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Does Estrovera Really Work?

Estrovera is exactly the same as Estroven, but double the price. And there’s better options at this price point.

Before we even get started on whether or not Estrovera works, or if whether it is a good option as a menopause supplement, we have to say that there is nothing special about it and it is of course overpriced when you consider it’s a single ingredient supplement, with other well known brands offering the exact same thing for less.

As such we obviously can’t recommend that anyone should buy Estrovera when there’s an identical alternative available for half the cost in Estroven. The ingredient that it’s made of is of course patented, meaning that neither of these companies in question actually make it, they’re just putting a label on it.

But, that doesn’t mean that Estrovera is the best choice, just that there’s a cheaper option if all you’re looking for is a Siberian rhubarb extract supplement. Now, Siberian rhubarb isn’t a bad ingredient, but it’s not the all singing and dancing supplement it’s often touted to be. And there are other ingredients that can be as, if not more effective than the singular one in Estrovera.

For about $10 a month more you can get menopause supplements that contain Siberian rhubarb in the same dose, as well as about a dozen other ingredients that have been shown to reduce menopause symptoms. Meaning they’ve got a much higher chance of having an ingredient that you respond well to.

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Customers Estrovera Reviews

Customer reviews of Estrovera vary widely. Some women report positive results, including reduced hot flashes and improved mood. Others, however, have not experienced significant relief from their menopause symptoms while using Estrovera. This is ultimately why we say that the ingredient in Estrovera is good in a combined supplement, because it seems to be a 50/50 shot as to whether or not it works. 

Estrovera Amazon Reviews 

Amazon reviews of Estrovera are very positive, but even a quick search shows something rather odd, for example, there are a lot of 4 and 5* reviews that seem to say the product doesn’t work. Which usually means that customers who leave a negative Estrovera review are simply offered a refund to change the rating. 

There are also a few reviews that simply don’t seem to make any sense and talk about other products all together, citing positives like the taste, which usually suggests paid reviews meaning that their 4* average is likely a little bit overblown and based on our manual count it looks more like it should be a 3. Which is what we’d expect from a supplement like estrovera relying on this one ingredient. 

Reddit Reviews of Estrovera 

At the time of writing there don’t seem to be many legitimate Estrovera Reddit reviews, there’s a thread with some people saying it works, and some saying it doesn’t. Again it’s about half and half. But, the full reviews do look like they’ve been written by the marketing team. 

Estroven Complete Reviews Conclusion

All in all Estrovera isn’t awful, there’s some decent evidence to suggest that the Siberian rhubarb extract they use can have some benefit towards hot flashes, night sweats and mood regulation for people with menopause, but there is a cheaper option available. And if you’re looking for a premium menopause supplement, then this definitely isn’t a good option. 

You can get something that contains the same ingredient, as well as pretty much everything else that’s actually been shown to work for about $10 a month more. Or you can by the same thing for $10 a month less. Generally we recommend EstroCare for most people looking for something at the high end of menopause supplements as it contains pretty much everything and the kitchen sink.

As such there really isn’t any reason for us to recommend Estrovera. It’s fine, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s just not very good value.

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Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Mood 4/10
Hot Flashes 4/10
Other Symptoms 4/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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