Insomnitol Reviews

Does ​Insomnitol Work?

Insomnitol has some great ingredients, just a few are underdosed and there's better options at it's price point.

Let's just start by saying we do actually quite like Insomnitol, its got some well backed ingredients in their correct dosages, and it's price point isn't terrible. The only reason it doesn't hold up too well is that you can get a lot better for your money. 

It has a good dose of GABA, L Theanine and 5htp, they're just all at the bottom end of their effective ranges as is melatonin. And the Valerian root at 400mg, is probably the most we've seen in a combined supplement. Meaning that with Valerian and Melatonin you've got fast acting (within 1 hour) ingredients and some good slow burners in GABA and 5htp (a few hours) which should keep you asleep through the night.

Although we should mention 3mg of melatonin is a little on the low side unelss you're particularly responsive to it.

The problem for Insomnitol is simply that RestAgain has all these in their higher dosage ranges, and at the same price, as well as more vitamins and minerals and a couple of extra herbal compounds.

As such if Insomnitol was even just $10 cheaper there could be an argument for buying it over something like RestAgain, but as there's no difference in the price between the two, we'd have to say we can't recommend Insomitol, even though it is a pretty good product.

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Insomnitol Customer Reviews

Most of the Insomnitol customer reviews are pretty positive, as you'd probably expect. On Amazon it has a 4.2 rating which is very respectable and as far as we can tell there's very few fake reviews in amonst them. 

The negative insomnitol reviews simply say that the product didn't work for them or gave them nightmares which are potential side effects of some of it's ingredients so we didn't see anything unexpected there either. 

All in all these are good customer reviews for a decent product.

Insomnitol Review Conclusion

If you've already bought insomnitol you haven't been hard done by, just you get more for your money with RestAgain at this price point. 

Ultimately Insomnitol is made up of good ingredients, it's just at the lower end of their effective dosages and if you've not tried a sleep supplement before and haven't built up any tollerence to melatonin or GABA it could well be the right choice for you. 

Definitely not a bad option, in fact it is probably one of the better sleep aids on the market right now. 

Even still we'd suggest you check out RestAgain instead.

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