Texas Superfood VS Balance Of Nature

Which Is The Better Supplement?

Superfood supplements are some of the fastest growing dietary supplements on the market today, as they are seen as a quick and easy way to supplement a healthy diet and help you get all of the essential nutrients that the human body needs to function at an optimal level, no matter how busy you may be (1).

However, the average whole food dietary supplement will come in powdered form, which may not seem ideal to people who do not like powdered drink mixes. That is why some natural food supplements have begun to be sold in pill/capsule form, to help everyone take advantage of the health benefits they offer.

More than one popular nutritional supplement brand has jumped on this trend, as Texas Superfoods and Balance Of Nature have both begun producing fruit and vegetable pills. The question is, can fruit and veggie pills really replicate the effects of greens powders and, if so, which one is the better choice?

In the following Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood comparison we will answer that question, as we see how these two nutritional supplements compare to each other, as well as how fruit and vegetable capsules in general compare to products that generally do a lot better at substituing vegetagbles, and that is greens powders. The reason is quite simple, powders have about 14 grams worth of ingredients to work with and capsules have less than a 1/3 of that. Meaning that they simply can't get nearly as much of the good stuff. So, it is worth mentioning this flaw before we get into everything. 

Balance of Nature Highlights

  • Contains better dosages
  • Is slightly cheaper

Texas Superfood Highlights

  • Has more ingredients
  • Just about wins out overall
  • More expensive
  • Slightly better review average

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Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Ingredients

The Balance Of Nature ingredients are split into not one but six different blends. The fruit capsules and vegetable capsules each feature a Maintain Blend, Protect Blend, and Repair Blend.

Between them they include aloe vera, apples, bananas, blueberries, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, celery, cauliflower, cayenne pepper, cherries, cranberries, garlic, grapes, grapefruits, kale, mangoes, onion, oranges, papaya, pineapple, raspberries, shitake mushrooms, soy beans, spinach, strawberries, sweet potato, tomato, wheat grass, and zucchini.

The Texas Superfood ingredients are instead all held within a single Proprietary Blend.

They are spirulina, black elderberry, goji berry, chlorella, broccoli, blueberry, fenugreek, spinach, pear, ginger, hawthorn berry, wheat grass, carrot, asparagus, alfalfa, apple cider vinegar, mango, cucumber, aloe vera, mulberry, noni, tart cherry, orange, cranberry, barley grass, lemon, green bell pepper, sweet potato, cauliflower, pumpkin seed, tomato, strawberry, red bell pepper, raspberry, celery, garlic, holy basil, turmeric, rhubarb, oregano, green tea extract, acerola cherry, oat grass, grape, moringa, acai berry, pomegranate, watermelon, parsley, black cumin, and cayenne pepper.

Texas Superfood then also features two sub blends within its main blend, which are the Probiotic Blend and the Enzyme Blend. Digestive enzymes are listed on the Enzyme Blend, but there is no mention of what is in the Probiotic Blend (3)(4).

Both supplements are vegan friendly and artificial additive, gluten, GMO, and added sugar free.

When looking at the ingredients present, Texas Superfood clearly comes out on top of Balance Of Nature. Not only does it contain a greater range of ingredients, but it also features a number of much more beneficial compounds, such as chlorella, green tea, spirulina, and digestive enzymes (5)(6)(7).

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Dosages

When comparing the Balance Of Nature vs Texas Superfood supplements based on their dosages neither product showers itself in glory, as all of the ingredient quantities are obscured in blends.

Based on the fact that a serving of Balance Of Nature contains fewer ingredients, weighs more, and uses six blends rather than one, which gives you a slightly better idea of the quantities that might be present, we would just about give it the edge in this category.

However, as powdered supplements like Supergreen Tonik list the exact quantity of every ingredient present contain far more for your money and cost less we would still recommend them instead for 90% of cases. As simply put both Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood are far inferior in this regard. There are also berry based varients of powder supplements if you're really trying to avoid the taste of greens that would likely be just as good if not quite as convienient. 

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Nutrient Profile

Given that we are looking at a superfood supplement, both Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood give very little information on their nutritional profiles.

