Natural Anti Inflammatory Supplements

Published Sept 13th 2023

Fact Checked By Dr Mark Watson

What Is Inflammation?

The human body triggers inflammation to protect a damaged area as it attempts to repair it. The issue is, the inflammatory response often ends up being far worse that the actual damage, and the immune system can even erroneously trigger it, which causes chronic issues like arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

Acute inflammation can lead to chronic pain, so people will seek pain relief from anywhere they can. Many doctors prescribe nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs to help reduce inflammation and pain, but research suggests that they aren't always the best option, as they can cause side effects or other health conditions.

That's why dietary supplements made of natural ingredients with anti inflammatory properties are now very popular, as they can reduce inflammation and pain in a similar way, while product manufacturers addressed safety concerns to ensure they will not cause any side effects. The only issue is knowing which one to use.

That's why we have made the following guide to the best natural anti inflammatory compounds, so you can ignore products that contain useless ingredients like aged garlic extract and select one of the most potent anti inflammatory supplements on the market today and enjoy all of the many health benefits it has to offer.

The Best Anti Inflammatory Supplement For Maximum Joint Health Benefits - FlexAgain

The best anti inflammatory supplement on the market today is FlexAgain and it is not particularly close. Made by FA Nutra, it contains optimal doses of numerous proven ingredients, which allows it to effectively treat and prevent inflammation, without causing any side effects.

The FlexAgain formula contains all of the compounds we have already looked at except for green tea, as it boasts omega 3 fatty acids, ginger extract, blue galangal extract, bromelain, curcumin extract, resveratrol, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate, MSM, and boswellic acid, and vitamin d, as well as vitamin k.

As we have already established, this means it can protect the cartilage and stimulate its growth, aid joint lubrication and repair, ease arthritis pain and symptoms, relieve joint swelling and pain, reduce and treat inflammation and damage, and keep the bones, muscles, skin, and teeth strong and healthy.

It can then also boost gut, heart, lung, brain, and immune system health and functions, prevent fat storage, increase energy levels and protein synthesis, promote cell division and normal blood calcium levels, prevent c reactive protein production, and help improve the overall health of your body.

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FlexAgain Ingredients Breakdown

The ingredients can even manage to do all of this while working in perfect synchronicity with each other, making the effects even more potent.

The one new ingredient, Vitamin k, can protect the blood vessels, bones, and cartilage from damage and reduce the risk and symptoms of arthritis on its own. However, it is perhaps most useful for its ability to make other fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin d, easier to absorb and more effective (13).

The incredibly diverse range of ingredients it contains, as well as the countless benefits that it offers, means FlexAgain is a fantastic anti inflammatory supplement for people who are trying to combat or prevent virtually any type of inflammation.

It is also completely free from fish oil, which is an ingredient many people try to avoid, and is manufactured in FDA registered and cGMP certified facilities, which should give potential buyers complete confidence that the product has been produced to the highest quality, so can safely deliver maximum results.

You combine this with the full 90 day money back guarantee that is offered on all purchases if you feel that it is not working, and there really is no reason for people who are shopping for anti inflammatory supplements not to give FlexAgain a try and see just how effective it is for themselves.


  • Suitable for use by people who avoid fish oil supplements
  • Will not cause any side effects
  • All of its ingredients are proven to reduce or prevent inflammation and repair the damage it has caused
  • Provides countless other health benefits in addition to its anti inflammatory effects
  • Proven to be useful for treating all forms of arthritis
  • Prevents you from becoming vitamin d deficient


  • Quite expensive and can only be bought directly from the official FlexAgain website
  • It is quite a new product so reviews from past customers are still fairly limited
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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 10/10
Pain Relief 10/10
Joint Health 10/10
Swelling 10/10
Value 9/10
Recommended 9.5/10

Final Thoughts On The Best Anti Inflammatory Supplements To Combat Chronic Inflammation & Rheumatoid Arthritis

Studies on complementary and integrative health show that natural anti inflammatory supplements will help fight inflammation and relieve pain just as well as prescription drugs. Not only that, but they will do so while not putting you at risk of experiencing side effects or developing complications like chronic kidney disease.

The very best natural anti inflammatory compounds will even be able to provide additional benefits, like the ability to combat ulcerative colitis, heart disease, liver disease, high blood sugar, and metabolic syndrome, boost brain health, promote healthy blood vessels, and even reset the body's immune response.

As for what the best anti inflammatory supplement is, for most people the answer is easily FlexAgain. With all its ingredients optimally dosed and its anti inflammatory benefits and health claims backed up by more research than you would ever need, it is the safest, most effective way to fight inflammation you will find.