Force Factor Forebrain Reviews

Is Focus Factor Forebrain Any Good?

Focus Factor Forebrain is cheap, but that's about all the positives we can muster

Force Factor forebrain is relatively lacklustre, compared to it's competition which contain all of the same ingredients and more there isn't much that makes it stand out. The ingredients themselves are fine, although in some cases a little low dosed. 

As for those ingredients, Force Factor Forebrain contains the caffeine of a small cup of coffee, bacopa, grape extract and vincamine. And whilst resveratrol comes from grape extracts, that's not actually what we have included in here. With the exclusion of vincamine there's nothing here that isn't in much better nootropics. And unfortunately we can't say this offers any substantial improvement over the competition even at Force Factor Forebrain's relatively low price point. If we compare the product against the likes of Hunter Focus , which contain all the ingredients in Forebrain, along with more than a dozen more, in higher doses the fact that Hunter Focus costs about $20 a month still leaves it as being much better value. Especially when you realise you're getting 6 times the active ingredients.  

Customers reviews of Force Factor Forebrain aren't bad, but in reality most of them would've probably been as well served by a simple bacopa supplement with Force Factor often being the first supplement people use to try to improve cognitive performance. It's Ok, but if you can afford to spend even a little bit more you'd be better served getting a better brain health supplement.

Customers Forebrain Reviews

The verified force factor amazon reviews seem fine overall, but they do seem to be a little bit stuffed with slightly artificial 4 and 5* ones. With reviews of forebrain saying "the ingredients look good and the product is likely worth trying" suggesting the writer hasn't even tried it and 4* reviews saying the product isn't actually good it does look like Force Factor may have paid for a few of there Force Factor Forebrain reviews. That said there are enough positive reviews that seem legitimate and bacopa the main ingredient is known to enhance cognitive performance so it stands to reason the general response would be mildly positive.

Forebrain Review FAQ

We answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Forebrain.

Is Forebrain FDA Approved?

Force Factor Forebrain is not directly FDA regulated, as a dietary supplement it does have to conform to US manufacturing guidelines and the individual ingredients have to be deemed fit for human consumption.

Force Factor Forebrain Ingredients

Force Factor's use of proprietary blends are a marketing tool, which actually isn't as bad as a lot of supplements.

Many fall into the camp of hiding doses that are far to low to be effective, whereas it does seem to be the case that Forebrain does actually include the right amount of space in it's "proprietary blends" to include the correct dosages of its ingredients.

Memorysafe 550mg

Bacopa - Bacopa is normally dosed at around 300mg and there are a lot of cognitive performance studies that do show it's beneficial for memory and mental acuity. It seems reasonable to expect that within a 2 ingredient blend of 550mg that bacopa is dosed correctly for optimal brain function. It's not the best ingredient in some other focus related products, however, bacopa has also been shown to be beneficial for reducing anxiety and stress.

Grape Extract - Grape seed extract has some mild neuroprotective effects and the effective dose is theoretically around 200-300mg, meaning that it's reasonably dosed. However, it doesn't do much to improve cognitive performance on the day to day it is good for brain health. Resveratrol can come from grape skin, which would actually be better than the gallic acid that comes from grape extract in boosting your mental edge. In short, it's OK, but not one of the better ingredients that Force Factor Forebrain could've gone with.

Thinkup 65mg

Caffeine - We assume that the "thinkup" blend has gone with around 40mg (which leaves room for a correct dose of vincamine), which is about the same as a cup of coffee. Yes caffeine boosts focus and helps promote cognitive performance, but, caffeine is nothing particularly special.

Vincamine - Vincamine is an unusual choice and it is known for being a neuroprotective, it's typically being studied as an Alzheimer's drug, although it's long term use isn't particularly well known nor does it have myriad brain health benefits. A 15mg dose is the amount that clinical studies suggest is ideal meaning there's enough space for this.

Toothed Clubmoss - Otherwise known as devil's foot is the one exception to the ingredients having correct dosages. The lowest tests are typically around 100mg which there simply isn't enough space in the blend for. As a result we expect they simply threw in a couple of mg to add an ingredient to the list rather than including something that's going to do much to improve mental fitness.


We don't know why biobrain+ got it's own trademarked "blend" with just the one ingredient.

Bioperine 5mg - Bioperine is good in a lot of supplements as it does help your body absorb other nutrients, however, this is one of the very few cases where we'd say it's almost completely pointless. It does nothing in supporting memory or cognitive capacity. And there isn't a particularly large amount of ingredients that are difficult to absorb in Force Factor Forebrain., Bioperine is normally more important in larger supplements 

Force Factor Forebrain Review Conclusion

Force Factor Forebrain falls into the category of you get what you pay for. Whilst it's not the worst supplement for brain health on the market, and Force Factor do seem to have at least included effective dosages of the few ingredients that they do include. However Force Factor Forebrain simply doesn't hold up against the competition that's available on the market right now. It's OK, it's relatively cheap for a cognitive performance supplement. But, it's not going to do much beyond the caffeine and bacopa to make a real difference to your day to day. It should be pretty good for brain health, but that's about all we can say for Force Factor. All in all you can get much better nootropics for relatively little extra spend.

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