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Are Freshcap Mushrooms Any Good?

FreshCap Mushrooms are really not very good.

Part of the Freshcap family of mushroom supplements, Freshcap Ultimate Mushroom Complex capsules are designed to improve your immunity, cognitive functions, energy levels, and concentration. This is all while being organic, non gmo, gluten free, and safe to use on either a paleo or vegan diet.

Freshcap even say its capsules are tested for quality, safety and efficacy, and use only compounds that have been extracted for maximum benefit from whole fruiting bodies of sustainably farmed mushrooms. However, we reviewed the product ourselves and found that it will not provide the support they claim.

Freshcap contains equal doses of extracts made from the whole fruiting body of maitake, chaga, turkey tail, reishi, cordyceps, and lion's mane mushrooms, with each extract standardized to contain 29% beta glucans. It uses no grain, fillers, or other ingredients and everything is contained in pullulan capsules.

Admittedly, all of these mushrooms have been proven by numerous reviews to provide countless mental and physical benefits for the human body if used correctly, while a fairly reasonable price tag may make it seem like quite an appealing product to customers who are shopping on quite a tight budget as well.

The problem with Freshcap though lies not in the ingredients it contains but their dosages. With every single mushroom extract being present in a dosage that is simply far too low for it to be able to deliver the benefits it is capable of, you just will not see any real difference from taking this supplement. Aside from those you'd get from a beta glucan supplement (which you can pick up for a lot less money).

Even with their standardization. With the exception of beta glucans the compounds in each mushroom are very different, you can't just mix them together and expect that to work, they work in different ways and on different parts of the body. 

There are however alternatives that provide capsuled mushrooms using extracts with an effective dosages, although we do actually only know of one brand in this case that was actually willing to provide their 3rd party testing results for this. 

As a result, we would highly recommend that you do not purchase Freshcap Mushrooms and instead stick to using supplements that have been extensively reviewed and proven to deliver the benefits they that claim to provide, and in case you're wondering it was Nootrum Mushrooms that actually tested as having an effective 20:1 extract meaning that they are actually in the effective dosing range. When it comes to capsules.

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FreshCap Customer Reviews

Freshcap Mushrooms currently holds an average customer review score of 4.5 our of 5 stars based on reviews from past users on Amazon, which does appear to be quite promising at first glance.

However, when you look at the positive reviews of the product, most mentioned either being impressed with the range of proven ingredients that it contained or liking how easy it was to take, rather than noticing it actually making a difference.

Of the few reviews that did mention it providing some benefit, almost every review was from someone who was sick, so they would generally be more susceptible to noticing even the slightest of improvements to their well being in the first place.

When switching to looking at the reviews by users who reviewed it negatively though, we were greeted with a very different experience. Almost every negative review mentioned people experiencing horrific side effects, most notably relating to their stomach.

The side effects reported in the negative reviews include bloating, swelling, nausea, fevers, stomach cramps, dizziness, and inability to concentrate, diarrhoea, dehydration, headaches, vomiting, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), nerve issues, brain fog, gas, chest pains, and anxiety.

As not a single mushroom it contains has ever been linked to any of these side effects, it seems like Freshcap may contain something other than what is listed on the ingredients list, which is a major concern.

As many of these negative reviews were also posted les than 2 months ago, it also appears that whatever was wrong with the product then is also likely still wrong with it today.

As this makes it clear that Freshcap is far worse than the simply ineffective supplement that our own review led us to believe, we simply cannot stress how highly we recommend that you do not purchase or use it.

Freshcap Ingredients

Organic Mushroom Blend - 1 Gram

Organic Maitake Extract - 167 MG

Maitake have been shown help to lower blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, enhance your brain and immune system health and functions, and help treat a variety of different chronic illnesses, medical conditions and somatic ailments.

The problem is, research suggests that a minimum of 5 mg of maitake extract per pound of body weight must be consumed every day in order for this mushroom extract to deliver you powerful benefits (1).

As a result, the 167 mg dose of maitake mushroom powder present in a serving of Freshcap mushrooms will only be of any use for people weighing 68 pounds or less, so it will be completely useless for the vast majority of people.

Organic Chaga Extract - 167 MG

Chaga mushrooms are a type of edible macroscopic fungus that grows on birch trees and is rich in melanin, polyphenols, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides.

The nutrients they contain allow them to boost the health and functions of your gut and immune system, reduce your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and either prevent or combat cell mutation, fatigue and a variety of different chronic illnesses and somatic ailments (2).

