Sunwink Detox Greens Reviews

Are detox greens good for you?

Sunwink Greens Are Mediocre

Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix is an organic superfood powder made with a range of what the brand calls "powerhouse superfoods". It includes a variety of leafy greens, fruits, and various other whole plants and plant based ingredients.

Sunwink claim that their superfood plant wellness powder is designed to support the body's detoxification system and prevent and combat bloating, while providing all of the nutritional goodness that would be found in a whole serving of actual green vegetables.

Unfortunately, on closer review, it quickly becomes clear that this is far from being true.

The Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix formula consists of 7 organic ingredients; celery extract, lemon juice powder, pineapple juice powder, wheat grass powder, spinach powder, spirulina powder, and dandelion extract.

The first issue that you may notice is the lack of any dosages listed on any of the ingredients.

This is always an issue, as it makes it impossible to determine exactly what effects a product will have. It is also often a tactic used by less reputable companies to hide an ineffective formula, as small doses of good ingredients can be hidden in large doses of bad ones.

Then we move on to the ingredients themselves. While most of the whole ingredients have indeed been shown to be beneficial to your body and support detox and bloating, the same cannot be said of many of their powdered extracts that are present here.

Even the ingredients that are useful in their present form have issues. While the proprietary blend masks the exact dosage of each that is present, their place on the ingredients list and the weight of the serving size mean we can still see that not enough has been used for it to work.

Even the reviews from past customers are very telling, as virtually all of the positive reviews focus on what it claims to do, while the negative ones focus on what it actually delivers.

Being certified organic, entirely plant based, non GMO, and dairy, gluten, and soy free, while having no sugars added and a reasonably low price tag are all fairly appealing qualities. Unfortunately, they are not enough to overcome the many failings of this greens powder.

That is why we suggest you do not purchase Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix and buy a nutrient dense greens powder that has all of the proper usage information displayed, it is the ideal way to give your body a little reset each day. We've created a handy round up here.

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Customers Sunwink Detox Greens Reviews

At first glance, the Sunwink Detox Greens powder seems to look fairly promising, as it holds a 4.2 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon.When looking at the positive reviews, the most commonly mentioned selling points were the facts that it was easier to consume than actual food and that it was made from real ingredients that are known to offer the sort of benefits advertised on the product packaging.

A number of the positive ratings also said that they liked the taste, although more ratings said they found it either strange or unpleasant, so this appears to be simply a personal preference. However, what is notably absent is any mention of the beneficial effects that people actually received from the product.

When we looked at more ratings from unhappy customers, additional issues began to arise as well.

Sunwink Detox Greens complaints included the package not having proper usage information displayed and showing a small warning that it may contain lead, people experiencing side effects like skin irritations, it having a horrible smell, the container arriving with far less in it than advertised, and even that the product simply did not offer any benefits or make them feel any different.

These findings seem to support our initial conclusion that, while Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix may look good on the surface, it has so many flaws that it simply can't replace real ingredients or offer the kind of results that the packaging and advertising suggests.

How Do Sunwink Detox Greeens Taste? 

Much like with the customer reviews of sunwink greens we had a mixed response around the office. We'd say it was 50/50 in terms of whether people liked it or not. Yes it's quite a light taste as greens powders go, the lemon cut through well enough, which is a plus. But the reason for this is that it's largely made from celery, not a vegetable with a particularly impressive micronutrient profile.

Our Experience With ​Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix

We gave Ghost Greens to two of our product testers one who regularly consumes a different greens powder and one who does not. The test results were quite clear, both were suitably unimpressed. 

Both stated that the taste was fine, although they'd both had better. It was preffered more by our tester that doesn't consume greens powders regularly.

The regular greens powder consumer (Jean) found that he felt notably worse than when he takes our number one rated greens powder Super Green Tonik, although there is a multitude of reasons this could be, but even on a baseline level of vitamins his usual does offer almost complete coverage whilst Sunwink does not. And that's not even considering the herbal extracts differences.

As for the tester who doesn't take a greens powder daily, he reported no difference with consuming Sunwink Greens aside from a slightly more regular bathroom schedule. Which is a good thing, but could largely be accounted for by the dandelion extarct alone.

Sunwink Detox Greens Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
All of its whole ingredients have been proven to be beneficial for the human body A proprietary blend masks the exact dosages of all of the ingredients, making it impossible to determine its true effects
Non gmo, dairy, soy, or gluten and has no sugars added Many of the ingredients have little to no evidence that they actually work in the form present
100% organic and vegan friendly A proprietary blend masks the exact dosages of all of the ingredients, making it impossible to determine its true effects
Is reasonably priced Some of the ingredient dosages are visibly a little on the light side

Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix Ingredients

Organic Celery Extract

Celery is one of the most widely used green fibrous vegetables on the planet. You can eat the whole plants or grind them up into spices to flavour dishes, and it has even been shown to be rich in nitrates and possess a number of antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties.

However, not only do you need to consume large quantities of celery in order for it to produce these effects, but they have only ever been seen when using fresh stems of the plant as well (1).

