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Is SuperBeets Good For You?

Updated 1st May 2023

SuperBeets: The Most Popular, But Is It The Best?

SuperBeets is the most well known Super Reds Powder, which claims to have a number of health benefits ranging from lowering blood pressure through to increasing energy levels. The super reds industry has been growing over the last year or so, and whilst it's quite a long way off being as big as super greens it has been gathering a lot of interest. Beet juice itself does seem to be effective at lowering blood pressure [1], although it isn't likely going to be enough to substitute for blood pressure medication in more serious cases, both the British heart foundation and multiple American studies [2] have shown it can be effective within even a few hours of taking it. Beet juice has also been shown to have benefits on athletic performance by increasing oxygen usage. [3]

This makes SuperBeets an interesting option, especially seeing as it's quite well flavored, coming in apple or cherry meaning that there's quite a lot of SuperBeets reviews from customers that would've otherwise not enjoyed choking down a glass of blended beats.

Most reviews of SuperBeets are quite positive, which isn't surprising as generally speaking there are a lot of health benefits to  getting more vegetables (particularly beets) in your diet, so adding a glass certainly won't do any harm. The only real downside to SuperBeets is that with it being one of the earliest products  to hit the super reds market, a lot of other products now do the same thing, but better, and with more added ingredients for additional health benefits.  It's still good, and tastes good. We'd just wouldn't recommend it as our first choice. As such they've released a couple of additional products to try and bridge the gap, but it's still not quite enough.

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What Does SuperBeets Taste Like?

Both Superbeets energy plus and Superbeets original taste pretty good, generally speaking the caffeinated energy plus version tastes ever so slightly worse than the original product, but we'd do rate the apple version very highly so the berry version of energy plus had a long way to go. 

You wouldn't think beet juice was the main ingredient although you can tell it is there. It's not as strong of a vegetable taste as you would expect from super green powders, but there is certainly a hint. That said as people tend to opt for super beets to lower blood pressure or have more focused health benefits the fact that's a small price to pay, and it's not something that you'd really notice too much unless you were looking for it. It's definitely better tasting than most greens powders if that's something that is a consideration. As you'd expect the superbeets chews are also completely fine.

Although there are a couple of better tasting products on the market now. 

SuperBeets Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions in SuperBeets Reviews.

Does Superbeets Really Work?

In theroy yes, they will work as well as beetroot juice would, and there are numerous studies which back it's efficacy in improving athletic performance and lowering blood preasure. 

As for some of the other claims about Super Beets and beet juices in general, such as it's help in reducing inflammation in osteoarthritis patients, the jury is still out, but it does look positive.

There are also some suggestions that it can support brain health, due to improving blood flow and oxygen usage, although there's more evidence needed. 

Lastly it may improve digestive health, whilst not completely confirmed, it does look likely that Super Beets would have some effect in this regard.

Does Superbeets Mix Well?

From our tests superbeets scores high on mixability, it blends well into smooties and mixes reasonably well when shaken. It will leave some very small amounts of powder when used in a standard shaker bottle, but nothing too notable.

What's In ​SuperBeets? 

The standard SuperBeets are pretty much what you'd expect, it's flavored beet juice, it's good for you, but not much more to it than that. But, there are some variations depending on which version of the SuperBeets formula you get.

SuperBeets Energy Plus

Superbeets Energy Plus contains added caffeine that comes from green tea extract, but it's only 80mg, which is about half a cup of coffee, whilst it does have some benefits for memory mood and focus, this is likely too low of a dose to do much for most people and it has the negative impact of raising blood pressure. It also contains abot half of your daily dose of vitamin C which if you're deficient can raise energy levels [4], although again this is a relatively low volume.

Along with caffeine it also contains grape seed extract which has been studied for neurodegenerative conditions and hypertension, but once again does not do a great deal for energy. There were some initial studies that suggested that it could, but these have later been disproven. [5]  

SuperBeets Immune

The Immune blend is less of an interesting option, with the addition of beta-glucan, some studies do show that it improves the immune system, but there are competitors that have substantially better blends for this on our best reds powders list. That said the inclusion of Beta Glucan is a good one and at 250mg, this should be enough to have an impact. [6]  This yeast has been shown to boost the immune system and even inhibit the growth of dangerous cells [7] promoting long term health benefits. We generally rate SuperBeets immune as the best SuperBeets product.

SuperBeets Collagen

We've got some added collagen in here, as you'd expect, this does mean it's not vegan and should have some minimal hair and skin benefits, but again we'd recommend just drinking beetroot juice, and getting a separate collagen supplement if that's what you're looking for.

SuperBeet Chews

SuperBeets Chews come with a version including 150mg of grape extract which is fine as an addition, as it does have several health benefits, but there are far better chewable supplements available. 

SuperBeets Review Conclusion

SuperBeets is a great tasting product, it's original beet juice is good, if a little overpriced. There's a reasonable chance it will alleviate high blood pressure levels, and potentially boost athletic performance due to the increase nitric oxide levels, but it's very limited. There are now better products on the market. This is unfortunately one of those issues that first products to market often have, is that someone will come along and do it better. 

If we compare it to Red Tonik for example, which contains 13 including all of the ones in Super Beets along with 10 or so more depending on which version you go for (with the exception of caffeine), it's doesn't hold up favorably. Then there's the fact that Red Tonik is priced better and tastes better, unfortunately Super Beets just doesn't hold up any more. That's not to say that they aren't likely to bring out an updated product, but they've rested on their laurels a little too long, and what was once the only super beet product on the market, now looks a little out of date. 

Try Red Tonik Instead
Criteria Rating
Taste 10/10
Essential Nutrients 2/10
Health Benefits 6/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 7/10


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