Love Wellness Mood Pills Reviews

Do Love Wellness Mood Pills Work? 

Love Wellness Mood Pills Are OK, But That's It.

Love wellness mood pills do contain a few good ingredients for boosting mood and aiding with sleep quality, but unfortunately not likely in high enough doses to be effective. Hiding behind a proprietary blend containing 2 out of 5 ingredients that have no effect and make up the bulk of the supplement there are much better options and it’s quite likely that GABA supplements by themselves would be as effective and substantially cheaper.

Take ingredients like St Johns Wort for example, it’s not that it’s ineffective, it’s that it’s underdosed. Unfortunately this is pretty common place with this particular herb and Love Wellness Mood Pills make the same mistake. To be effective it needs to be taken 3 times a day in doses of at least 300mg whilst the 5 ingredients in Love Wellness only take up a combined space of 1200mg and St Johns Wort is listed as the 2nd smallest ingredient. That math here is quite easy, there can’t possibly be enough.

GABA starts at 125mg, but is usually dosed at 200 and L theanine is also 200 plus. So we’re starting to run out of space, before we even consider that the second and third most highly dosed ingredients are the 2 that aren’t effective at all. Chasteberry Powder and Yam extract.

All in all the idea wasn’t a bad one, and the GABA dosage will have some positive impact on mood. There’s just much better mood booster supplements on the market at a comparable price point as a result we don’t recommend Love Wellness Mood Pills.

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Customers Love Wellness Mood Pills Reviews

Customers reviews of Love Wellness Mood pills aren’t that bad, in fact they’re pretty good by Amazon standards. Most customers weren’t expecting much and reported that they did see minor improvements. It should also be noted that GABA’s impact on improving sleep quality will be enough for most people to seem some mood benefits. 

A couple of people complained of stomach upset, which we’d say is unusual, but not an unheard of issue with Gingko. As a result Love Wellness Mood Pills side effects are possible, just not all too likely.   

Love Wellness Mood Pills Ingredients

Vitamin b6 150% - taking a high dose of b6 has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, however 150% of your RDI isn’t what is meant by a high dose in this case. The fact is a lot of energy drinks contain more than 4 times this amount, so whilst 150% may sound like a lot it really isn’t. In fact the trials used a supplement of 100mg of b6, whereas the amount in here is a little over 2mg. So Love Wellness Mood Pills aren’t even close to what has been shown to be the effective range. [1]

Proprietary Blend 1200mg 

Whilst we can never be sure what’s in a proprietary blend, we’ll give our Love Wellness Review the most charitable reading possible. Considering it’s standard practice and a requirement in some countries to list ingredients from largest to smallest we will also be using this model as this is required by FDA regulations in the US. If we work from the assumption that the GABA dose is 300mg it will mean that L Theanine could at least be in an effective dose, and potentially Ginkgo. 

GABA – GABA serves two important functions in the brain when it comes to mood, one is directly raising it, the other is in it’s association with sleep. GABA is also able to help people who are stressed fall asleep quicker and 300mg would be a functional dosage for both. 

Chasteberry Powder – has been shown to have a mild effect on improving PMS related stress, and specifically PMS stress, there is little evidence that it supports mood in any other way. As chasteberry seems to impact hormones which is why it is also used in a lot of supplements for menopause it isn’t a good all around conclusion, the dosage would also need to be in the grams as the active ingredient is a very small percentage of chasteberry powder itself. Poor inclusion from Love Wellness Mood Pills. We’ll assume this takes around 250mg. 

Wild Yam Root Powder – Wild yams contain some gaba and a few other things, this really needs to be extracted as the concentration of the useful ingredients is far too low, even then we’re doubling down on a tiny amount of something that’s already in enough supply. 250mg would only yield a couple of extra mg of GABA. A waste of capsule space. 

L Theanine – If we assume 200mg of L Theanine we have an effective dosage, similar to GABA it’s well documented to play an important part in the bodies chemical response to stress. The Amino acid is a solid inclusion, and has been shown to reduce anxiety, promote healthy sleep and generally be a good all around mood booster. 

Organic St Johns Wort Powder – if we assume 100mg it will do nothing. St Johns Wort does work, unfortunately most supplement sellers get the dosage wrong (if we’re being charitable, if we’re not then they’re misselling it to make more money). As it’s the 5th ingredient on the list it can’t be in a high enough dosage to be functional. 

Ginkgo Leaf – Assuming 100mg this is a good inclusion even if it can cause stomach upset, not only has Ginkgo been shown to alleviate stress and anxiety in double blind placebo controlled trials. But, it’s also been shown to improve cognitive function and is even being studied as a potential medicine for neurodegenerative illnesses. 

Love Wellness Mood Pills Review Conclusion

Love Wellness Mood Pills are ok, particularly if you’re having sleep issues as a result of stress that’s causing a poor mood. There’s just a lot of better stress relief supplements on the market. It’s quite likely that there are 3 functional ingredients in here. Many of which are used in some of the best products out there. 

The problem is that to cut costs Love Wellness have bloated their product with a few pointless ingredients that could’ve been replaced with more well backed mood boosters like Rhodolia or even effective mineral and vitamin dosages. It’s OK, but we’d recommend you get something else instead, especially if you’re not looking for a sleep related mood booster.  

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