This means that the powdered organic celery extract present in the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix is highly unlikely to provide any human health benefits at all.

Organic Lemon Juice Powder

Lemon juice is well known to offer a variety of health benefits. Being very high in vitamin c, it can improve the health of your skin and colon, help regulate your blood pressure, boost your immune system, aid weight loss, enhance digestion, and even help to keep your body hydrated.

Unfortunately, lemon juice powder shares the same issues that we looked at above. Not only do you need to consume a great amount for it to be of use, but its benefits have never been seen when you consume the powdered form (2).

That means the organic lemon juice powder is another ingredient that is highly unlikely to serve any real purpose in the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix at all.

Organic Pineapple Juice Powder

Pineapples are full of various antioxidants which can help to prevent oxidative damage to your body and internal organs, while helping your immune system fight off diseases. It also contains a unique yet highly beneficial enzyme called bromelain.

Bromelain can reduce inflammation, boost digestion and protein metabolism in the stomach, ease heartburn, enhance the health of the heart, keep your joints healthy and functioning, provide nasal decongestion, aid your immune system, and elevate your overall health (3).

Yet again there are issues though, and they stem from the lack of evidence regarding pineapple juice powder. While fresh pineapples, pineapple juice, and bromelain extract are all beneficial, there is little research to suggest that any of their benefits transfer to pineapple juice powder.

This makes it highly likely that the presence of pineapple juice powder in the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix formula won't actually offer any real benefits.

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

Wheat grass powder is an extract produced from the new sprouts that grow on the top of the wheat plant. It is fast becoming one of the most common ingredients in green powder supplements and various other plant powered products.

The research that is available suggests that it is rich in antioxidants, fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, and vitamin a, vitamin b, vitamin c, vitamin e, and vitamin k, all while being very low in calories.

There is also some evidence that it can offer a range of health benefits to the human body, such as preventing oxidative damage, reducing inflammation and the risk of heart disease, lowering your cholesterol levels, and helping to treat arthritis and many other diseases (4).

The problem is, while there are certainly some very promising results, none of the findings on wheat grass powder are yet deemed conclusive.

This means you can't rely too much on the organic wheat grass powder present here, as it may be yet another ingredient in the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix that does nothing.

Organic Spinach Powder

Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is among the most popular on the planet, as it is rich in an incredible range of fibres, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. It is also frequently added to greens powder supplements, as the plant can provide a huge number of health benefits.

These include enhancing your vision and the health of your eyes, regulating your blood pressure level, boosting the health of your heart, and reducing oxidative stress, anxiety, stress, and the risk of heart disease and certain other chronic illnesses (5).

Unfortunately, the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix hides the dosages of each of its ingredients that are present. This means it is impossible for us to know if enough organic spinach powder is actually present to be of use.

That said, given how low down the ingredients list it is located, it does seem highly unlikely that a sufficient dose has been used.

Organic Spirulina Powder

Spirulina powder is a type of blue green algae that is rich in a wide range of different antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins. It is widely used in greens powder supplements as it can benefit your health in a variety of ways.

It can fight free radicals, prevent oxidative damage, reduce inflammation, regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, boost your metabolism, enhance your heart health, and even suppress your appetite, to prevent weight gain and make losing weight easier (6).

The issue is, for spirulina powder to produce these effects, you need to consume at least 8 grams per day.

While the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix does not disclose the amount of each ingredient used, the whole serving size weighs just 6 grams. This means we can clearly see that it is physically impossible for enough to be present to be of any use.

Organic Dandelion Extract

Dandelion extract extract comes from a vegetable commonly misclassified as a weed and which is fast becoming a popular ingredient in greens powder supplements and other plant powered products, due to it being extremely high in potassium.

It is linked to a wide range of human health benefits, such as having diuretic properties which can prevent bloating, aiding digestion, protecting the pancreas, and improving the health of the gut and liver (7).

However, it again runs into the same issues that we saw with the last few ingredients.

The lack of any stated dosages makes it impossible to determine the effects that it can produce, while being located right at the bottom of the ingredient list means it is very likely that only a tiny dose has been used.

This unfortunately means that the organic dandelion extract present in the Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix probably won't do you any good at all.

Sunwink Detox Greens Review: Conclusion

The Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix looks ok on the surface, as it has a good rating score and contains many useful ingredients. 

Unfortunately, when you dig just a little bit deeper, it quickly becomes clear that this is, in fact, not the case.From not stating how much a nutrient weighs in a serving and using ingredients not proven to work in powder form, to complaints of side effects, dangerous ingredients, and a lack of efficacy, we simply must suggest that you avoid Sunwink Detox Greens Superfood Powder Mix.

Instead, we recommend you give Supergreen Tonik a try. A greens powder made with optimal doses of only proven ingredients, with a transparent formula so you know exactly what you're getting. On top of that it has a great taste, it is simply a far superior product in almost every way and makes much more sense to add to your daily diet. We rated it number one greens powder for 2023.

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste 10/10
Essential Nutrients 6/10
Health Benefits 6/10
Ingredient Quality 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 6/10
Recommended 7/10