While they both list their calories and carbohydrates and Texas Superfood states its protein, sodium, and fibre content, neither lists things like the essential vitamins and minerals that they contain. This is quite frankly shocking for a product of this nature and makes both Texas Superfood and Balance Of Nature far inferior to a product like Supergreen Toni.

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Serving Sizes

When looking at how Texas Superfood compared to Balance Of Nature in terms of their serving sizes it was a dead heat, as both superfood supplements require you to consume 6 capsules per day. This is admittedly a very large serving size and may put many people off of using them, although Texas Superfoods does say you can split the daily serving into three equal doses, which would make it more palatable and gives it a slight edge. However, as it is the same overall serving size for both the Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood supplements, it is impossible to say that either is suitable for anyone who is not happy to consume a large number of capsules every day, in which case a drinkable supplement would be a better choice.

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Pricing

Both Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood have fairly reasonable price tags for this type of product. At the time of writing, Balance Of Nature's fruits and veggies together cost just under $70 for a one month supply, while Texas Superfood costs just under $80 for a one month supply. Both Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood also provide free shipping on every order. This would give a slight edge to Balance Of Nature in the price category, however it is fairly close and Supergreen Tonik is in a similar price range to both products as well.

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Manufacturers & Availability

The reputation of a manufacturer and availability of a product can both be a big deciding factor when choosing between two similar supplements. However, as neither Balance Of Nature or Texas Superfood is made by a well known brand or has any issues with availability, it is a dead heat between the two here.

Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood Customer Reviews

Texas Superfood reviews by customers seem ok, as it holds an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars with past users on Amazon. When looking at the positive reviews of Texas Superfood, we found people saying it did somewhat improved their energy levels and joint and skin health. However, it must be noted that there were a number of less positive Texas Superfood reviews, including people who found it to be a low quality product or those who did not feel it improved their overall health in any way.

Balance Of Nature has a slightly lower yet fairly similar average review score, as it currently holds a 4.1 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.

Positive reviews of Balance Of Nature focused on its ability to improve strength and energy levels and promote a healthy immune system, which most users put down to the majority of its ingredients containing vitamin c. Some users also felt it enhanced their cardiovascular health as well.

However, there were also complaints about the supplement from some people too.

Some claimed it negatively impacted their liver health, caused side effects related to gastrointestinal health, was of a low quality, did not benefit their health in any way, or only produced mild benefits that could be achieved by using a basic vitamin c supplement, which would be much cheaper (8).

This would appear to give Texas Superfood a slight edge between the two. However, given the amount of money you will be spending on a supplement such as this, we can conclude that neither Balance Of Nature nor Texas Superfood provides good value, based on the reviews from past customers.

Both also pale in comparison to a fully dosed greens powder, which has overwhelming positive reviews from virtually all previous customers.

How Do Texas Superfood & Balance Of Nature Compare To The Number 1 Rated Greens Supergreen Tonik?

While both Balance Of Nature and Texas Superfood contain many more ingredients and are slightly cheaper than Supergreen Tonik, these are the only ways that they can even come close to competing with it.

From only using ingredients that are clinically proven to benefit your health and clearly listing how much of every ingredient and micronutrient is present, to a clear nutritional profile, overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, a choice of flavours, and great user satisfaction, Supergreen Tonik is far superior.

Final Thoughts On Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood: Which Is The Better Superfood Supplement?

After conducting an in-depth analysis of Balance Of Nature Vs Texas Superfood supplements, it would appear Balance Of Nature has a slight edge in terms of price and dosages, while Texas Superfood just comes out on top in terms of its range of ingredients, serving sizes, and clarity on its nutrient profile.

This seems to leave both of them pretty much in a tie, which would usually not be much help in an article such as this. However, that is not the case here as we have come to a definitive conclusion, which is that you should not buy either Texas Superfood or Balance Of Nature fruit or veggie pills.

With both supplements lacking in the dosages and quality of ingredients they use, and transparency on what they contain, even with a reasonable price tag you will still be wasting your money if you buy Texas Superfood or Balance Of Nature, which is why we suggest you buy a powder based supplement like Supergreen Tonik instead. 

Ultimately capsules can't compete against powdered superfood supplements as they simply don't have room for the optimal doses of proven ingredients. And as they're in the same price range as powders which can promote healthy digestion, boost your energy levels, and provide better overall health they're a much choice in almost every way.


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