Fenotrex Reviews

Does Fenotrex Work?

Fenotrex uses good ingredients, but gets the dosages horribly wrong.

Fenotrex is an all natural sleep aid produced by a company called the Health Research Institute. They claim it uses a fast acting formula of natural ingredients that can enhance restful sleep, improve sleep patterns, support relaxation, and combat chronic insomnia, while only requiring you to take one capsule per day.

They say that this will reduce anxiety, prevent sudden awakening, combat overstimulation, stop you having trouble relaxing or concentrating, and prevent daytime drowsiness and exhaustion after you wake up. The problem is, our Fenotrex review shows this sleep aid is simply not capable of delivering these results.

Fenotrex features the minerals calcium and magnesium, vitamin b6, and a proprietary blend of valerian root extract, hops flower extract, skullcap extract, chamomile flower extract, passionflower extract, l-taurine, inositol, and GABA. The formula then features no other additives of any kind.

This looks good at first glance, as it contains numerous natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that evidence suggests are extremely effective in natural sleep aids.

However, it quickly loses its lustre when you realise that they are almost all present in dosages that are either too low to be of any use or so strong that they cause side effects, and then surrounded by others that have no conclusive proof they are of any use in natural sleep aids at all.

Throw in the fact that positive reviews from past customers are all but impossible to find, and Fenotrex virtually falls apart at the seams.

Offering a 100% money back guarantee and a free eBook on how to get the most out of natural sleep aids are both nice touches, but neither is enough to overcome the fact that Fenotrex is simply an ineffective product.

That is why we highly recommend you avoid buying Fenotrex and instead stick to proven natural sleep aids, such as RestAgain. The best sleep aid on the market today by quite some distance, its formula of all natural ingredients will actually deliver all the benefits that Fenotrex claims to, while being totally safe.

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Fenotrex Customer Reviews

As Fenotrex is only available directly from the official website and appears to be a relatively new sleep medicine, evaluating reviews from past users to determine the effect it has on your sleep is quite difficult.

This is especially true as the website itself appears to have created a number of fake reviews to make the product look better and help it sell itself.

However, after looking at the few reviews we did manage to find dotted around the internet, the general consensus is that Fenotrex is a natural sleep aid in name only, as it will not improve sleep quality or prevent sleep issues in any way, which backs up what our initial review of the Fenotrex sleep aid led us to believe.

Fenotrex has just gone live on Amazon in the last few days, but at the time of writing there are currently no reviews at all, so we don't have any positive or negative reviews of fenotrex to take from.

Fenotrex Pros & Cons


  • Contains a number of proven natural sleep remedies
  • One of the more reasonably priced natural sleep aids


  • Only available directly from the official website
  • Reviews by past users are extremely hard to come by and those that we did find said it did nothing to help promote quality sleep
  • Some of the ingredients are not conclusively proven to be of any use in non-prescription sleep aids

Most of the proven ingredients are present in doses that are too low to be of use in non-prescription sleeping pills, while others are present in dosages that are too high and likely to cause side effects

Fenotrex Review Conclusion

Taking natural sleep aids is a great way to develop good sleep hygiene and remove any issues that will give you trouble staying asleep. Unfortunately, while Fenotrex sells itself as one of the best natural sleep aids on the market, in reality it is mildy effective product that relies on what is "probably" a correct dose of valerian and should not be classed as good combined sleep medicine by any stretch.

From the inclusion of ingredients not proven to be of any real use in a sleep medicine and others that are present in doses which are either far too low to be of use or so strong that they will cause side effects, to a lack of any reviews from past customers, Fenotrex is a natural sleep aid that we just simply do not trust.

That is why we suggest you avoid using Fenotrex and try RestAgain instead. The best sleep aid on the market today by quite some distance, RestAgain actually makes falling and staying asleep easier in the ways that Fenotrex claims to, while being totally safe and highly reviewed by virtually all past customers.

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Falling Asleep 4/10
Sleep Quality 5/10
Stress 5/10
Customer Satisfaction 5/10
Value 5/10
Recommended 5/10


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