Zahler Core Greens Review

Are ​​​​Zahler Core Greens Any Good?

A Very Middle Of The Road Offering From Zahler Core Greens.

Zahler Core Greens is a vegan friendly, plant based superfood supplement made in a GMP certified facility. It's manufacturers claim that it is rich in a wide assortment of active phytonutrient compounds, which enable it to provide comprehensive support for both your physical and mental health.

They say it promotes cellular protection, microbiome support, robust immune function and an energized metabolism, and boosts digestion and energy levels, to help you become the most vibrant version of yourself. The issue is, we decided to write a review of Zahler Core Greens and found this is not the case.

The Zahler Core Greens formula contains multiple servings of greens and iron containing products, and includes acacia gum, moringa leaf powder, spirulina powder, chlorella leaf powder, alfalfa leaf powder, fulvic trace mineral powder, and the Spectra Blend, as well as a few other ingredients.

While a number of the ingredients are indeed very useful, most of them are present in doses that are far too small for them to work. They are then surrounded by other ingredients that have little to no proof they will do you any good at all. This is before we even get to the complaints from past customers.

Admittedly, being gluten, soy, GMO, egg, peanut, and dairy free, and having a fairly affordable price tag mean it is a greens supplement that can be used by virtually anyone. Unfortunately, that is simply not enough to save what is an otherwise entirely ineffective greens product.

This is why we highly recommend that you do not rely solely on this product to supplement your diet, or even use it at all, and instead try a greens supplement that is actually transparent with the ingredients list so you know you're getting enough of the ingredients to actually back up the health claims. For most people we recommend Supergreen Tonik.

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Zahler Core Greens Powder Customer Reviews

The customer reviews of the Zahler Core Greens powder look pretty decent on the surface, as the product currently hold an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars, based on reviews from people who have made a verified purchase on Amazon.

The problem is, while a few people have mentioned noticing gastrointestinal benefits from using Zahler Core Greens powder, most of the positive reviews simply focused on it tasting pleasant, rather than any benefits that it actually produced.

When you then look at the negative reviews of the Zahler Core Greens powder, these are filled with people who say that it tasted disgusting and did not benefit their health in any way, while there are also some past users who mentioned that it caused them to experience severe stomach pains as well.

You combine these reviews with our scientific findings, and it appears that Zahler Core Greens powder will not only be of no benefit to your health, but it is not even guaranteed to be pleasant to take either.

Zahler Core Greens Powder Ingredients

Organic Talh (Acacia Seyal) Gum Powder Inavea - 5 Grams

Acacia seyal is a tree in the fabaceae family with bright yellow blossoms that is native to north Africa and parts of the Arabian peninsula. Its extracts are high in fibre and probiotics, so it is often put in diet supplements, due to the health benefits that these nutrients offer, especially with regards to gut health.

It is said to improve your kidney and digestive health and functions, lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, aid weight loss, provide appetite control, reduce inflammation, and help treat or prevent issues like diabetes, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and a number of other chronic health conditions.

However, while acacia gum has been proven to reduce hunger and improve digestion, none of the other benefits linked to it ever have been. Not only that, but research also suggests that it will only even do that if you consume at least 30 grams per day (1).

This means the 5 grams of talh present in each serving of Zahler Core Greens powder are unlikely to do you much good, if they do you any good at all.

Organic Moringa Leaf Powder - 3 Grams

Moringa leaf powder is produced out of the leaves of the horseradish tree, which is native to parts of Africa and Asia. It is rich in antioxidants and anti inflammatories and proven to help neutralise free radicals, regulate blood sugar levels, and detoxify the body and protect it against harmful chemicals (2).

The only issue is, studies suggest that a dosage around 500 mg is the optimal amount of moringa powder to take in a single serving to produce these benefits.

As the 3 grams present in each serving of Zahler Core Greens powder is six times that size, it is both so strong that it could cause side effects while also taking up space that could have been better used on other ingredients. As a result, its inclusion appears to create more problems than it does offer benefits.

Organic Spirulina Whole Plant Powder - 1 Gram

Spirulina is a blue green algae high in antioxidants, fatty acids, minerals, protein, and vitamins. It boosts your immune function, metabolic rate, and heart health, combats free radicals and hunger, aids weight loss, and reduces oxidative stress and damage, inflammation and blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Unfortunately, you will only see any of these health benefits if you consume at least 2 grams of spirulina per day (3). As Zahler Core Greens powder contains just half of that amount at 1 gram of spirulina per serving, it is again far too weak to be capable of doing you any real good.

Organic Chlorella Cracked Cell Wall Powder - 1 Gram

Chlorella is a type of chlorophyte green algae that is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. It can raise your energy levels quicker than sugar, without causing blood sugar spikes, while reducing your cholesterol, combating diseases, detoxifying the body, and providing a range of other health benefits.

While no optimal dose of chlorella has been conclusively established, most studies believe that 1 gram is the perfect amount to take in a single serving (4). That makes this is a rare instance where Zahler Core Greens powder actually contains the optimal dosage of a clinically proven and useful ingredient.

Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder - 1 Gram

Alfalfa is a flowering plant in the legume family that is full of pinitol, which is a potent antioxidant that research has shown can enhance your kidney, liver, and digestive health and functions, while also being capable of keeping your other organs healthy and reducing inflammation throughout the body.

The problem is, the health benefits that consuming alfalfa can produce have only ever been proven when people eat large amounts of fresh alfalfa (5). This means it is very unlikely that the single gram of alfalfa leaf powder present in each serving of Zahler Core Greens powder will do you any good at all.

Fulvic Trace Mineral Powder - 100 MG

Fulvic trace mineral powder is a dehydrated form a resin extracted from Himalayan rocks that has a high mineral content and contains and a substance called fulvic acid.

Long used in ayurvedic medicine, there are claims that it can improve your overall health and prevent the signs of aging. There are then also some studies that suggest it can boost your testosterone levels and production and enable you to build more lean muscle mass as well.

However, there is very little scientific proof that it can actually deliver any of these benefits. Not only that, but most of its supporters even say that a minimum of 250 mg of fulvic acid must be consumed each day to produce these benefits even if it can provide them (6).

This means it is all but guaranteed that the 100 mg of fulvic trace mineral powder included in each serving of Zahler Core Greens powder will do absolutely nothing for you.

Spectra Blend - 100 MG

Spectra is a patented antioxidant blend that contains coffee whole fruit extract, green tea leaf extract, broccoli sprout powder, onion bulb extract, apple fruit extract, quercetin (from Japanese sophora flower powder), acerola fruit extract, tomato fruit powder, broccoli florets and stem powder, cabbage palm (acai) berry powder, turmeric root powder, garlic bulb powder, basil leaf powder, oregano leaf powder, cassia bark powder, carrot root powder, European elder fruit powder, mangosteen fruit powder, camu camu fruit powder, black currant fruit extract, blueberry fruit extract, raspberry fruit powder, blackberry fruit powder, spinach leaf powder, aronia melanocarpa fruit powder, collards leaf powder, sweet cherry fruit powder, bilberry fruit extract, and brassica oleracea gemmifera Brussels sprout powder.

Unfortunately, there are a number of issues with Specta that every supplement which includes it has to face, and the Zahler Core Greens powder is no exception.

Not only is it not conclusively proven that most of these powdered herbs, fruits and vegetables can offer the same results that eating the fresh fruits and vegetables will, but most are also present in such small quantities that they would not be of any use even if it does turn out their extracts are effective (7).

That is why the Spectra Blend is generally seen as something that is not going to be of any use and is simply included as it allows supplement companies to fit a huge range of popular ingredients on their label in order to try and convince people to buy their products.

Other Ingredients (Natural Flavors, Rebaudioside A [From Stevia Leaf Extract] & Citric Acid)

Beyond the core ingredients that Zahler Core Greens powder contains, it also boasts a small number of "other ingredients", which are stevia leaf extract, citric acid, and natural flavors. However, none of these are included for the benefits that they will offer to your health.

Stevia leaf extract is a natural, low calorie sweetener that is used instead of artificial sweeteners or sugar (8). It can sweeten a product without spiking your blood sugar levels or causing weight gain, and there are some claims it offers health benefits, but it has also been linked to some side effects as well.

Citric acid boosts cellular energy production and functions, and it may also bind to certain minerals to make them more water soluble, boosting their absorption, and preventing you from developing mineral deficiencies. This will not happen with the miniscule amount that will be present here though (9).

The natural flavors are not listed so we do not know exactly what they are, but it is all but guaranteed that they will do nothing beyond making the supplement more pleasant tasting and enjoyable to use.

Zahler Core Greens Powder Pros & Cons


  • Contains a number of fruits and vegetables and other greens that are proven to benefit your health
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Vegan friendly, gluten, soy, GMO, egg, peanut and dairy free, and made in GMP certified facilities


  • A number of the ingredients have not been proven to benefit your health
  • Most of the proven ingredients are present in doses that are too low to be of any use
  • There have been customer complaints about a lack of efficacy, an unpleasant taste, and it causing stomach pains

Zahler Core Greens Powder Review Conclusion

Its manufacturers claim that Zahler Core Greens is an advanced, plant based superfood powder that contains an assortment of active phytonutrient complexes and nutritional powerhouses filled with essential nutrients. However, our Zahler Core Greens powder review shows that just is not the case.

From unproven ingredients and very low dosages of the proven ones, to complaints from past users on things like its efficacy, taste and side effects, Zahler Core Greens powder fails on almost all levels. That is why we suggest you do not buy it and instead try a proven greens powder, such as Supergreen Tonik.

Supergreen Tonik uses a meticulously curated combination of some of the ingredients we have seen here, as well as other greens, nootropics, and time tested superplants, to create an advanced nutrition formula that will supplement a healthy diet and help you overcome all of life's biochemical challenges.

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