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Is Red Boost A Scam?

Updated 13th October 2023

Red Boost is an interesting idea, poorly executed.

Despite what we may read in the numerous Red Boost reviews that are clearly trying to sell the product, this isn't going to be the game changer in male health that it claims to be. That's not to say that there isn't anything in here that can have a benefit at all, the problem is simply that there isn't enough of it. It tries to straddle the gap of a mens performance supplement and a super reds powder, which could've been quite good. Unfortunately red boost supplements are far from the "secret weapon" they claim to be.

Take for example the beet root powder in Red Boost. Generally the studies show you need at least 3 grams for it's benefits, whereas Red Boost contains less than 1.5g, and unfortunately a lot of the other ingredients are a similar story or simply on the lower end of the quality scale. That means that the evidence for their use is shakier than slightly more expensive herbs and extracts that do very similar things, and in many cases better as the studies show.

As for the claims about better blood flow, there is definitely something there with beets, but as we've said you need more of them, we have a whole piece on that here. The effect is connected to nitric oxide in the blood and there's decent evidence that it can improve workout performance etc, there is less evidence to support it doing much in regards to your todger, but it's not as if there's none at all.

Then we have the probiotic, which sure is good for digestion, but ultimately seems a little irrelevant in a supplement of this type.

Which brings us to the herbs, Horny Goat Weed extract, Tongkat Ali, Maca and Stinging Nettle root. Out of these the only one that is a tier one ingredient is Maca. At least in terms of it's specific male health benefits, multiple trials have shown it to be effective at enhancing recovery times in a workout setting and improving drive in both men and women. The rest there are some issues with and we'll come to them in the ingredients section.

As for real customer reviews of Red Boost, they're almost impossible to find at the moment, with sites like reddit being drowned in marketing posts and most other reviews of Red Boost being influencers or videos clearly trying to sell the product.

If you're totally set on a beet based supplement to support healthy blood flow, blood pressure and improve your nitric oxide production, then we generally recommend you check out Red Tonik as this is dosed correctly for the most part and does taste pretty good. However, if you're looking at something that's a male health supplement then we generally suggest you check out something from the best list here. We rated Prime Male as the best in class for drive and stamina related issues, which seems to be a lot of what Red Boosts marketing focuses on.

It's also worth mentioning that there seem to be some red boost copycats on amazon already, meaning that if you do want the original product you're going to have to be extra careful and make sure you order from the main website. Although we'd recommend getting something else. The copycat's make matters extra confusing as there are several versions that offer a red boost powder and a red boost supplement. Although amusingly some of the copycat products pretending to be Red Boost like the Red Boost pills available on Amazon, may actually be better than the original. 

Best Reds Powder

Red Boost Ingredients

Horny Goat Weed Extract 500mg - This extract, rich in icariin, has been traditionally used to enhance libido. It supports circulation, stamina, and energy levels. Studies have shown that icariin, found naturally in horny goat weed, may support sexual function and libido, but the quality of these tend to be dubious at best. [1] However, this is within the effective dosage range so, that is definitely a good point for Red Boost powder.

Tongkat Ali Extract 100mg - Tongkat Ali Extract is mostly touted as a supplement to raise testosterone levels, however, it has a lot of potential side effects, has only been shown to work in men with low testosterone, rather than in otherwise healthy men, and even if it were effective, it would need to be dosed a lot higher than 100mg to be at it's optimal range. [2] Despite Red Boost powder's claims around it being a particularly high yield extract, most of the studies used a larger amount and were also similarly high in terms of active ingredients. There are also better alternatives to Tongkat Ali for raising testosterone and it's other functions. 

Maca 300mg - This one as we've said is pretty good, oddly most of the studies are on womens desire, not mens, despite maca's common use in this sort of supplement. But, in general the results are overwhelmingly positive. [3] Meaning that we don't really have have any complaints about this ingredient. And it's also within the functional dosage range, although it is at the lower end.

Stinging Nettle Root Extract 150mg - Stinging nettle may have an impact on male health due to its potential effects on hormones, including testosterone and estrogen. Although it's generally considered one of the less effective options, and is generally used as a filler in better supplements. [4]

L Citrulline 500mg - Citrulline aids in the production of nitric oxide, promoting vascular health and enhancing blood flow, stamina, and performance. The problem is that you need 2-3 grams of it and here we have 4-6 times less than that. Meaning that the amount of L Citrulline in red boost powder is going to do next to nothing and is pretty much a waste of time. [5]

9 Strain Probiotic: This blend of beneficial bacteria promotes efficient digestion and nutrient absorption, indirectly influencing male performance and vitality.

The Beet Root Powder Blend 1500mg - The problem here is that there simply isn't enough beet root powder to actually have very much of it's effects on blood flow and nitric oxide production. Most of the studies [6] on how it impacts healthy blood pressure had much larger dosages as well. And that's if it was 100% of this blend. The fact is that most of the other ingredients present here are in such small doses they're likely to do pretty much nothing at all. However, there are some studies to the contrary as well. A recent study conducted at Penn State's [7] found that drinking beet juice before exercise did not enhance muscle blood flow or vascular dilation during exercise, but it did find that beetroot juice "de-stiffened" blood vessels under resting conditions, suggesting that it may ease the workload of the heart.

Vitamin C 300mg - Vitamin c is of course good for your health, it helps with the growth and repair of tissues and acts as an antioxidant. Vitamin C however can may raise blood sugar levels in people with diabetes, particularly in older women, when taken in high doses above 300 mg per day. It also has the issue of raising the effect of anticoagulants, meaning it does thin the blood, so there's something to the claims here, but at this dose you should be careful if you're taking any medications. [8]

Red Boost Review Conclusion

Unfortunately the benefits of red boost powder are relatively overblown, it's not that none of the ingredients can work, or that it will have no impact on overall health or optimal blood flow, it's just that there are far better options for both of these things within the same price range. If you're looking for a mens supplement designed to boost nitric oxide levels, improve blood flow, smooth muscle function then you're better off with something like Prime Male

We generally recommend the vitality version as it has a more wide range of benefits, but it will generally be better at living up to any of the marketing claims of Red Boost powder. 

Or alternatively, if you want a beet powder then we'd recommend checking out our breakdown of the best reds powders on the market right now. 

Best Reds Powders
Criteria Rating
Taste 5/10
Essential Nutrients 2/10
Health Benefits 3/10
Ingredient Quality 5/10
Customer Satisfaction NA
Value 3/10
Recommended 3/10


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