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Does InstaSleep really work?

We Won't Be Recommending InstaSleep Any Time Soon...

Despite all the media attention and slick marketing, InstaSleep isn’t even close to being a good sleep aid. We do not recommend it. 

The main problem with InstaSleep is that it is incredibly under-dosed. The only ingredient InstaSleep could conceivably have enough of is melatonin, but we can’t even be sure of that since the ingredient amounts are hidden within a proprietary blend. 

To be fair, all three ingredients included in InstaSleep have been proven to improve sleep quality to some degree in numerous studies, but, besides possibly the melatonin, they are dramatically under-dosed and are unlikely to have any effect whatsoever. 

You would be better off buying a straight-up melatonin supplement than InstaSleep. This way you could guarantee you were getting the optimum dose of melatonin— around 10mg—and avoid wasting your money on the rest of it. 

Even better, choose from one of the many effective sleep aids we recommend on our best sleep aids list. Our firm favorite is RestAgain, which not only has far more ingredients than InstaSleep, but is also transparent about doses and everything is dosed appropriately. 

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InstaSleep has received mostly positive reviews on Amazon, although we can assume some of these are fake as the overall quality rating we found from independent sources was around 80%—that means 20% of views might be fake.

Verified reviews of InstaSleep often mentioned that it didn’t work for insomnia suffers, with most positive reviews appearing to come from people who find it mildly difficult to fall asleep, in which case we can’t discount the possibility of the placebo effect from taking InstaSleep simply calming them down prior to going to bed.

Many positive reviews of InstaSleep say they are happy it is not habit-forming, which is fair enough but it’s hard to form a habit for something that basically doesn’t contain any ingredients.  

InstaSleep Review: Conclusion

InstaSleep has managed to appear in all sorts of high-profile places and is on sale in many major stores. We think this is a real shame because InstaSleep is really not a good sleep aid.   There are three key problems with InstaSleep. Firstly, it doesn’t include enough ingredients. With only three ingredients in the formula, you are not getting much for your money. There are many other effective ingredients out there that could improve sleep, such as ashwagandha and l-theanine. Second, InstaSleep is horrendously underdosed. With just 48mg of ingredients in total, there is no way you are getting enough of anything (except maybe melatonin, although you might even be getting too much of that, we just don’t know).   

And third, we have no idea how much of each individual ingredient is being supplied because the whole lot is hidden within a non-transparent proprietary blend. As a general rule, here at Centre TRT, we are sceptical about proprietary blends, and with InstaSleep it seems clear that the reason they use a proprietary blend is not to protect their superb formula but to hide the fact that the product probably doesn’t do anything.   

We recommend purchasing one of the sleep aids recommended on our best sleep aids list. Our personal favorite, as we’ve mentioned, is RestAgain. It is the most highly-dosed sleep aid we’ve found and included 11 active ingredients. True, it’s more expensive than InstaSleep, but then again spending money on something that works can hardly be called a waste, while buying InstaSleep is about as effective for getting a good night’s rest as throwing money down the drain. 

Best Sleep Aids
Criteria Rating
Falling Asleep 3/10
Sleep Quality 3/10
Stress 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 4/10
Value 4/10
Recommended 3/10