Qunol Turmeric Reviews

Is Qunol Turmeric Any Good?

There's just not enough curcumin complex for it to be effective at relieving joint pain.

We don't normally review single ingredient supplements at Center TRT, but we're making an exception for the heavily advertised Qunol as it is following a similar trend to the overhyped Omega XL in promising do be a lot more than it actually is. There are some good things about Qunol, the qunol liquid turmeric is a really nice idea for those who struggle to swallow capsules and a serving of that is actually close to the recommended amount, but that's about the only good thing we have to say here. There other turmeric products come in with doses 5X smaller than that in terms of the active ingredient in turmeric curcumin making them functionally useless.

It's not that there's anything wrong with turmeric, in fact turmeric does actually work as an anti inflammatory for joint pain, the problem is you need more of it than is the recommend dosage of Qunol turmeric gummies or the Qunol liquid capsules. We should also say there's nothing special about their turmeric curcumin complex, all turmeric contains curcumin, the only difference is the percentage range, and most supplements designed around a healthy inflammation response use a 95% curcumin complex.

As we've mentioned, the qunol liquid turmeric is fine, but there's also the fact it's $30, for only $15 more you can get supplements which contain this much turmeric and the recommended dosages of glucosamine, omega 3, boswellia, resveratrol and vitamins d & k for joint pain relief. And with capsules being the same price, sure you could take more, but then your costs are higher than much better premium joint supplements.

The problem is that Qunol claim to have a bioenhanced turmeric complex, that offers ultra high absorption, and whilst adding in some bioperine does help absorption, most other combined supplements do this, and it doesn't make a huge difference, you'll probably absorb about 10% more, which isn't enough to make up for the capsules offering less than half of the necessary dosage.

In short, if you want just turmeric, then Qunol liquid is OK, but the capsules are under dosed and over priced.

Customers Qunol Turmeric Reviews

Customer reviews of Qunol turmeric are generally positive, especially for the qunol liquid turmeric, which we'd expect for the later, but the former was rather surprising. Based on the dose of curcumin being far below the needed range. However, when we look into what makes up Qunol turmeric's nearly 5* rating a lot of the reviews look shall we say a little bit forced... Poorly written and a lot that are actually saying something negative, but leaving a positive rating. 

The most common complaint around the capsules was that they weren't really very effective. Which isn't surprising based on the amount of curcumin needed to improve joint health.

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How Does Turmeric Curcumin Complex Help Me?

Turmeric, has been studied on numerous occasions to improve joint pain, there are also some studies that it's good for your skin and digestion, but most customers and Qunol turmeric themselves are more interested in promoting it's joint health benefits.

There is less evidence to support it's use to improve skin. 

However, there are a lot of studies which back it's use as an accompanying treatment for arthritic joints and other injuries. For example one study showed that it outperformed ibuprofen for pain relief on knees [1].

Meta analysis of multiple turmeric studies suggests that most studies using curcumin complex at doses over 500mg a day do in fact relieve joint pain[2]. And both harvard [3] and the arthritis foundation [4] list curcumin complex as being effective, although all specify that it's the curcumin that does the work.

Qunol Turmeric Ingredients And Product Breakdown

Qunol liquid capsules (only 22% curcumin and 1000mg)

The liquid capsules only contain 200mg of curcumin and as we've already mentioned 500-1000mg of curcumin is required to be effective to relieve pain in joints.

Qunol liquid turmeric

Qunol liquid turmeric does offer a full 1000mg of curcumin, which is well within the range of it being effective, so this is actually a decent product, although it is for a niche audience and quite expensive.

Qunol turmeric gummies

The gummies however are the worst offenders by far, with just 100mg of curcumin and 50mg of ginger which requires 3 grams to be effective, (outside of specific gingerol complexes like eurovita 77, which still needs 250mg). As a result the Qunol turmeric gummies are not going to be effective in the slightest.

Qunol Turmeric Review Conclusion

Qunol turmeric's ultra high absorption is overblown and at the price point it's competing with comprehensive joint supplements that offer more curcumin as well as other joint health supplements. The gummies are even worse, with a functionally pointless dosage and as a result we don't recommend them even at a $20 price point.

The Qunol liquid tumeric version makes sense for people who can't swallow capsules, but that's about the only reason we could see to recommend qunol turmeric over any standard curcumin complex.

All in all it's not going to do you any harm, but you can do a lot better than qunol turmeric unless you're limited by being unable to swallow capsules. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 2/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 2/10


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