Texas Superfoods Reviews

Does texas superfood really work?

Texas Superfood overpromises and under delievers.

Texas Superfood is an all natural whole food dietary supplement that contains more than 55 herbs and raw, vine ripened fruits and vegetables, as well as various digestive enzymes and probiotics. It is also organic, GMO, soy, added sugar, and gluten free, and contains no ingredients that are unsuitable for vegans.

The claimed benefits of Texas Superfood include being able to improve mental focus, weight loss, physical energy levels and performance, sleep quality, mood, and skin and organ health and functions. However, our Texas Superfood review found that these purported health benefits are far from being a reality.

The Texas Superfood ingredients all being lumped into a proprietary blend is an immediate red flag, as this is usually used to mask a weak formula, which we can quickly establish is what is happening here. In fact, out of the huge number of ingredients that it contains, less than half are actually proven to be of use.

While we can easily see that you will not find Texas Superfood good to its word, reviews by many unhappy customers make the fact undeniable. While coming in capsule form can make it more convenient than other health supplements of a similar nature, that is far from enough to make up for all of its many failings.

Part of the problem is that it simply doesn't have enough space in the capsules to contain high enough doses of it's ingredients to actually have their health benefits. It's unsurprising that if you're getting less than 10% of an ingredients clinically studied dose that it isn't going to do much, but unfrotunately this is a common cost cutting marketing trick in supplements with proprietary blends.

That is why we highly recommend you do not buy Texas Superfood. Instead, we suggest that you stick to using superfood supplements that have transparent ingredients lists so you actually know you're getting enough of what's in there to actually work. As such we generally recommened greens powders over superfood capsules.

Best Greens Powders

Texas Superfood Ingredients

Proprietary Blend - 4 Grams

Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is a blue green algae full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, protein, and healthy fatty acids. It can help to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and weight loss, fight free radicals, prevent oxidative damage and stress and inflammation, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and enhance your heart health.

Unfortunately, as these benefits are only seen when you consume 8 grams of spirulina per day, which is double the entire weight of Texas Superfood pills, its presence here is pointless (1).

Chlorella Extract

Chlorella is a chlorophyte green algae with a high antioxidant, mineral, and vitamin content that can raise your energy levels faster than sugar, without causing blood sugar spikes, reduce your cholesterol levels, treat various diseases, detoxify the body, and improve your overall health (2).

With no known optimal dose of chlorella having been agreed upon, it is possible that Texas Superfood contains enough to be effective.

Fenugreek Extract Powder

Fenugreek extract has a high fiber content which slows stomach emptying and suppresses hunger, both of which aid weight loss, boosts testosterone levels, libido, muscle growth, and male sexual and reproductive functions, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and treats Alzheimer's disease and diabetes.

However, while it is technically possible that Texas Superfood contains the 500 mg of fenugreek required to be effective, it is extremely unlikely, given its place on the ingredients list and the weight of the blend (3).

Spinach Powder

Spinach is a leafy green full of fibre, protein, vitamins, and minerals. It is known to boost eye health and vision, lower blood pressure, enhance heart and immune health and functions, and reduce stress, anxiety, oxidative stress and damage, and the risk of heart disease and certain other illnesses (4).

The problem is we can see that the minimum 1 gram of spinach required to be of use is not present in Texas Superfood, so its presence will be of no real use.

Ginger Root Powder

Ginger root powder is a powerful antioxidant and inti-inflammatory that prevents oxidative damage, supports joint, immune system, and digestive health, reduces cholesterol levels, and improves the absorption and efficacy of all of the other ingredients in a dietary supplement (5).

However, with at least 1,000 mg required daily to produce these effects and it being impossible for that amount to be present here, the ginger content of Texas Superfood is worthless.

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Wheat grass is the new sprouts growing atop the wheat plant and it is rich in antioxidants, fibre, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamins, but has very few calories. It is believed to reduce oxidative damage and stress, inflammation, the risk of heart disease, and cholesterol, and treat arthritis and other health issues.

Unfortunately, as none of its claimed health benefits have been proven, its presence in Texas Superfood may well be of no use (6).

Alfalfa Powder

Alfalfa grass powder comes from a flowering plant that contains pinitol, a proven antioxidant that can boost your liver, kidney, and gut health and functions, while also benefitting various other organs and reducing inflammation.

However, as it will only offer nutritional benefits when you consume large quantities of fresh alfalfa grass, putting alfalfa powder in the Texas Superfood supplement is pointless (7).

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Extract

Apple cider vinegar is high in acetic acid, which is said to prevent blood glucose spikes, reduce blood lipid profiles, and suppress hunger. However, as these effects have not been proven and it has also been linked to side effects, its use in Texas Superfood is as likely to harm you as it is to do you any good (8).

Organic Mulberry Powder

Mulberry leaf powder is said to reduce your blood sugar, insulin response levels, blood pressure, and heart rate, detoxify the body, and reduce inflammation. However, as none of these claims have ever been proven, it is highly likely its presence does nothing in the Texas Superfood supplement (9).

Organic Tart Cherry Powder

Tart cherries are said to contain anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties which allow them to improve physical recovery and performance and muscle function, reduce muscle soreness and inflammation, boost melatonin production and sleep quality, and even combat gout.

However, many of these benefits have not been proven, while it is impossible for Texas Superfood to contain enough to provide those which have (10).

