YouTheory Joint Collagen Advanced Reviews

Is YouTheory Joint Collagen Any Good?

Youtheory joint collagen advanced has some OK ingredients, but there's much better joint supplements available.

Annoyingly Youtheory joint collagen advanced hides behind "proprietary" blends, and said blends do not add up to nearly enough to have the correct ingredient dosages. In fact only two of their ingredients can be properly dosed, the bromelain and the collagen. And whilst this will likely have some benefit for healthy joint cartilage, a lot of other joint supplements contain the same ingredients and more correctly dosed around the same price point. Meaning that whilst Youtheory joint collagen should have some benefits we don't recommend them against their competitors.  

Unfortunately some of the best ingredients in Youtheory joint collagen are the ones that have to be underdosed. For example curcumin (the turmeric extract) has been well studied to be effective at reducing joint and knee pain and is particularly effective for inflammation, however, it requires 500-1000mg and it only makes up 20% of turmeric. In Youtheory's example the blend of 4 ingredients only contains 500mg in total of turmeric which means there simply isn't enough space as they'd need at least 2500mg for that one ingredient. YouTheory's Joint Collagen formula's not going to be effective for severe osteoarthritis, and certainly not for rheumatoid arthritis which requires even higher doses to have shown any efficacy. 

It's also worth noting that YouTheory has some similar supplements such as YouTheory Joint Complex which are similarly underdosed and reliant on boswellia.

This is a pretty common issue with Youtheory products and Youtheory joint collagen advanced is no exception. 

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Customers YouTheory Joint Collagen Reviews

Customers reviews of Youtheory Joint Collagen Advanced aren't bad, they're actually pretty positive by Amazon standards. This is likely to be largely down to the hydrolyzed collagen. If you listen to reviewers who've tried other joint collagen supplements however, that's where the story gets a little bit different, with several complaining that it was less effective than their normal supplement. 

In general YouTheory do create well packaged products and have decent customer service so there's no serious complaints there. 

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YouTheory Joint Collagen Review Conclusion

All in all YouTheory Joint Collagen Advanced is a mediocre supplement, whilst there's some benefit to hydrolyzed collagen and boswellia that is really all there is here. And there's a lot of other joint formulas at a lower price point that contain these two ingredients in the correct doses. We can't actually even be sure that boswellia is correctly dosed in YouTheory although even giving them the benefit of the doubt this isn't a great supplement.

Generally speaking we recommend FlexAgain instead, it contains all of the functional ingredients in YouTheory that reduce joint pain, improve joint health as well as half a dozen other joint formulas. 

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