Unfortunately, as it has been established that 500 mg is the smallest dose of chaga extract that will be of any use, the 167 mg present in each serving of Freshcap is far too low to do anything at all.

Organic Turkey Tail Extract - 167 MG

Turkey tail mushrooms are most well known for being proven to be rich in antioxidants and polysaccharide k.

Turkey tail mushrooms can help improve digestion, your gut and immune system health and functions, physical performance, and cognitive abilities, reduce inflammation and blood sugar levels, and be used to treat a variety of different medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes (3).

The issue is, like with everything else we have seen so far in Freshcap, the dose present is simply way too low for it to deliver these effects. With at least 1,000 mg of turkey tail mushroom extract needing to be ingested every day to see results, the 167 mg used in each serving of Freshcap will do nothing at all.

Organic Reishi Extract - 167 MG

Reishi mushrooms can boost your immune and brain health and functions, mood, sleep quality, strength, and stamina, reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and prevent or treat metabolic syndrome and certain other chronic illnesses and the symptoms that they cause (4).

However, reishi mushrooms will only do any of this if you consume at least 1,440 mg of either reishi mushrooms or reishi extract each day. This means the 167 mg present in each serving of Freshcap mushrooms is considerably too low and will almost certainly do you no good at all.

Organic Cordyceps Extract - 167 MG

The cordyceps mushroom is said to boost everything from testicle, heart, immune system healthy through to brain functions and physical performance, mental clarity, and brain cell growth, and prevent or treat inflammation, the signs of aging, mental decline, arthritis, coughs, diabetes, diarrhoea, headaches, and even tumours. As a result it's quite popular in a lot of mushroom supplements. Some of these claims are of course overblown, but there's a fair amount of evidence for some of these.

The problem is, the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms are only produced when you consume a minimum of 1,000 mg of cordyceps mushrooms or their extract per day (5). With Freshcap containing just a sixth of that at 167 mg per serving, it is simply far too weak to deliver the results that it is normally capable of.

Organic Lion's Mane Extract -167 MG

The lions mane mushroom contains many bioactive compounds, and it can boost your memory, focus, blood flow, brain cell and nerve growth, concentration, brain function and performance, mental clarity, and immune health and functions, and prevent or treat brain fog, inflammation and cognitive decline (6).

Unfortunately, as 1,000 mg of lions mane mushroom extract is required to produce any of these effects, Freshcap containing just a sixth of that at 167 mg per serving will just not allow them to perform the job that they are included to do.

Freshcap Pros & Cons


  • Contains a combination of only 100% whole fruiting body extracts
  • All of the ingredients are proven to support you mentally and physically
  • Organic, vegan and paleo friendly, and contains no additives
  • Reasonably priced


  • Every ingredient is present in a dosage that is far too low to produce the benefits it is used for
  • Countless reviews have been posted in the last few months that say it caused horrific side effects

Freshcap Review Conclusion

Freshcap advertise their Mushroom Complex as a supplement that can help ensure your body and brain remain healthy and functional simply by taking a dose of their capsules each morning. However, as our review should clearly show, it will simply not have a positive effect on your life in any way.

The ingredients it contains should benefit you in many ways, but the doses used are just far too low for them too do so. When you then add in it has also received many reviews that say it causes horrific side effects, we have to strongly suggest that you do not purchase Freshcap under any circumstances.

Instead, we would recommend you give Nootrum Mushrooms a try. Made from potent 20:1 extracts at double the dose and with 10 types of mushroom, each of which is extracted to deliver the maximum benefits it is capable of, meaning you actually get what FreshCap offer. No Cap. 

(Although as an aside we really do like FreshCap's grow your own products, but we review health products here, so it's not something we're talking about).

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Criteria Rating
Cognative 4/10
Mood 4/10
Immunity 7/10
Aging 3/10
Other Health 3/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 5/10

FreshCap Mushrooms FAQ

What are FreshCap Mushrooms?

FreshCap Mushrooms is a company dedicated to providing high-quality mushroom products, including mushroom supplements, cultivation kits, and educational resources for mushroom enthusiasts.

Are FreshCap mushroom supplements safe to consume?

Yes, our mushroom supplements are safe when used as directed. They are made from organically grown mushrooms and undergo rigorous quality control and testing to ensure purity and safety.

What types of mushrooms do FreshCap offer in your products? 

They offer a range of mushroom species, including Reishi, Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and more. Each mushroom has its unique benefits.

How should I take Freshcap mushroom supplements? 

Generally, their mushroom supplements come in capsule or powder form. Follow the recommended dosage instructions on the product label, or consult with a healthcare professional for personalized guidance.