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Does Qunol Sleep Support Work?

Qunol Sleep Support get a lot of things right, but the proprietary blend is underdosed.

Qunol Sleep has a decent dose of melatonin, L theanine and GABA, but the problem comes in with all of the other ingredients that are hidden in a proprietary blend. It's possible that the valerian root is dosed correctly in the 400mg blend, but that would mean that nothing else could possibly be there in functional doses. Ashwaganda for example needs to be around 600mg for most people, but at least 400mg and the blend contains 5 separate ingredients. 

As a result Qunol sleep support capsules aren't a waste of money, but in their attempt to keep costs down they've simply added a lot of ingredients in such small doses that they won't do anything to help you fall asleep faster, and all they really achieve is allowing Qunol to list more things on the box. 

Typically speaking this is quite common place with proprietary blends, they're often used to claim that the product has come up with some unique mixture, whereas in reality it's often just an excuse to hide the fact that they haven't put enough in for it to actually have the desired effect. 

That's not to say that Qunol sleep support is a bad product, it's just a little bit more marketing than substance in a few areas, they do have a relatively low price point, which does make it a bit more palatable for Qunol sleep aid. 

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Customers Qunol Sleep Support Reviews

Generally speaking the customers reviews of qunol sleep support are relatively positive, with most customers stating that it helps with falling asleep and staying asleep.

Generally it's stated that the effects are quite mild, with a mid sized dose of melatonin and GABA this isn't overly surprising and pretty much what we'd expect to see.

It was noted by a few customers that it does only seem to last for about 4 hours, but it was also noted that this was a notable improvement for them. And once again this is what we'd expect from a 5mg dose of melatonin for the average person.

Had some of the other ingredients been more highly dosed it is likely that these people would've gotten better results, but generally speaking $20 for a months supply is substantially better than no sleep at all. 

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Qunol Sleep Review Conclusion

All in all Qunol sleep aid gets the basics right and is a decent budget sleep supplement, the problem we have with it, is that it pretends to be a premium sleep aid designed to aid a balanced sleep cycle and it isn't really that. It's a solid Melatonin pill with added GABA, Valerian and L Theanine everything else is just in there to add something to the box. Which is a shame, because some of the ingredients, in particular Ashwagandha can be effective at not only improving sleep quality, but actually aiding some of the root causes.

We'd have also liked to have seen the inclusion of sleep improving vitamins like magnesium as this would've helped keep costs down and could've replaced some of the ineffectually dosed ingredients.

All in all Qunol sleep support capsules are OK, they're just not all that they claim to be. If you've got the extra few dollars spare, we'd recommend purchasing RestAgain instead as this contains the same ingredients, but in their effective dosage ranges with a bit more melatonin as well. 

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