Macro Greens Reviews

Is Macro Greens any good?

Macro Greens is far from the best greens powder available.

Since most of the ingredient amounts are hidden within proprietary blends, it’s hard to judge Macro Greens accurately. But based on what they have been willing to tell us, this product is under-dosed and in some cases extremely so. We can be certain that there is far too little spinach, spirulina, and chlorella.

While it does have a nice probiotics blend, with 18 billion units of probiotics, it is by no means the best probiotics-focused greens powder and given its other limitations probably not the right one to choose even if probiotics are your focus.

Given that Macro Greens is priced towards the higher end of the greens powder price spectrum, we would expect something a bit more substantial. We strongly recommend exploring other greens powders, like Spruce or Supergreen Tonik

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Macro Greens Customer Reviews

Macro Greens has received a number of verified positive reviews on Amazon, with an overall star rating of 4.5 out of 5. 

Over 70% of reviewers award the product five stars. It should be noted, however, that many of the reviews are surprisingly long and well-written compared to the usual reviews you find on Amazon. This is quite common with premium paid reviews, meaning we can never be 100% sure when it comes to Macro Greens Amazon reviews.

Reviews on other websites also came across as a little suspicious as customers continually referred to the product as “this vitamin”, which of course it is not…it’s a greens powder. We’re sceptical, to say the least. 

Macro Greens Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions in Macro Greens Powder Reviews.

What Does Macro Greens Taste Like?

This is actually one of the better points for Macro Greens in that it has an almost berry youghurt type flavor, whilst this isn't for everyone it is definitely good and one of our favorite in terms of taste. There are better, we still prefer super green and spruce over Macro, but we'd say it's our 3rd choice greens powder for taste at the moment.

Macro Greens Formula 

One of the big drawbacks of Macro Greens is the use of proprietary blends in the ingredients. Although some of the ingredients are listed with amounts, most of them are hidden in blends that only show the total amount of ingredients and not how much of each ingredient is included. This means we don’t really know if the ingredients are properly dosed or what ratios have been used in the blends.  

It seems super unnecessary to hide this information unless you’re got something to hide. Plenty of greens powders are able to show clearly and transparently exactly what they contain, so why can’t Macro Greens do the same?   

Nevertheless, we’ve done our best to evaluate the ingredients based on what we know. Here’s the breakdown of ingredients in Macro Greens: 

Nutrient-Rich Superfood Blend     

This is the only blend in Macro Greens that isn’t proprietary. It contains some really great ingredients, but not always at the most effective doses…if they can’t get the transparent blend right, this really doesn’t bode well for the proprietary blends.     

Barley Grass (1250mg) - Barley grass contains heaps of beneficial vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It offers a host of health benefits including improvements to digestion and bone health, and reduces the risk of heart disease and strokes. Cereal grasses like barley are not often included in greens powders and we’re impressed that Macro Greens has chosen to include some and at a decent dose too.     

Spirulina Powder (300mg) - Like cereal grasses, spriulina is a great ingredient for a greens powder. Spirulina is an effective anti-inflammatory and has been shown to reduce cholesterol when consumed at the correct dosage. Unfortunately, the dose of spirulina included in Macro Greens is far too low. Studies show that at least 1g of spirulina per day is necessary to enjoy its full benefits. There are greens powders available that have up to 2g of spirulina, which makes Macro Greens 300mg dose look a little pitiful.     

Chlorella (100mg) - Chlorella is an interesting ingredient that is certainly very healthy. It contains omega-3 fatty acids (in small amounts), vitamin C, and a variety of carotenoids. It is associated with healthy eyes, liver support, better digestion, and a reduction in period symptoms. However, most studies show that a minimum daily dose of 1g per day is required to experience any of its health benefits. Some studies suggest up to 5-10g per day is needed. Since Macro Greens contains just 100mg, we can’t see how this is going to do much of anything.     

Spinach Leaf (83mg) - Spinach is another great ingredient and we’ve included it on our list of best ingredients for greens powders. But 83g of spinach powder is something of a bad joke. There are greens powder products available that contain 1000mg and even more per serving. Macro Greens have really got it wrong on this one.    

  Policosinol (2 mg) - This is a bit of a weird one. Some people suggest policosinol might be good against cholesterol and heart disease but there is no solid scientific evidence to support these claims and no one has any idea how much you would need to take for it to do anything. Including it in Macro Greens seems pointless.     

Probiotics (Proprietary) Blend     

It’s nice to see probiotics being included in a greens powder as they can be very beneficial to people suffering from various gut issues. Macro Greens uses a proprietary blend so we don’t know how much of each strain of probiotic has been included, but 18 billion units are actually quite a lot.     

There aren’t many greens powders that outdo it; Green Vibrance, which contains 25 billion, is probably one of the few greens powders that contains more probiotics. Although we would like to know more about how many of each strain of probiotic is in here, this is one of the more positive aspects of this greens powder.     

Antioxidants (Proprietary) Blend   

Although the antioxidant blend is proprietary, Macro Greens have chosen to share some dosage information with us. The overall weight of the blend is 1.5g and within that are the following ingredients that we know the dose of:     

Milk Thistle Seed Extract (35mg) - Thought to support the liver, there is some evidence supporting this claim. Milk thistle is anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective, but at just 35mg it’s not likely to do much. Recommended doses, while not entirely proven, are in the region of 200mg.    

Green Tea Leaf Extract (30mg) - Green tea extract has many associated health benefits, including lowering blood sugar levels, improving liver function, aiding weight loss, and providing antioxidants. However, recommended doses normally range from 200mg to 500mg, which means the 30mg you’ll get from a serving of Macro Greens is worthless.     

Grape Seed Extract (30mg) - Often included in low-quality health supplements, the health benefits of grape seed extract are not proven. Seeing grape seed extract on an ingredients list is usually cause for suspicion, at rightly so here, since Marco Greens is not a great greens powder.     

Adaptogens (Proprietary) Blend

Adaptogens help the body to deal with stress. This includes things that stress the body that are contained in unhealthy foods, alcohol, tobacco, and so on. The Macro Greens adaptogens blend is almost 3g per serving, making it by far the largest blend in this greens powder. While we can’t say for sure, there is a good chance that some of the ingredients are included at decent doses and you probably experience some benefits from this blend.   Fibre 

Blend, Supporting Herbs Blend, and Enzymes Blend  

These last three blends account for 1.9g of ingredients and are focused on digestion, blood sugar control, and immune system support. While there are definitely a few dud ingredients in the mix, there are a few that will do you some good as well. Again, we wish we knew how much of everything is in there, but you will likely get some health benefits from these blends, though better blends exist in other green powder products. 

Macro Greens Review: Conclusion 

The only decent feature of Macro Greens is the probiotics blend, which is considerably larger than in most greens powders that contain one. This is about the only positive thing that can be said in Macro Greens’ defense. Everything else is underdosed or simply hidden behind a proprietary blend.   

We recommend selecting a different greens powder that has been properly dosed and, preferably, with a transparent ingredients list. We recommend Super Green Tonik instead due to this and the fact that it tastes better.

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Criteria Rating
Taste 8/10
Essential Nutrients 5/10
Health Benefits 5/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 6/10