Neuriva vs Prevagen

Which Is The Better Brain Health Supplement?

Brain supplements are an effective way to help people maintain optimal mental functions and brain cell health, and they can be especially useful for people who have stressful jobs or those starting to experience the mild cognitive impairment that sometimes comes with old age.

Brain supplements are not all the same though and they offer varied benefits, like preventing memory loss and subjective cognitive impairment, removing toxic brain cells, or enhancing brain and neuron function. This range can make picking the best brain supplement hard.

Some people will just pick popular options, such Neuriva and Prevagen, but this isn't always the best way to go. That is why we have decided to analyse Prevagen vs Neuriva directly, to help you see if one of these or another brain supplement would be the best choice for you.

Prevagen Highlights

  • Contains Vitamin D
  • Main ingredient apoaequorin  doesn't work
  • Prevagen Regular Strength has an affordable price tag
  • Prevagen Max Strength version is very expensive, especially as it has no conclusive proof to support its claims

Neuriva Highlights

  • Contains Phosphatidylserine
  • Comes as capsules, tablets, and gummies
  • Quite expensive, especially as it is lacking in conclusive supporting evidence for most ingredients

Best Brain Supplements

There are much better options than these two.

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Neuriva Brain Supplement Overview

The Neuriva brain health supplement from Schiff Vitamins is available as a capsule, gummy, or tablet. Each of them is designed to improve brain function, concentration, and focus, support mood, boost cellular communication and mental accuracy, and prevent impaired learning.

The two Neuriva ingredients that make up its simple yet professional formula are coffee fruit extract and phosphatidylserine, each of which is present in a dosage of 100 mg and fits into a serving size of just one tablet, capsule, or gummy a day.

Coffee fruit extract, also called whole coffee cherry extract and coffee berry extract, is sourced from the fruit of the coffee plant.

Coffee fruit extract is said to be full of antioxidants, minerals, and chlorogenic acid, which allow it to enhance cognitive function while improving brain health. Coffee fruit also has no caffeine, unlike coffee beans, so won't cause any crashes.

Supporters of coffee fruit claim it can fight free radicals, prevent oxidative damage, cognitive decline, damage to brain cell membranes, and issues like dementia and alzheimer's disease.

They also say it can boost overall cognitive function, immune function, and weight loss, and reduce blood pressure, the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and the impact of aging (1).

Unfortunately, coffee fruit extract is still going through clinical studies and its reported benefits have not yet been proven. This makes using Neuriva a big risk.

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty acid called a phospholipid that is found in healthy nerve cell membranes and is essential for optimal cognitive functioning.

Taking it as a dietary supplement is claimed to improve memory, prevent cell death and cognitive decline, improve cognitive function, and reduce stress levels.

The issue is, clinical research has only proven that supplemental phosphatidylserine can boost brain performance in the elderly. Although, healthy adults should get enough in their diet to support their cognitive performance, making phosphatidylserine supplements less effective, it's a decent ingredient even in this case (2).

This means none of the ingredients in Neuriva are proven to support brain health, which is bad in all supplements but especially in ones like Neuriva that are quite expensive.