Jocko Greens Reviews

Does Jocko Greens Work?

Jocko Greens Does Have A Transparent Formula Unlike Most Greens, It's Just A Shame It's Bad.

Jocko Greens is a super greens powder produced by Jocko Fuel. Made with over 20 organic superfoods, it claims to support digestion, immunity and gut health, while containing no artificial sweeteners and being made exclusively from plant based ingredients in GMP certified facilities.

Unfortunately, closer examination reveals the Jocko Fuel standards aren't as high as they'd have you believe.

The Jocko Greens formula uses only organic ingredients, with most of them split into either its Organic Vegetable Blend, Organic Fruits Blend, or S11 Probiotics blend.

The Jocko Greens ingredients are spirulina, wheatgrass, spinach, kale, beets, sweet potato, broccoli sprout, chlorella, oat grass, cabbage, carrots, banana powder, apple powder, pineapple, goji, pomegranate, grape, acai powder, wild blueberry, cranberry fruit extract, rhodiola rosea, ashwagandha root, and milk thistle extracts, as well as numerous probiotics and monk fruit.

While a lot of green powders use proprietary blends are used to hide poor ingredient dosages, and the second we saw a transparent labelling system, giving us the exact amount of each ingredient we were excited. Unfortunately the second we read it, we were dissapointed.

While a number of the Jocko Greens ingredients are useful in green powders, most are present in dosages far lower than necessary. They are then surrounded by numerous ingredients with little to no proof that they will benefit your physical and mental performance. On a positive note at least the largest ingredients spirulina, wheatgrass and spinach are some of the better greens powder options, so that is something.

Sure, being naturally sweetened with monk fruit, reasonably priced, and available in a choice of either peach or pineapple coconut flavor, both of which are said to taste good, all sound like positives, but they are not enough to overcome an otherwise ineffective greens supplement.

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What Does Jocko Greens Taste Like?

Ok so Jocko Greens does taste really good. We have to hand it to them here, some people say it's a little bit too sweet, but this is one of the nicest greens powders we've had in the office.

The peach was a particular favorite with it not being overly saccarine and it didn't taste too artificial. 

it definitely get's full marks for taste.

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Jocko Greens Ingredients

Organic Vegetable Blend - 5,400 MG

Organic Spirulina - 1,170 MG

Organic spirulina is a blue green algae rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, protein, and healthy fatty acids.

It can suppress appetite, boost metabolism and weight loss, fight free radicals, prevent oxidative damage and stress and inflammation, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and enhance your heart health.

These benefits are only produced when consuming 8 grams of spirulina per day though, so the 1,170 mg in Jocko Greens is useless (1).

Organic Wheatgrass - 900 MG

Wheat grass is the new sprouts that grow atop the wheat plant, which are full of antioxidants, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamins, and fibre, but have very few calories.

While they are said to offer health benefits like reducing oxidative stress and damage, inflammation, the risk of heart disease, and cholesterol, while treating arthritis and other health issues, none of these claims have been proven, so it may serve no purpose at all in Jocko Greens (2).

Organic Kale - 900 MG

Organic kale extract comes from leafy greens full of phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins which can combat inflammation, lower cholesterol, and reduce the risk of heart disease (3).

Unfortunately, with 5 grams of kale needed each day to achieve this, the 900 mg in each serving of Jocko Greens is unlikely to do anything.

Organic Spinach - 900 MG

Spinach is full of fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, which let it offer benefits like boosting eye health and vision, lowering blood pressure, enhancing the health of the cardiovascular and immune systems, and reducing oxidative stress and damage, anxiety, stress, and the risk of heart disease and other illnesses (4).

With a minimum of 1 gram of spinach required each day to produce these benefits, the 900 mg in the Jocko Greens powder won't deliver them to the full degree but, admittedly, may have a mild effect.

Organic Beets - 360 MG

Beetroot is rich in antioxidants, folate, nitrate, potassium, and vitamin c. It can reduce inflammation, blood pressure, and cholesterol, improve eye, heart, and immune health, boost stamina and energy levels, protect the blood and other internal organs from toxicity and damage, and combat a variety of diseases (5).

