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Is Zzzquil Any Good?

Zzzquil Pure ZZZs Get The Melatonin Right, But Everything Else Is UnderDosed.

ZZZquil range of natural night time sleep aids are close to being good, in that they do contain a host of proven ingredients, they just don't put enough of them in to be effective. This goes for their ZZZquil Pure ZZZs Triple Action as well as their standard range, although the triple action version is closer to being functional.

First up, we've got the melatonin dose and there's nothing wrong with this, the 2mg in the Zzzquil nighttime sleep aid is fine, although on the lower side. It's generally recommended to start low with melatonin to make sure it doesn't cause any day time drowsiness anyway. That said, the 6mg in their higher options is more around the region that will be effective for most people.

Beyond that we have their blend of natural sleep aids and whilst Pure Zzz'a triple action does have some decent ingredients in there, such as Ashwagandha, it requires to be dosed at 600mg to be effective and the entire blend of 6 ingredients is only 230mg. It has a similar issue with Valerian Root, another good ingredient for a sleep aid, but not one that is present in a high enough dosage to be effective. If we're looking at the standard Zzzquil pure zzz's range then the 100mg formula doesn't contain a single ingredient even remotely close to it's effective dosage range so we're not even quite sure what they were intending here other than for it to look impressive on the label.

That all said, Zzzquil nighttime sleep aid will help you sleep, but only really due to the melatonin and a standard melatonin supplement would be a substantially cheaper option. The reality is that we can't recommend Zzzquil when there are other sleep supplements which do contain the same effective ingredients in their correct dosages at only a marginally higher price point. Typically we recommend RestAgain instead as it gets the doses right, although it does cost about $10 more per month for a full supply.

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ZZZquil Customer Reviews

Generally speaking zzzquil reviews are pretty positive, this isn't all too surprising as melatonin is well known to help people fall asleep quickly and zzquil contains melatonin. There's little dispute as to whether or not zzzquil will help you sleep, the catch is that you can get the same effect from cheaper supplements and other supplements go beyond just helping you fall asleep and include more ingredients that can improve sleep quality. Melatonin is actually a prescription only ingredient in some countries which goes further to prove it's efficacy.

Some people do complain about zzzquil side effects, and these line up with known melatonin issues, in that it can lead to some drowsiness during the day.  

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Zzzquil Pure Zzzs Review Conclusion

All in all ZZZquil is no better than any standard melatonin supplement, it's a well packaged supplement that will work, it just could've been a lot better had they gone with the recommended dose of ingredients like valerian and ashwagandha. The sleeping aid will work when it comes to falling asleep, but there are better options for improving sleep quality and stress.

Ultimately ZZZquil is disappointing as the manufacturers have clearly made a decent effort with including the right ingredients, they just put more effort into keeping costs down than getting the doses correct. Spend the extra $10 on a bottle of RestAgain which is basically the same product with the correct doses. 

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