GNC Triflex Reviews

Is GNC Triflex Any Good?

Both GNC Triflex Fast Acting and The Standard Triflex Are Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplements with some added extras so underdosed they won't do anything.

We can't recommend GNC joint supplement against a generic glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplement which will cost half as much and function just as well. Whilst the ingredients that are contained in GNC triflex fast acting are known to be effective, curcumin for example, the dosages are laughably low. With curcumin requiring at least 500mg and triflex fast acting only containing 100mg. This is pretty much par for the course with the joint mobility supplements. In terms of the fast acting version, it does actually have one additional ingredient correctly dosed in boswellia serrate extract which has been shown to be beneficial for joint health. All in all there are much better joint supplements available, we generally recommend FlexAgain which contains the same ingredients in their correct doses as well as a few more on top, and it's actually slightly cheaper than GNC triflex. 

The none fast acting version is actually even worse, containing hyaluronic acid, which only works as an injection, although there are a couple of studies that showed much higher doses (6x higher than in triflex) could have some minimal effect. And then on top of that it contains MSM, in once again 6x less than is needed for it to be effective. 

In short, get a different dietary supplement instead, if glucosamine and chondroitin works for you, get a generic, and if not, then try an all in one supplement that doses things correctly like FlexAgain .

GNC Triflex Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of GNC Triflex actually aren't too bad and we'd suggest that's likely due to the fact that the glucosamine and chondroitin will definitely work for a lot of people, the issue that we have with GNC is that there are better options at the same price point.

All in all the GNC triflex reviews are pretty positive, with the majority of people saying it was effective at treating mild joint discomfort and improving joint function. Which is as we'd expect from a correct dosage of glucosamine and chondroitin.

It should also be noted that a few negative reviews of gnc triflex did mention nausea which is a common side effect of glucosamine hydrochloride, which is the version of glucosamine included in GNC triflex. 

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GNC Triflex Ingredients

Both versions of GNC triflex contains glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate in 1500mg and 1200mg respectively.

Glucosamine 1500mg - Glucosamine has been shown in multiple studies to improve joint discomfort and mobility, however, it doesn't really seem to do much to help support healthy joint cartilage. It's a very good ingredient and is actually prescribed in many countries and 1500mg is the correct dose.

Chondroitin 1200mg - Only really of any use when paired with glucosamine, it's been shown to improve the efficacy of glucosamine, but not actually do anything by itself.

GNC Triflex Original Only

MSM 900mg - MSM has been shown to be effective at reducing joint pain and improve joint flexibility, the catch is, that the studies have shown you require 5grams or more, this means it typically isn't well suited to combined supplements as it would require 5 capsules just for the one ingredient.

Hyaluronic acid 5mg - The problem with hyaluronic acid in it's oral form is that it's broken down by stomach acid, if it's injected into the site it can be effective. There are a couple of studies which suggest 30mg could have some benefit, although there are more studies to the contrary than those that support it's use orally. 

GNC TriFlex Fast Acting Only

Turmeric (95% curcuminoids) 105mg - curcumin is a particularly good ingredient, but 100mg simply isn't enough, 500mg is the bottom of the effective range, so whilst we like the ingredient, it won't have any benefit here.

Boswellia 100mg - This is actually the correct dosing, and aside from the glucosamine is the only ingredient in any of the the Triflex versions that will do anything to improve joint pain. Even still 100mg is the bottom end, but due to it's anti inflammatory effects is a decent inclusion for a supplement to support healthy joints.

MSM 50mg - this just isn't enough to do anything to support joint mobility or joint health. MSM needs to be dosed 100x higher than it is here, this is not going to have any benefit at all. 

GNC Triflex Review Conclusion

Triflex should work as joint support, the catch is that there's way better options available at this price point, you can get FlexAgain which includes everything here and a lot more in it's correct dosages for the same price. Or you can get a none branded glucosamine and chondroitin supplement that will do the exact same thing as Triflex for half as much.

It's fine, but we would recommend you get something else.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Pain Relief 5/10
Joint Health 2/10
Swelling 4/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 4/10