The issue is, you'll only see these benefits when consuming at least a gram of beets per day, so the 360 mg in Jocko Greens won't do anything for you.

Organic Sweet Potato - 270 MG

Organic sweet potato powder contains complex carbs that are good for digestion and satiety, as well as vitamin a and beta carotene, which will enhance your immunity and vision. Unfortunately, the miniscule amount present here is just not enough to produce any of these benefits (6).

Organic Broccoli Sprout - 180 MG

Broccoli is known to be rich in nutrients and extremely beneficial to your cholesterol levels. The issue is, its benefits have only ever been seen when eating fresh broccoli, so the inclusion of organic broccoli sprout powder in Jocko Greens is unlikely to do anything for your health at all (7).

Organic Chlorella - 180 MG

Organic chlorella is a type of chlorophyte green algae rich in antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It has the ability to boost your energy levels quicker than sugar, without causing blood sugar spikes, while reducing your cholesterol, treating diseases, detoxifying the body, and providing whole health support (8).

As no optimal dose of chlorella has ever been established, this is a rare case where Jocko Greens may actually contain a useful dose of an effective ingredient.

Organic Oat Grass - 180 MG

Organic oat grass is akin to the grass that produces the common oat. It is said to be rich in protein, fibre, and essential vitamins and minerals and be able to boost your skin, immune system, and gut health (9).

However, as there have been virtually no studies to prove any of these claims, it is very possible its use in Jocko Greens does nothing at all.

Organic Cabbage - 180 MG

Cabbage is full of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and is known to be rich in potassium, vitamin c, and vitamin k. It can offer a range of benefits when eaten as part of a healthy diet, such as boosting your gut and digestive health and reducing inflammation (10).

Unfortunately, powdered cabbage has never been proven to replicate the health benefits of the fresh vegetable, so its inclusion in Jocko Greens is likely pointless.

Organic Carrots - 180 MG

Carrots are rich in vitamin a and beta carotene, which will improve immunity and vision. However, there is no proof that these benefits transfer to carrot powder, meaning its presence is likely pointless (11).

Organic Fruit Blend - 3,600 MG

Organic Banana Powder - 1,080 MG

Bananas are full of potassium, fibre, and dietary starch, which allow them to boost metabolism, digestion, and gut health, aid weight loss, suppress appetite, regulate blood sugar levels, and prevent gastrointestinal issues (12).

While organic banana powder can replicate these benefits, you need to consume 200 mg per kg of body weight to do so, meaning the 1,080 mg in servings of Jocko Greens will do absolutely nothing.

Organic Pineapple - 1,080 MG

Pineapples boast antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage and boost your immunity, as well as digestive enzymes like bromelain, which reduce inflammation, boost digestion and metabolism, ease heartburn, aid heart and joint health and functions, and provide nasal decongestion and whole health support (13).

However, there is no proof that organic pineapple powder can replicate the effects of fresh pineapple or pure bromelain, so its use in Jocko Greens may do you no good.

Organic Apple Powder - 450 MG

Fresh apples are rich in vitamin c and known for the incredible immune boosting benefit that they posses. Unfortunately, organic apple powder has never been proven to be capable of providing any of the health benefits that the fresh fruit can, so its inclusion in Jocko Greens is essentially pointless (14).

Organic Grape - 360 MG

Grapes are said to contain antioxidants, catechins, polyphenols, and other chemicals which reduce inflammation, improve your circulation and immune system, and inhibit oestrogen production.

The problem is, there's little evidence to support these claims, so its presence in Jocko Greens may serve no purpose (12).

Organic Goji - 180 MG

Fresh Goji berries are full of antioxidants, fibre, iron, vitamin a, and vitamin c, which can boost weight loss, physical performance, fat metabolism, and immune system health.

The issue is, the high temperatures used to make organic goji powder damage its components, so it does little to no good in greens powders like Jocko Greens (16).

