in the formula (9).

Vitamin B6 - 12 MG

Vitamin B6 promotes the metabolism of amino acids, fat, and sugar, keeps the immune system healthy and functioning, and promotes neurotransmitter biosynthesis in the brain to boost cognitive function and mental clarity.

However, as the recommended daily dosage of vitamin b6 is just 1.7 mg, the 12 mg present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is far too strong and highly likely to cause issues (10).

Folate (Vitamin B9) - 666 MCG

Folate comes from folic acid and is vital for producing DNA and RNA, metabolising amino acids and other nutrients, stimulating the growth and repair of bodily tissues, preventing anaemia and its symptoms, boosting testosterone levels, and improving sexual health.

Unfortunately, as 240 mcg is the maximum safe dose of folic acid, the amount present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is far too strong and likely to cause side effects (11).

Biotin (Vitamin B7) - 3 MCG

Biotin is best known for keeping the bones, hair, nails, and skin healthy and promoting amino acid, carb, and fat metabolism. Unfortunately, with Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain having just 10% of the recommended daily dosage, it isn't likely to do you much good here (12).

Vitamin B5 - 12 MG

Vitamin B5 is a water soluble vitamin which helps to metabolise fatty acids, carbs, and protein, which will improve mental energy and focus, when you consume 5 mg per day. This again means the 12 mg dose present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain is too strong (13).

Zinc - 10 MG

Zinc is an essential mineral that promotes growth and DNA synthesis, boosts your vision and metabolic rate, reduces inflammation and the signs of aging, enhances the immune system, and promotes wound healing and blood clotting.

With Dynamic Brain containing 91% of the recommended daily intake, this is another rare instance where it uses a suitable dose of an ingredient clinically proven to work (14).

Selenium - 50 MCG

The mineral selenium is known for its antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties, which can protect your system and help combat certain conditions.

While Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain containing 91% of the recommended daily intake makes it one of the best dosed ingredients in the dietary supplement, a lack of any evidence on it improving brain health makes it a strange inclusion (15).

Copper - 52 MCG

Copper is essential for keeping the respiratory system working, boosting the immune system, producing red blood cells, enhancing nutrient absorption, preventing heart disease and osteopetrosis, and making sure the hair, blood vessels, bones, and nerves stay healthy.

Yet again though, with Dynamic Brain containing just 6% of the recommended daily dosage, it is way off of what is required to be of use (16).

Manganese - 400 MCG

Manganese is vital for the formation and growth of bones, the metabolism of nutrients, blood sugar regulation, and effective brain and nerve functions, as well as for preventing and reducing inflammation.

With 400 mcg being just 17% of the recommended daily intake though, Dynamic Brain again doesn't have enough to be useful (17).

Chromium -12 MCG

Chromium is a mineral that enhances neurotransmitter and insulin activity, boosts your metabolism and fat loss, controls your blood sugar levels, suppresses your appetite, enhances muscle growth and strength, and prevents weight gain if you consume 36 mcg per day (18).

As Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain contains just a third of that, it is not likely to produce any notable results.

Molybdenum - 10 MCG

Molybdenum is a mineral that promotes DNA and protein synthesis and helps the body to break down toxic substances.

However, not only is the amount present in Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain just 22% of the daily recommended intake, but the mineral has never be shown to improve brain performance in any way (19).

Potassium - 19 MG

If properly dosed, potassium can improve nerve functions and heart health. However, with Dynamic Brain containing less than 1% of the recommended daily intake, its inclusion is virtually worthless (20).

Choline - 50 MG

Choline is a mineral and useful brain supplement as it boosts brain signals, memory retention and recall, focus, learning, motivation, and other brain functions, while also aiding muscle contractions, nutrient metabolism, fat loss, and cholesterol levels.

With a minimum of 500 mg being required to produce any of these effects though, the 50 mg in Dynamic Brain is unlikely to be of any use (21).

Proprietary Blend - 617 MG

Buried right at the bottom of the Dynamic Brain ingredients list is a proprietary blend.

It contains DMAE bitartrate, l-glutamine hcl, green tea extract, bacopa extract, inositol, bilberry fruit extract, GABA, grape seed extract, grape fruit seed extract, olive leaf, cinnamon bark extract, licorice root extract, boron, DHA, vanadyl, phosphatidylserine, and huperzine A.

This is where you will find most of the key ingredients that are proven to work in brain supplements, such as green tea, which is known to support brain function and mental clarity and energy. However, there are even issues here.

First, the proprietary blend masks the doses, so you don't know how much of each is present. Then the proven ingredients are outnumbered by those that have not been proven to improve cognitive function or which only benefit the elderly or those with poor cognitive performance.

When you combine all of these issues with the fact that the proprietary blend is also quite small, it makes it highly unlikely that it will really benefit your cognitive health and impossible to determine how it will if it can at all.

Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain Review Conclusion

The Stonehenge Health Dynamic Brain supplement makes a lot of lofty claims but delivers on virtually none of them. Not only do the ingredients and dosages make it unlikely to offer brain support, but the customer reviews make it seem like a very unsafe and untrustworthy product.

There's plenty of better options that use clinically proven doses of ingredients that brain health and brain performance, at better price points and that won't cause any of the worrying Dynamic Brain side effects, making them much safer too.

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