GNC TamaFlex Reviews

Does Tamaflex Work?

Tamaflex Fast Acting is a disaster and Tamaflex Complete isn't much better.

Tamaflex Fast Acting contains 2 ingredients that have been shown to work in humans, just in doses far too small to be effective. Boswellia serrata extract is the closest to correct at half the useful dosage and the turmeric extracts are laughable, the lowest effective dose is 500mg of curcumin (an extract that makes up less than 10% of turmeric). Tamaflex contains less than 70mg of turmeric. It doesn't take a mathematician to see these numbers don't add up. On top of that the only other ingredient is tamarind seed which has only been shown to work in rats, at 50mg per kilo (2lbs) and Tamaflex contains less than 100mg, so as a joint support there isn't nothing here that's even remotely close to good. 

Tamaflex complete contains the same ingredients but with glucosamine HCL in a reasonable dose and too low of a dose of type ii collegan, it also contains the ineffective hyaluronic acid (it works when it's injected into the joints, but not orally). 

So, all in all whilst some of the ingredients in Tamaflex joint support supplements can have some positive impact, the doses are none functional. As a result we can't recommend these supplements in our Tamaflex review. 

If you're looking for something with similar ingredients in the correct dosages we recommend FlexAgain . It contains glucosamine, curcumin and boswellia serrata extract along with 8 other ingredients proven to support joint health and relieve pain, and they're actually in their correct dosages.

Customers Tamaflex Reviews

Surprisingly the customer reviews of Tamaflex aren't actually that bad, it could simply be that the dose of glucosamine is working for people, and it has been shown to improve joint pain by itself so maybe that's doing the trick. However, you could simply get a glucosamine supplement for half the price of Tamaflex. But, generally the response to the dietary supplement is relatively positive in terms of Amazon reviews and it doesn't seem to be stuffed with obvious fakes. There is a few questionable reviews, but all in all not terrible. And whilst when we remove some of the 5* stuffing Tamaflex review scores look more like 3.7* it could be a lot worse, and we're surprised that GNC tamaflex does so well. This is of course referring to GNC tamaflex complete rather than where the reviews look more suspect, their were a lot of accounts that posted the same review across multiple products. This score should be lower when we removed these more obvious issues coming in below 3*. 

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GNC Tamaflex Ingredients

GNC Tamaflex Fast Acting

125mg combined turmeric and tamarind seed - As we mentioned in the intro, turmeric is actually a good ingredient, or rather curcumin an extract from turmeric is a good ingredient, multiple studies have shown that it's good for joint mobility and joint health overall, it's quite potent in terms of its anti inflammatory properties so we do like it if it's dosed correctly, unfortunately this is about 100x less than needed for arthritis or any other form of joint pain. As for tamarind, it's only been tested in rats and the dose is equally too low here.

50mg boswellia extract - Boswellia is also decent as joint supplements go, but it should be dosed at 100mg, some studies have shown 50mg can have some minor effect on joint comfort, but it was less effective at this dosage.

Tamaflex Complete

GNC Tamaflex complete contains the same ingredients as the "fast acting" version along with the following.

750mg glucosamine hcl - Glucosamine HCL is the purer and stronger version of Glucosamine sulphate, the dosage is actually fine here, although can cause some stomach pain when compared against a larger dose of glucosamine sulfate, the only reason to use HCL is in supplements packed with other ingredients where the manufacturer is short on space, which isn't really the case here as there's quite a lot of space left in the capsules. It's been shown to reduce joint pain in trials, and is actually prescribed in some places making it a good ingredient and pretty much the only good thing we have to say about gnc tamaflex. Some studies show that it doesn't do much for joint health overall but does seem to reduce pain, even if it didn't do much for joint health or joint flexibility scores.

600mg chondroitin - chondroitin is fine, it's not the best ingredient, but has been shown to amplify the effects of glucosamine hcl. The dose is at the high end and this is fine, although we'd have liked to have seen a bit more type ii collagen.

20mg Type ii collagen - not our favorite ingredient, there's as many studies that back it as that debunk it, in general it seems that it does work for some people. The main issue is that typically it's dosed at a minimum of 30mg, with 40mg being the ideal dose.

2.5mg hyaluronic acid - this doesn't really work unless it's injected into the site, most of it gets broken down in the stomach and doesn't make it into the body. Even in the few studies that have shown it has slightly improved joint function the dosage were much higher.

All in all taking tamaflex complete is slightly better than gnc tamaflex fast acting, at least in terms of pain relief and minor discomfort although it's still not great.

Tamaflex Complete and Tamaflex Fast Acting Review Conclusion

If we're asking the question what does tamaflex do? The answer is very little, the complete version may do a little to reduce joint pain, but it's not going to do much else, and it certainly isn't worth it's price point. As for gnc tamaflex fast acting, if that actually manages to do anything at all to reduce pain or joint stiffness then it's purely as a result of the placebo effect, because it's far to under dosed to be effective.

Even taking a half dose of a product like FlexAgain would contain 8 times the active ingredients, so we'd recommend buying that instead. We don't recommend GNC tamaflex fast acting or gnc tamaflex complete. 

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Pain Relief 2/10
Joint Health 2/10
Swelling 2/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10