Organic Pomegranate - 180 MG

Pomegranates contain vitamin c, punicic acid, punicalagins, and anthocyanins, which allow them to reduce blood pressure, blood sugar, and inflammation, boost brain and heart health and functions, aid digestion, keep the urinary tract healthy, and improve exercise performance (17).

However, to do any of this you need more than the 180 mg in each serving of Jocko Greens, so its inclusion serves no purpose.

Organic Açaí Powder - 90 MG

Acai berries are full of anthocyanins that are said to boost heart and gut health. However, as barely any such benefits have been conclusively proven and the dosage present is tiny, it is unlikely they will do anything in Jocko Greens (18).

Organic Wild Blueberry - 90 MG

Blueberries contain anthocyanin antioxidants that boost brain, heart, and liver health and functions and reduce inflammation.

With 5.5 grams of blueberries needed to produce these effects though, the 90 mg of organic wild blueberry extract in Jocko Greens will do nothing at all (19).

Organic Cranberry Fruit Extract - 90 MG

Cranberries contain anthocyanins, manganese, polyphenols, quercetin, vitamin a, vitamin c, and vitamin k. They can support gut health, immune function, and the urinary tract, combat liver disease and other illnesses, reduce blood pressure, and offer many other health benefits (20).

They will only do this if you use at least 250 mg per day though, so the 90 mg of organic cranberry fruit extract in Jocko Greens is useless.

Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract - 50 MG

Rhodiola rosea root extract is from an Arctic flowering plant and can ease anxiety, depression, stress, and fatigue, boost brain functions, exercise performance, focus, and metabolism, and regulate blood sugar.

Unfortunately, the miniscule 50 mg per serving of Jocko Greens is too weak to do any of these things (21).

KSM-66 Ashwagandha Root Extract (Withania Somnifera) - 50 MG

Ashwagandha root extract is from the winter cherry shrub and can boost testosterone levels, fertility, sexual functions, sleep, athletic performance, and mental clarity, reduce stress, anxiety, and blood sugar levels, increase muscle size and strength, aid weight loss, and promote better brain and heart health.

Again though, the tiny dosage seen in Jocko Greens is far too weak to be of any use (22).

Milk Thistle Extract (Silybum Marianum Seeds) - 50 MG

Milk thistle is an unusual ingredient in a greens supplement, but it has been proven to benefit liver health. Yet again though, a much higher dose than what is present in Jocko Greens is required to do this (23).

S11 Probiotics Blend - 9 Billion CFU

The Jocko Greens S11 Probiotics Blend consists of 11 different probiotics, most of which are very useful to support gut health. Unsurprisingly though, a bare minimum of 10 billion CFU of probiotics is needed each day to be of use, so the amount of probiotics present in Jocko Greens is not enough to do their job (24).

Jocko Greens Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
- ​Contains a number of organic superfoods - All of the proven fruits, vegetables, and super greens are present in insufficient quantities
- ​Reasonably priced and naturally sweetened with monk fruit - ​Many of the ingredients are not proven to be of use in a green powder
- ​Available in peach or pineapple coconut flavor, both of which taste great - ​Some people have complained about it having an overly sweet flavor

Jocko Greens Review Conclusion

The Jocko Greens superfood powder claims its organic greens blend is a great way to improve your health. Unfortunately, like most greens powders on the market today, it makes claims it just can't live up to.

From small quantities of its proven ingredients and ingredients not proven to serve any purpose in super greens powders, to the presence of proprietary blends, Jocko Greens is simply not a good product. That is why we suggest you avoid Jocko Greens and go with Supergreen Tonik.

A potent greens powder made with a nutritious blend of natural ingredients, Supergreen Tonik is a pretty similar formula, but with the actual clinically studied doses of the ingredients, meaning it's actually effective. It's been around a lot longer, is better reviewed and doesn't overstuff with useless ingredients, making it superior to Jocko Greens in virtually every way.

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Criteria Rating
Taste 10/10
Essential Nutrients 3/10
Health Benefits 4/10
Ingredient Quality 6/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 6/10