Genexa Sleepoloogy Reviews

Does Genexa Sleepology Work?

Genexa is horribly underdosed and packed with ineffective ingredients.

Genexa Sleepology is supposedly a natural sleep aid formulated to address sleep-related issues and promote a healthy sleep cycle.

Unfortunately, the ingredients they’ve gone with aren’t actually very good for sleep. There’s a couple in here that have been shown to work in proper dosages.

We’ve got all the debunked old wives’ tales and left out a lot of the most effective ingredients for getting to sleep faster and staying asleep longer.

There are a couple of effective ingredients like valerian root, but as we’ll come onto, they are in doses so low, that Genexa sleepology isn’t going to achieve much.

And we can’t talk about Genexa Sleepology without mentionioning the homeopathic dilution issue. Of course, we must mention that there is no good evidence that homeopathic dilution works, for any health condition. [1]

This is when natural ingredients are diluted down beyond any reasonable approximation of their effective dose ranges. Let’s explain this whole HPUS X6 and X9 thing on the label. Each X means the ingredient has been diluted at a ration of 10 to 1 and then the number how many times they’ve repeated this process. So, in terms of the ingredients, you’re getting fractions of a milligram.

Meaning that if we look at something like valerian root, which has been shown to work as a sleep aid against a placebo, but in doses of 200mg. [2] This homeopathic diluted version isn’t going to do much as it's been diluted 6X!

What is interesting however, is that one of the areas in which placebos are most effective, is sleep disturbances. [3]

The product is cheap at least, but that’s not really great if it’s still not going to work.

Oddly their labelling choses to go with the Latin names of ingredients, which is an unusual choice, we’re not sure whether that’s designed to make it so people don’t realize what they’re being sold, or if it was just to make the product sound a bit more medical.

Either way it doesn’t hold up against anything in the slightly higher budget category, especially not against anything that costs more in the $30 and up rage, but if you’re looking for a budget option you’d probably be better off just getting some standard valerian root or some GABA. ‘

Natural remedies for sleep are a thing, just this isn’t how it’s done. There’s plenty of herbal options out there that have been shown to work in clinical trails. You’re best sticking to one of those. In short we don’t recommend Genexa Sleepology.

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Customer Reviews of Genexa Sleepology

Even the positive genexa reviews questioned whether or not sleepology worked as a result of the placebo effect, which doesn’t really get us off to the best of starts, and whilst the reviews of Genexa sleepology on Amazon weren’t terrible overall, they weren’t particularly great either once we removed the ones that were quite clearly paid for.

The average rating in this case was about 3* rather than the 3.9* that it looks like at first. That’s still not bad all in all, but again it depends what you’re comparing it to. Several customers also mentioned that melatonin worked better than Genexa, which is what we’d expect to see. There weren’t any major complaints of Genexa side effects, which again with these low doses isn’t surprising. 

Our Experience: Center TRT Testers Genexa Sleep Aid Reviews

Honestly we didn't really get anything out of this. But, we didn't really expect to. Genexa Sleepology did absolutely nothing.

Is Genexa Sleepology Safe?

Well, seeing as it doesn't contain the effective dose range for any of the ingredients, so much so that we're talking micrograms, then yes it's safe. It's unlikely to do anything at all in fact. So, worrying about genexa sleepology side effects definitely isn't a concern.

Genexa Sleepology Review Conclusion

Genexa sleepology is in our opinion a scam, homeopathy doesn’t work. However, even if you were to look at the ingredients list under the assumption that homeopathy was valid, then it still wouldn’t be particularly functional. 

There are plenty of good sleep aids out there that use these ingredients in the correct dosages. 

That said, if you really believe in homeopathy then maybe it will do some good for you.

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Customer Satisfaction 6/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10

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