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Does Jointlax Work?

Jointlax has a lot of functional ingredients, just only one in high enough dosages to do anything.

In certain areas of the supplements industry it's a common practice to list a lot of ingredients in very small doses and claim to provide the health benefits even though you won't actually see any benefit without the correct amount. And Jointlax is perhaps the worst offender we've seen from a joint supplement. 

With 16 ingredients and only one dosed properly this is quite simply a sham in terms of marketing.

Even bioperine, which only requires 10mg (or 100th of a capsule) to be present within it's effective range doesn't have enough of it in here. And that's not the only case of have 100 times to little of an ingredient curcumin and ginger fall into this camp. With boswellic acid, MSM, bromelain, Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin also have similar issues ranging from 5 to 20 times too little.

In fact the only ingredient that is dosed within it's effective range is glucosamine sulphate, but seeing as there are budget options for this available at about $15 a bottle that isn't going to do much to justify Jointlax's price tag. And it's supposed to be split over two servings during the day, which you guessed it Jointlax don't do either. We're not saying Joint Lax won't do anything at all, just that it won't do anything more than a glucoasmine supplement.

To make matters worse there are effective joint supplements which do include a lot of these ingredients in their correct dosages. FlexAgain for example manage to include 11 ingredients and dose them within the optimal range for $10 a month more. They actually include the correct dosages of boswellia, ginger, bromelain, glucosamine and curcumin present in Jointlax, so if you liked the sound of Jointlax before we started to ruin it, FlexAgain would be a better place to start.

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Customers Jointlax Reviews

As you'd expect verified customer reviews of jointlax are mixed. The thing is that the glucosamine will work for a lot of people, so if it's the first joint supplement that someone has tried then there is a good chance they'll be positive.

However, a lot of negative jointlax reviews do specifically make this connection and state that it's no better than other glucosamine supplements or it simply didn't work for them. 

Fortunately due to the ineffective dosages Jointlax side effects reports are relatively low with only the occasional complaint about nausea being visible from customers. Which is to be expected with glucosamine supplements.

Jointlax Review Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
●       ​Correct Dose Of Glucosamine ●       ​All But One Of The Ingredients Is Underdosed
●       ​Available On Amazon ●       ​Expensive

Jointlax Reviews Conclusion

All in all we have very little positive to say about Jointlax. Sure, it's got glucosamine, but beyond that it's simply pretending to be a fully comprehensive joint supplement rather than acutally being one. 

And it wouldn't be that difficult to turn it into a fuctional formula so we're honestly not quite sure why they'd chosen to make it the way they have unless it's solely to say "look how many ingredients we have". Unfortunately, that's not how supplements work. 

You can't simply put 1mg of a million different things together and hope all the minute effects will work together. The compounds work in different ways and effect different things and you simply need more of them to do anything at all. 

If you want a supplement that actually offers a comprehensive combined joint solution, then we recommend FlexAgain instead. Which as we mentioned in the intro contains fucntional doses of ginger, turmeric, glucosamine, chondroitin, boswellia and bromelain rather than the none functional doses in jointlax. As well as other well known joint health supplements like omega 3 and resveratrol. 

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