Omega XL Reviews 2023

Does Omega XL Work?

Updated 14th June 2023

Omega XL Overpromises And Underdelivers

Omega XL is pretty straight forward as supplements go, it's Omega oil, will that work to help joint pain? There's a pretty good chance that it will. Is there any need what so ever for it's price tag? No, there really isn't any reason for omega xl to be priced at $40/bottle when it really doesn't have anything different going on for it than most store brand bottles at $15/bottle.

There's nothing wrong with Omega XL, just it's not worth the price. There are better joint supplements out there and you'd be better off buying one of those and a cheap omega oil pill to maximise the results from your joint health supplements.

Omega 3 fatty acids are good for your joints, but there's a host of other ingredients that can also have similar effects, Turmeric, MSM, SAMe, Glucosamine and so on. And these ingredients do work together to increase efficacy, so if it's a question of does omega xl work? Then the answer is yes, but if it's a question of if it will work any better than any other omega 3 fatty acids for a third of the price the answer is no. To make matters worse for Omega XL, at it's price point it costs about the same as FlexAgain, which contains more Omega 3, and 10 other ingredients shown to improve joint health and inflammation.

We'd recommend that you'd be better off taking FlexAgain  instead or a much cheaper store brand omega supplement to best alleviate joint pain.

Why Is Omega XL So Expensive?

Omega XL is largely so expensive because of their marketing costs, there's nothing particularly special here. If we were to compare omega xl against other omega supplements, then there's nothing in here that makes it stand out over any other fish oil or algae based options.

Customers Omega XL Reviews

Customers Omega XL reviews are a mixed bag, there's a few positive ones and a lot of negative Omega XL reviews. Which shouldn't really be that surprising. 

There are benefits to taking an omega oil supplement in general, and it certainly does support joint health. But, the catch is that if you're already getting enough of it, adding in a supplement isn't going to fix anything. Omega XL's marketing unfortunately overpromises. The general gist is that it's overpriced for what it is, but that's ultimately because omega xl is a branded omega oil pill.

When we checked for Omega XL reddit reviews, the story was a lot more negative, with most customers feeling they had been ripped off and seeing no difference vs taking normal fish oil.

Omega XL Review FAQ

Common questions we came across whilst researching our Omega XL review

Does Omega XL Work?

Omega XL works as well as any omega oil extract based supplement will do, in terms of arthritis pain relief there are several studies to suggest that Omega 3 fatty acids when dosed correctly can reduce joint pain. [1]

Is Omega XL FDA Approved?

These sorts of supplements that only contain natural compounds such as natural monounsaturated olive oil extract and fish oil extract are not required to undergo FDA approval as they are simply considered dietary supplements. 

Omega XL Controversy

Omega XL were warned by the FDA for making claims on their company website that were deemed medicinal. [2] It does seem that the parent company Great Healthworks inc, complied with the removal of these claims, however, it highlights an overall issue with the marketing of Omega XL and the fact that it doesn't do nearly what it claims to do.

Omega XL Ingredients

Omega XL gives us a proprietary blend of ingredients containing omega oils and there's nothing wrong with this. It doesn't make all too much difference what the sources are unless you have a dietary restriction, such as veganism which would restrict which sources you can get the nutrient from. 

The main issue that we have with Omega XL is that despite its name implying a large size it's actually not offering the ideal amount of omega 3 fatty acids to support osteoarthritis related joint pain relief. 

Omega XL's claims largely hinge on it's suggestion that it contains more DHA and EPA than normal Omega oil, which if you were to compare it to a plant based Omega oild would be true, but any algae or fish oil will be the same. The reason for this is that the body uses EPA and DHA for your joints and brain health. There is a 3rd common Omega 3 fatty acid called AHA, this is typically found in land based plant sources of Omega 3, and the body has to convert this to DHA and EPA, losing approximately 95%. [3] But, this is  ONLY  true if you compare Omega XL to flaxseed or a similar source of fatty acids.

And all of the studies that show Omega 3 as effective for arthritis pain relief show, that you need a high DHA and EPA oil type, like fish or algae, and for the dosage for pain relief to be effective is between 1000mg - 2400mg [4,5,6]

For example in this study 60% of patients stated overall pain was improved and 59% even discontinued pain killer prescriptions that they had previously had, but they were taking 1200 - 2400mg of omega oil with a similar EPA and DHA content to Omega XL. Whereas there is only 600mg contained in a serving of Omega XL. That isn't to say that there is really any reason to not simply take more omega xl. 

It would just work out very expensive, because at that point you'd be paying over $100 a month for an Omega supplement, making it almost double the price of a fully comprehensive joint supplement like FlexAgain which contains that amount of omega 3 as well as 10 more ingredients.

Omega XL Alternatives: How Does Omega XL Work Compared To The Competition?

Omega XL vs Relief Factor

Omega XL is a worse choice than Relief Factor, the later actually contains the correct minimum dosage for Omega 3 fatty acids and has the added benefit of including Turmeric which is also proven to reduce joint inflammation. When it comes to Omega XL vs Relief Factor, the latter wins hands down.

Omega XL vs Omega 3

If we’re comparing Omega XL vs Omega 3 supplements in general we’d actually still recommend a store brand Omega 3 supplement over Omega XL, there really isn’t any difference aside from the over the top price tag.

Omega XL vs Mega Red

There really isn’t much to say about the differences in these two, there’s some minor differences in the absorption rates of plant based vs fish based omega supplements, but it pretty much evens out as the fish based supplements have a higher density of omega fatty acids. So, unless you’re picking one or the other for dietary concerns then we’d say they’re both pretty much the same. Except for the price. You get a much bigger dose for your money with Mega Red over Omega XL, so Mega Red does win here.

Omega XL vs Physio Flex Pro

Flex Pro came second on our best joints supplements list, Omega XL did not make an appearance, it should stand to reason that this sentence alone should explain who's winning this one. Flex Pro contains all of the best joint supplements that you can fit into a 2 capsule serving with the exception of Omega 3. We'd recommend simply buying Flex Pro and a cheap Omega supplement to get the best results out of all the products listed in this section.

FlexAgain vs Omega XL

FlexAgain is the best Omega XL alternative of the lot. It contains more Omega 3, in the usable EPA and DHA form as well as curcumin, resveratrol, MSM, reveratrol, bromelain, glucosamine, boswellia and a host of vitamins and minerals that support healthy joints. And it's $5 more for a monthly supply. As a result we can't even come close to recommending Omega XL here.

Omega XL Review Conclusion

Overall Omega XL is a perfectly fine omega supplement, there's just no reason for it to cost what it does and the recommended dosage is not in line with recent studies for what would work best to improve joint health. We generally do recommend omega supplements in general for people who either don't get enough of the essential fatty acids and they're definitely worth trying if you're suffering from joint pain. It just doesn't have to be Omega XL. 

There are other ingredients which can also help, such as Turmeric, MSM etc, and we generally recommend looking at FlexAgain to get everything you'd needand more omega 3 than you'd get from Omega XL.  As this would give you the best chance of finding something that works for you although nothing is fool proof. 

Or if you want to just go for saving yourself some money, then check out a simple fish oil supplement.

Criteria Rating
Ingredients 5/10
Pain Relief 3/10
Joint Health 4/10
Swelling 3/10
Value 2/10
Recommended 3/10


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