Primal Flex Reviews

Is Primal Flex Any Good?

Primal Flex Is A Good Idea With Poor Execution

Primal Flex is, in a nutshell, an 'ok' joint health supplement. It's not a great one, but it's not the worst either. There are superior joint health supplements on the market, and while Primal Flex isn't the most expensive option, it's not cheap either.

There’s a few issues with the dosages in Primal Flex ingredients, for example, turmeric needs to be dosed with at least 500mg of curcumin to be effective [1] of which Primal Flex only contains 100mg of turmeric, which equates to about 20mg of curcumin, which simply isn’t going to be effective at producing it’s anti inflammatory qualities. Or perhaps even more laughably the 2mg of Ashwagandha, this needs to be in the 600mg range to do anything at all, and isn’t even particularly well backed as a joint supplement.

On the positive side, Primal Flex does dose some of its herbal extracts such as Boswellia and type ii collagen correctly, but considering you can get all of these in $19/month joint supplements that does have us wondering what the point of Primal Flex actually is. Ultimately everything else beyond what you’d expect to pay half the price for is dosed so low that it won’t work, meaning that we don’t recommend Primal Flex.

Especially considering the fact that their price point has them come up against the likes of FlexAgain, which contains all the same effective ingredients and more for $5 a month more it really isn’t a contest.

Customers Primal Flex Reviews

In terms of customer reviews, Primal Flex has received mixed feedback. Some users report significant improvements in joint pain and mobility, while others have noticed little to no effect. This isn’t really surprising seeing as Primal Flex is relying on Boswellia and Type ii collagen to do it’s heavy lifting and these are well known to have very mixed success rates.     

Primal Flex's Amazon reviews clearly contain a few poorly written fakes, although some of the positive ones do seem to be completely legitimate.

On the positive side there were very few complaints of Primal Flex side effects although there were some people who complained of severe gastric distress.

This variability in user experiences further highlights the fact that joint health supplements, like all health supplements, do not work the same way for everyone.  

Primal Harvest Primal Flex Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Primal Flex is a sub par option if you're looking for a joint health supplement. It contains several key ingredients known to support joint health but falls short in terms of dosage meaning that ultimately it will be no more effective than other cheaper joint supplements and is nowhere near as potent as the competitors in it’s price bracket. And seeing as there are other products on the market that offer far better value for money and more comprehensive joint health support we don’t recommend Primal Flex. It’s not that it won’t do anything for you. But, it’s not great either. 

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Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 3/10
Swelling 3/10
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Recommended 2/10


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