Flexitrinol Reviews

Is Flexitrinol Any Good?

Flexitrinol underdoses everything to demonstrate a good idea with terrible execution.

About the only thing that is any good in Flexitrinol is the glucosamine HCL content at 500mg, and even that is on the lower side of the effective dose range, some of the ingredients such as MSM need to be dosed at more than 100x the amount in the joint health supplement to have any effect on joint pain or mobility. This is pretty much standard across the whole supplement in terms of it’s underdosing.

If this had been a budget supplement we could’ve possibly been a little more forgiving, but at $40 a bottle (it used to be $80) it’s coming within the price range of the best joint supplements on the market, which tend to come in around $55-65 and contain between two times and four times (in the case of the number one rated FlexAgain) the active ingredients. Meaning that there isn’t really much that we can say in favor of them, meaning we’re going to be writing a somewhat negative flexitrinol review.

The good news for the product is that despite containing glucosamine HCL there aren’t a lot of reports of flexitrinol side effects despite it's inclusion of primrose oil that can actually make joint inflammation worse... 

Even with that aside customer reviews aren’t exactly glowing, and genuinely don’t lend themselves to a recommendation, and our testers experience wasn’t great either.

All in all, we don’t recommend Flexitrinol.

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Customers Reviews of Flexitrinol  

There aren’t a huge number of flexitrinol reviews, but we’ve got an even split of 5 and 1 stars, and seeing as there’s so little, we can usually make the assumption that at least a couple of positive ones are people who work for the company. 

All in all we have to give Flexitrinol a low score in terms of customer ratings. Then there is the fact that the negative reviews stating flexitrinol doesn't work line up with what we'd expect based on the lack of functional ingredient doses.

Flexitrinol Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Flexitrinol is an underdosed supplement that isn't really going to do a lot. Considering it's price point and that we'd expect a simple glucosamine or omega supplement to be better for most people we can't recommend it. 

If you compare it to something like flexagain which contains the larger doses of omega, glucosamine, chrondroiting and then goes on to add 8 other ingredients in the correct doses for $10 a month more, offering 120 capsules in a bottle rather than 30, we don't recommend Flexitrinol.

We would recommend either buying a $10 omega supplement and a $10 glucosamine supplement for a cheaper and more effective option, or FlexAgain if you want a comprehensive joint support supplement.

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