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MoveMD is an unusual joint supplement, with most supplements using glucosamine HCL as a collagen source, whereas MoveMD opts for collagen (types 1, 2 and 5). There are some animal studies which suggest that this could be more effective, most notably one on horses [1]. Unfortunately animal studies mostly don't transfer to humans, although we do see it as likely that the collagen itself would be beneficial. There's also the specific algal extract used which is a promising anti inflammatory ingredient and actually despite only coming in at 2mg although this is the very bottom end of the dose range.  In terms of the other ingredients boswellia serrata is a good inclusion, but after that our Movemd review takes a turn for the worse. With Hyaluronic acid being shown to only properly work topically and 2mg of algae extract being too low of a dosage to achieve much. As you'd expect this leads to relatively decent customer reviews of MoveMd with it definitely being better than nothing, but if you swap from more highly dosed joint supplements you'll likely be disappointed.

This leaves MoveMD as a middle of the road supplement for joints, it's not terrible and does have some effective ingredients, but it's nowhere near good enough to make it onto our list of the best joint health supplements.

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Customers MoveMD Reviews

For the most part the customer reviews of MoveMd joint health are pretty positive, the boswellia is correctly dosed and collagens have been shown to have benefits with everyday joint aches and joint discomfort. They sit at 3.9* on Amazon although there are definitely a few in there that look more like they were written by 1md nutrition, but this is pretty standard for the supplements industry at this point. Most people do say that it helps relieve joint pain, although it is never going to be a miracle pill.

That all said the MoveMd joint health supplement doesn't overpromise nearly as badly as some of the competition which is also one of the reasons that it does well on reviews.

MoveMD Reviews FAQ

The most frequently asked questions we came across when researching our MoveMD review

Is Movemd Safe?

Movemd shouldn't have any serious side effects. Although nausea, acid reflux, and diarrhea are known as mild side effects. Some people also experience rashes whilst taking boswellia supplements so there is a chance of movemd side effects being caused by it's inclusion. 

Will Movemd stop everyday joint aches?

Movemd joint health supplement is more suited to everyday aches rather than say severe knee pain. It's not nearly highly enough dosed for the joint discomfort caused by the likes of rheumatoid arthritis, where doses of boswellia are double or higher. And whilst hyaluronic acid has been shown to be beneficial in dealing with said joint discomfort, it needs to be injected directly into the site to be effective at doing this. The collagen would also help with everyday joint mobility and to promote joint health, but it's not going to alleviate joint pain from a more serious medical condition.

MoveMD Ingredients

Boswellia is the star of the show in the MoveMd joint health supplement it's effectively dosed at 100mg and does make it into a lot of other quality joint products. It's not dosed highly enough to deal with rheumatoid arthritis, but 100mg has been shown to be effective at reducing joint pain in cases of osteoarthritis [2] and general joint discomfort. It's a good choice from 1md nutrition and is a good start for Move Md. It's been shown to improve joint flexibility and reduce pain signals.

Collagen is a good ingredient for a joint health supplement, Movemd's choice to opt for type ii chicken collagen, type i and type v collagen instead of the standard affair of glucosamine does mean there's less research to back the specific choices, although animal studies suggest they could be slightly better options for joint pain, but that doesn't always translate across to humans. Collagens have been shown to be particularly useful at helping maintain healthy joints.

Algae Extract is in a lot of joint health supplements, typically it's used in much higher dosages as a source of omega 3 fatty acids in vegan options. The tiny 2mg dosage has been studied for some uses, although the science is not sufficient when it comes to joint pain relief. It has been shown to act as an anti inflammatory [3] which would definitely be beneficial for joint pain.

Hyaluronic acid has been shown to be effective as an injection into the joints, however, it has also been shown that it does not work as an oral supplement due to it breaking down in the stomach before ever reaching the targeted area. This ingredient is relatively outdated for a joint health supplement, as such this isn't a good choice. 

MoveMD Reviews Conclusion

Movemd get's some things right, but considering it's really only boswellia and collagen and not a comprehensive joint health solution it's price point is a little unreasonable. You could get a lot more by getting these two ingredients separately or by getting something that is more of a targeted joint health solution. 

We recommend a few alternatives on our best joint health supplements list, but we'd recommend either Flexagain (for a completely comprehensive joint health supplement) or Physio Flex Pro (for a supplement without omega oils).Move MD isn't terrible, there are just much better options on the market now for joint pain relief.

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