Joint N-11 Reviews

Does Joint N 11 Work?

Joint N-11 Under doses A Lot Of Good Ingredients.

Joint N 11 contains quite a few good ingredients, the problem is that almost all of them need to be dosed in 5 to 10 times the volumes that they're in here. Turmeric root powder for example contains curcumin, which makes up about 8% percent of the extract at most. [1] Curcumin has been shown to be an effective supplement for joint pain, and a decent anti inflammatory, but it needs to be dosed in 500mg or above [2], and Joint N-11 will contain less than 50mg. This is a pretty consistent issues with the joint health supplement, seeing as it has a similar issue with ginger root powder, methylsulfonylmethane and rosemary. 

There are a couple of positives in the Joint N-11 joint pain relief supplement, but we're down to bioperine (which has limited effect and is one of the least studied ingredients in here for joint pain), vitamin b3 and boswellia. The latter of which has a lot of studies backing it, and we generally rate it as a good ingredient in a lot of joint supplements, due to boswellia having been shown to be effective as an anti inflammatory and with a track record of improving joint function [3], but it is relatively cheap.

The worst inclusion is N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, which has actually been linked to an increased risk of osteoarthritis. [4] The bright side is that the dose is so low here, it's not likely to impact anything. 

Now, that's not to say that Zenith Labs Joint N-11 has nothing in it at all that's going to work, but considering it's high price point of $49.99 and that almost none of the effective ingredients are correctly dosed we don't recommend it. Especially if you're comparing it against the current best joint pain supplement on the market, FlexAgain , which is a little bit more expensive at $60 a bottle, but contains the correct dosages of ginger extracts, boswellia and curcumin as well as a host of more effective ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin (which are prescribed in some counties) as well as omega 3, more vitamins etc. You actually get 4 times the capsules for a months supply at $10 more which is some indication of the difference in dosages. They also offer a money back guarantee unlike Joint N11.

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Customers Joint N-11 Reviews

Customers reviews of Joint N-11 aren't bad, but they're not great either, it's mixed, there's a notable amount of negative Joint N-11 reviews from people who simply said it didn't work, which is to be expected. Although they also complained about the product being none refundable, and multiple health supplements in the joint and bone pain space offer money back guarantees when they're at the same price point as Joint N-11.

The people who did say that it worked noted that it took quite some time to be effective, which lines up with what we know about the efficacy of boswellia as a joint pain supplement. In that it generally becomes more effective after a 3 week period. [5]

Joint N-11 Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
●       ​Correct dose of Boswellia ●       ​Most ingredients are underdosed
●       ​B3 is a decent ingredient ●       ​Quite expensive
●       Some ingredients do nothing for joints

Joint N11 Review Conclusion

As a dietary supplement Joint N-11 comes so close to being a good option, it gets quite a few ingredients right, it just doesn't offer them in doses high enough to actually do anything. It's not going to do much to provide relief or the advertised benefits. There's much better options available if you're looking to improve joint function, and you'd probably be better off with a simple Boswellia Serrata supplement, or spending slightly more and opting for FlexAgain which actually includes the correct doses of the functional ingredients in Joint N-11. 

It's not a terrible supplement, but it's just not a great one either and at the price point Joint N-11 sits at, there's better options. 

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