Barley Grass Powder

Barley grass is full of vital nutrients that can enhance your heart health, boost fat loss, and reduce your cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, as the 5 grams of barley grass required to be of use is larger than a whole serving of Texas Superfood, it simply can't provide these health benefits here (11).

Organic Turmeric Powder

Turmeric powder boasts a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory called curcumin. This has the ability to reduce inflammation, cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure, boost joint health and functions, treat anxiety, arthritis, depression, and joint pain, protect the liver, and aid weight loss.

Unfortunately, with neither the required 1,500 mg of curcumin or the black pepper extract that allows your body to absorb it being present, the turmeric content of Texas Superfood will do you no good (12).

Holy Basil Leaf Powder

Holy basil leaf powder is said to boost your libido, fertility, and testosterone levels, and have antioxidant and adaptogenic properties which protect the liver and body from oxidative damage (13).

However, as none of these claims have been proven and the minimum 500 mg per day that even its supporters say must be taken is not present, it is certain to be of no use in Texas Superfood.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract is a rich source of natural caffeine, polyphenols, and the antioxidant catechin EGCG. It can help you lose weight, boost energy levels, reduce cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, and stress, enhance heart and brain health, and treat conditions like diabetes, if you take 500 mg each day (14).

Unfortunately, as Texas Superfood can't possibly contain this amount, its presence is essentially pointless.

Organic Oat Grass Powder

Oat grass powder is claimed to be full of protein, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals, which can enhance your skin, immune system, and gut health (15). Unfortunately, with little to no clinical studies having been done on it, it is just as likely that its presence in Texas Superfood will do nothing at all.

Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

Moringa leaf powder has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that enable it to detoxify the body, neutralise free radicals, and protect you from various harmful chemicals (16). Yet again though, with the required 500 mg visibly not present in Texas Superfood, its presence will do you no good.

Black Cumin Seed Powder

Black cumin is said to contain antioxidants and essential amino acids, minerals, and vitamins, which allow it to add a variety of benefits to a health supplement such as this. However, as studies are still ongoing, it is impossible to know if it is of any use in the Texas Superfood powder (17).

Enzyme Blend (Digestive Enzymes)

The digestive enzymes Texas Superfood contains are amylase, bromelain, cellulase, invertase, lactase, lipase, maltase, papain, and protease. These nine enzymes are admittedly some of the most effective, although the Enzyme Blend is missing sucrase.

Unfortunately, not knowing how much of each is present in Texas Superfood makes it hard to determine what effect they will have, while their place on the ingredient list suggests it will be minimal.

Organic Cayenne Chili Powder

Cayenne chili powder contains a chemical called capsaicin which can promote fat burning and suppress your appetite, to help you lose weight, while reducing inflammation to keep you healthy (18).

However, while it is possible Texas Superfood contains the 135 mg required to be of use, its place on the product label makes it unlikely.

Probiotic Complex

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that have long been proven to be beneficial to your digestive health. The problem is, with the complex being the very last thing listed on the label and no dosages or individual probiotics being listed, it is impossible to know what use it may be in Texas Superfood, if any.

Fruits And Vegetables

Texas Superfood capsules also include a variety of fruits and vegetables in powder form.

It has black elderberry extract, wolfberry (goji) extract, broccoli powder, blueberry fruit powder, pear juice powder, hawthorn berry powder, carrot juice powder, asparagus powder, mango juice powder, cucumber powder, aloe vera extract, noni powder extract, orange juice concentrate, cranberry juice concentrate, lemon juice powder, green bell pepper powder, sweet potato powder, cauliflower powder, pumpkin seed powder, tomato juice powder, strawberry powder, red bell pepper powder, raspberry powder, celery seed powder, garlic powder, rhubarb extract, oregano extract, acerola cherry extract, broccoli extract, grape juice concentrate, acai berry powder, pomegranate extract, watermelon powder, and parsley leaf powder.

While some of these are indeed rich in things like vitamin c and vitamin e and have the ability to boost your daily nutrition, they are all present in miniscule doses that barely effect the nutritional value of Texas Superfood and surrounded by ingredients not proven to benefit your overall health at all.

Texas Superfood Powder Pros & Cons


  • Contains a number of beneficial ingredients

  • More convenient to take than nutritional supplements in powder form

  • The formula is gluten free


  • All the ingredients are lumped together in a proprietary blend

  • Many of the ingredient dosages are too low

  • Most of the powdered fruit is not proven to benefit your health

  • Customers have complained about both a lack of efficacy and side effects like irregular bowel movements

  • No third party testing has been conducted

Texas Superfood Review Conclusion

Texas Superfood claims to offer the health benefits of green powder dietary supplements in capsule form, making it quick, easy, and convenient to use. Unfortunately, our Texas Superfood review clearly shows this is not the case, and it simply cannot begin to compete with proper greens powder supplements.

The list of ingredients printed on the supplement facts label may look impressive, but the low doses, use of unproven ingredients and proprietary blends, lack of any third party testing, and complaints by past users show it is not a good nutritional supplement, which is why we suggest you avoid taking Texas Superfood.

Instead, we recommend giving Supergreen Tonik a try. Sure, it's a powder and not a capsule, but this means there's actually a big enough serving to have the benefits its ingredients promise. We rated it as the very best green powder nutritional supplement on the market today, its rich nutrient value and formula of whole foods allows it to actually offer all of the benefits that Texas Superfood claims to and more, making it a far better green powder in every way.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste na
Essential Nutrients 7/10
Health Benefits 6/10
Ingredient Quality 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 6/10


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