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Is ProJoint Plus Any Good? 

Projoint Plus isn’t bad for a mid range joint supplement. 

There’s some good ingredients in ProJoint Plus, and had it been a budget supplement we’d have rated it quite highly. Unfortunately, at $30 a bottle you’re starting to get into the mid range territory and it quickly becomes very average. 

It’s got a good dose of Glucosamine sulfate, well within the effective range and the same goes for Boswellia. Both of these ingredients are well tested for improving joint pain [1] and reducing inflammation respectively [2]. And chondroitin is OK, although it’s a little less than we’d like in an ideal world. It’s not the most important ingredient though as it only really serves to increase the efficacy of Glucosamine. 

The downside is, everything else in the supplement. All of the other ingredients are so incredibly underdosed that they won’t have any function at all. And a lot of these ingredients are good, curcumin for example (the active compound in turmeric) has been shown to be incredibly effective in human trials. The problem is that you need 500mg of curcumin [3] which only makes up about 10% of turmeric and the turmeric in ProJoint plus only totals 150mg. 

This is quite common with mid-range joint supplements like Projoint Plus. If we compare it against some of the Osteo Bi Flex range it’s a very similar product, edging out some of the formulations by having a slightly more ideal dose of Boswellia, but equally losing out on not containing vitamins. 

And if we compare it to products that cost about $15 a month more, then you’re getting nowhere near as much for your money as the slightly more expensive bracket tends to contain 3-5 times the active ingredients including the correct doses of things like curcumin and bromelain which Projoint Plus uses to make it’s health claims. 

All in all, we’d say that if you can afford the extra $15 you’re better off getting something like FlexAgain (which we rate as the best joint supplement on the market right now) as it contains the correct doses of 11 clinically proven ingredients. 

However, if $30 a month is your absolute limit then there are worse options that ProJoint Plus. But, you’d probably be just as well off with a store brand glucosamine sulfate supplement and some Omega 3.

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Customer Reviews of ProJoint Plus

The general consensus of Projoint Plus on Amazon was pretty similar to our expectation. Projoint Plus reviews could be broken down into 3 camps. 

Most customers suggested that it wasn’t bad for the price, but they’d had better joint supplements. 

The least common response was that it did nothing at all, with a lot of people saying that it did in fact help. And considering there’s good backing for the two correctly dosed ingredients this seems reasonably legitimate. 

Walmart reviews for ProJoint plus were pretty similar and often these are a better indicator of a products quality as marketing teams don’t spend as much time trying to manipulate these as they do with Amazon. All in all customer satisfaction is generally high.

Reports of ProJoint Plus side effects were negligable, with only a few people complaining of nausea, which isn't unheard of with glucosamine.

ProJoint Plus Review Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       ​Correct Dose Of Glucosamine ●       ​All But Two Of The Ingredients Are Underdosed
●       ​Available On Amazon
●       ​Correct Dose of Boswellia

Prokoint Plus Reviews Conclusion

Projoint Plus is OK, it’s just not great. As we’ve said you could do a lot worse, and there customers generally seem to agree. We’ve tried a lot of supplements over the years very similar to this one, and knowing the ingredient profile they should work to a point. 

There are far better and far more comprehensive joint supplements out there that don’t cost a huge amount more and most people would be better off with these. However, if this is as far as your budget can stretch, then it’s not bad. A distinctly average offering. 

We’d have rather seen a 3rd ingredient correctly dosed than half a dozen none usable ingredient, but unfortunately this seems to be a trend of the supplements industry. Largely due to marketing departments thinking more ingredients are easier to promote rather than making sure to consider dosages. 

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