Alteril Sleep Aid Reviews

Does Alteril Really Work?

Alteril is a budget sleep aid, whose low doses mean is basically just a melatonin pill. Meaning you get what you pay for.

Alteril should work as well as any melatonin supplement, but it’s proprietary blend being such a small amount means you won’t see any of the promised benefits from Valerian Root which is actually a pretty good natural sleep aid with several clinical studies to back it up. [1] [2] The problem is that it needs a dose of more than 100mg, and that the combined valerian and chamomile extract is only 60mg. 

Melatonin dosed to 10mg or 5mg depending on if you take 1 or two capsules is pretty standard and is well backed [3], in some countries it’s used as a prescription sleep aid, so there isn’t much question as to whether that will work or not. There is the minor potential of side effects, but that’s all good for our Alteril review. As for the final ingredient L Tryptophan the jury is mixed on how effective it actually is.

The customer reviews are pretty good, and the price point is isn’t incredibly high, even as a pure melatonin supplement if you like the capsule type. But, if you’re only really getting melatonin, you could probably save about $5-10 and get something else that will work just as well instead. 

If you’re looking for a mixed supplement that’s a bit more premium there are infinitely better options, but they tend to come in closer to the $40 a bottle range. Take for example RestAgain (which we tend to say is the best on the market right now), it is a 3 pill a day supplement, but it contains the correct dose of valerian, melatonin, ashwagandha, magnesium, b vitamins, GABA and a host of other well backed ingredients that have all been shown to improve sleep. And when you consider you’re getting a 3000mg formula, vs a 270mg formula, it’s pretty easy to see which actually represents better value for money if you can spare the extra $20. 

All in all Alteril is completely fine, it’s just nothing special. It’s an OK sleep aid, but there’s way better options and it won’t make our top sleep supplements list any time soon.

Alteril Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are mostly positive, but then as melatonin works for most people this isn’t a surprise. The overall rating Alteril on Amazon was 4.2* which is pretty reasonable. There were a few people who said it simply didn’t work. 

The other negative Alteril reviews talked about even one pill being too strong (which is something we’ll talk about later, but 5mg of melatonin may be for some people. This resulted in grogginess and lethargy the next day. 

This is all in all pretty much what we’d expect to see, which lends credibility to the overall review score not being faked.  

Alteril Ingredients

We’re going to give Alteril it’s fairest shake which is looking at the 2 capsule dose rather than the 1, this is largely because L Tryptophan is most effective in the 200mg and up range (which otherwise it wouldn’t be). 

Melatonin is most effective at either 3mg, 5mg or a 10mg dose, 10mg would often be too much and result in daytime drowsiness for people just starting out with the supplement. 5 can be for some people although this is unusual. It is however another reason we generally recommend RestAgain as this can be broken down into 3mg dosages. 

This should be taken under advisement, it isn’t necessarily a negative as you have the option to dose according to your own needs. Whereas 10mg in a single pill would be too much. 

10mg Melatonin – Melatonin is the hormone your body produces to tell you to go to sleep, as such supplementing it tends to work pretty quickly. This is a good inclusion as we mentioned in the intro and it’s well backed [4] there are no complaints with containing melatonin, there is the small risk of side effects such as particularly vivid dreams or nightmares in some cases and as we mentioned earlier, although in general it proves to be a very good alternative to harder solutions, so it’s a good ingredient for Alteril, we’d just recommend taking only one pill to start. Melatonin has also been shown to help people stay asleep longer and have a deeper less disturbed sleep, although it’s main function is getting to sleep. 

200mg L Tryptophan – The main issue here is that the studies are mixed, there’s a reasonable amount of backing and 200mg would be the correct dose [5], although if we compare it to GABA which has the same function of releasing serotonin (GABA is also the precursor to melatonin) then we don’t rate it’s inclusion particularly highly. There is also the issue that L Tryptophan isn’t tolerated as well as GABA and has a higher likelihood of leading to nausea. [6] There is some evidence to support deeper sleep, but this is very limited. 

60mg Proprietary Blend Of Valerian Root and Chamomile Extract - Whilst Valerian is a good ingredient, the dosage here is simply too low to do anything at all. As for Chamomile extract, this is a common ingredient, but not a good one. There are some studies that show chamomile tea itself can work as a sleep aid, that is when it is consumed as a tea [7] this doesn’t seem to be the case when taken as a pill although one or two studies have shown some positives they are far outweighed by the negative studies. And the dosage would have to be at least 5 times higher to have any effect.  

Alteril Sleep Aid FAQ

Is Alteril Safe?

Alteril should be safe for most people, the main catch is if someone is particularly sensitive to Melatonin, in which case we’d say steer clear.

Alteril Side Effects

There are several potential side effects of alteril, most notably nausea or grogginess the next day which are as a result of L Tryptophan and Melatonin respectively.

How many alteril should I take?

We would generally recommend taking one to start with, although ideally you should have already tried a weaker melatonin supplement before to make sure you’ll avoid any side effects.

Alteril Review Conclusion

All in all Alteril is OK, it will definitely help you get to sleep more quickly, but we’d have liked to have seen either the ability to break it down into 3 capsules, for the sake of splitting the melatonin to avoid side effects as well as a full dose of valerian. 

In short, you’d be better off getting some simple melatonin or finding the extra few dollars and going for a more premium supplement which contains fully dosed additional ingredients. It could’ve included better ingredients for improving sleep quality, it does have valerian, but as we’ve already said, not in a dosage to be effective. 

And whilst L Tryptophan has some evidence to support it’s use for this there are far better options. It doses score well on customer reviews though. So, to wrap up Alteril should work, it’s cheap, but it’s not great

Best Sleep Aids
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Falling Asleep 9/10
Sleep Quality 5/10
Stress 1/10
Customer Satisfaction 8/10
Value 7/10
Recommended 7/10


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