Physio Flex Pro Reviews 2023

Physio Flex Is A Good One, But Is It Right For You?

At the time of writing this review Physio Flex Pro is rated as our number one joint supplement. There's a couple of reasons why we rate it over the others on the market, but the long and short of is it, that it presents a much better value proposition than the other brands. It's still not cheap, but you get a lot more for your money. Physio Flex Pro covers off most of the big hitters in terms of joint pain supplement ingredients. Most are within the effective joint supplement dosages which is another win for Physio Flex. 

It doesn't include Omega 3, but seeing as the main competition of Relief Factor or Omega XL substantially overprice themselves you'd be better just getting a normal cheap Omega supplement and taking it with Physio Flex Pro's joint supplement. 

In terms of other challengers we have Osteo Bi Flex, which also isn't bad aside from the fact it goes for the highest dosage range of Glucosamine which can cause side effects. Physio Flex is still within the effective range, just less likely to cause side effects. 

In general we recommend giving Physio Flex Pro a try, because as of right now they're the best joint supplements that we've come across. 

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Customers Physio Flex Pro Reviews

This is probably the biggest failing of Physio Flex Pro, it's really hard to find customer reviews. We did give the supplement a go ourselves and it is now two members of the Center TRT teams go to (one suffers with osteoarthritis the other has a permeant should injury after a car accident), whilst we can't say much either way in terms of verified customer reviews we did rate it well. 

Previously our team members were buying a lot of the ingredients in physio flex pro individually and both rate it as a good option for convenience. 

There are a lot of reviews on Physio Flex Pro's website, but these are easily curated by the brand and whilst they mention remarkable joint stiffness decreases and improvements to joint discomfort, they can't be taken as neutral parties being on the Physio Flex Pro website.

Physio Flex Pro Review FAQ

The most common questions we came across when writing our physio flex pro review

Where To Buy Physio Flex Pro?

Generally we'd say you're best off buying physio flex pro from their website as they run a few package deals, they also have a statement saying that they do not sell on amazon or ebay so any products sold as Physio Flex are likely to be fake. Do not buy these. Use  their website .

Is Physio Flex Pro Safe?

Yes physio flex pro is safe, you should be aware of the amount of selenium you take however, and with Physio Flex Pro you shouldn't take any other selenium supplements. It is however incredibly unlikely that you could get too much from your diet and Physio Flex, but another supplement dosed around 400% of the RDI would be too much.

Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

Selenium (200mcg) is the one of the ingredients in physio flex pro that we don't tend to see in other joint pain supplements. Selenium has been shown to promote healthy joints and bones by blocking enzymes that break down cartilage and has been shown to help people with arthritis [1]. It also has other anti oxidant properties, and is generally a good inclusion if someone is deficient, that said, most people do get enough of it and 400mcg is too much, so you'll need to make sure you're not getting selenium from other sources.

Turmeric (200mg) has been shown to be an effective anti-inflammatory, it's been shown to be effective at improving joint pain and joint stiffness [2]. The dosage of the extract is within the ranges that we'd expect to see for the supplement to be effective, and most meta analysis we've reviewed do show it to be one of the more effective joint pain supplements.

Glucosamine HCI (500mg) is a good ingredient, it's on the low side of effective dosages, but this isn't actually a bad thing in this case. As higher dosages can cause nasty side effects in a lot of people. For example this is the common issue of Osteo Bi Flex, which has a much higher dose of Glucosamine HCL and a lot of customer reviews claiming that issue.

Bromelain (300mg) has been studied for a lot of things, but the only thing that it seems to perform on in is that it alleviates joint pain. And of course, that makes it a good ingredient for Physio Flex Pro. Bromelain is one of the better over the counter anti inflammatory ingredients available. It doesn't always need to be dosed this highly, but it's within the effective dosage for all body sizes. Good inclusion for Physio Flex Pro.

Ginger Extract (250mg) is a good inclusion and the particular extract used in Physio flex pro is more dense in the active ingredients, but still not within the ideal dose range. This isn't really an issue that's Physio Flex Pro get terribly wrong, the problem is that for ginger extract to be most effective it requires dosages of more than 2 grams. You could top up with a relatively reasonable amount of ginger and get the best from it.

Chondroitin (100mg) This supplement comes along with glucosamine in a lot of supplements, it is typically shown to be more effective at enhancing cogitative function, than joints although a lot of ingredients tend to overlap, omega 3 for example, and there is also joint benefits.

Methylsulfonylmethane (100mg): The dosage would be a little bit higher for it to be higher for it to be in the effective range for treating osteoarthritis, but it could be useful for minor joint aches.

All in all there's a lot of good ingredients here, and if you add in a $10 store brand omega oil supplement (there really isn't much difference between any omega supplement, don't believe the marketing hype) you've got a pretty good joint health supplement set up. We typically recommend that people do this as a much better value proposition than the likes of Relief Factor.

Physio Flex Pro Review Conclusion

Physio Flex Pro is a good product, most of the ingredients are dosed effectively for Osteo Arthritis, but we're not sure if it would be particularly effective for more severe joint pain caused, especially by rheumatoid arthritis which most studies show requires higher doses. If it's a question of does physio flex pro work for smaller aches and joint inflammation then we'd say you've got the best chance of any joint supplement. It will definitely support long term joint health.

It sits as our top recommended joint supplement at the moment, so we'd say it's worth giving Physio Flex Pro a try for a month and see if it works for you.

And remember supplements won't work for everyone with joint pain, and one ingredient can work for one person and not another, the benefits of combination supplements is that you can reduce the trial and error a little bit. But, they're still not always going to be a one shot supplement. But, the ingredients in Physio Flex Pro have been shown to be statistically beneficial in double blind trials which is as good a chance as is to be expected fom a joint pain supplement.

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 9/10
Pain Relief 8/10
Joint Health 8/10
Swelling 9/10
Value 9/10
Recommended 9/10


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