Host Defense Mushrooms Reviews

Are ​Host Defense Mushrooms Any Good?

Host Defense Is Very Cheap, But It's Far From the Best Product Of It's Kind.

Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules are a supplement designed by noted mycologist Paul Stamets using the mycelium of multiple carefully selected organic mushroom species. A gluten and GMO free, vegan friendly supplement, it has been specifically created to provide natural daily immune system support.

Beyond immune support, Host Defense then also say that their Stamets 7 capsules will provide physical, mental and environmental stress support, and boost cellular, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, systemic and respiratory functions. However, after doing our own review, it is very clear that this is not the case.

The Host Defense Stamets 7 formula consists of the extracts of 7 different mushrooms, as the name suggests, and it includes the royal sun blazei mushroom, cordyceps mushroom, reishi mushroom, maitake mushroom, lion's mane mushroom, chaga mushroom, and mesina mushroom.

Admittedly, most of these mushroom extracts are indeed proven to work and they can all be very useful in a product such as this. Unfortunately, the brand have included them all in such small doses that they can not possibly provide all of the effects in this product that people are led to believe they will.

There is then also one ingredient present that has had very few clinical studies actually done on it and even less conclusive results produced. This means it is very unlikely to be of any real use in products such as this, so does nothing more than take up valuable space that could have been better used.

While it is one of the lower priced products of its kind currently on the market, that is simply not enough to overcome the fact that it is simply not going to produce results. That is why we strongly suggest you do not purchase Host Defense Stamets 7 and instead try a proven product, like Nootrum Mushrooms . The reason we tend to recommend Nootrum is that they simply have a much higher yield mushroom extract, meaning more of the effective compounds and the fact that you just get more of the powder in general. They actually have enough of the extracts to match up with the clinical trails and they're only $10 a month more expensive.

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Host Defense Mushrooms Customer Reviews

Feedback from customers who have made a verified purchase of Host Defense Stamets 7 in the past actually makes the product look quite appealing, as the capsules currently hold an average score of 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon based on reviews from past buyers on the site.

When you consult the positive reviews themselves though, it seems clear that the content of the feedback itself did not quite match the overall score that the reviews on the page have given it.

While there was the occasional reviewer that mentioned details like it boosting their immunity, helping them focus, or keeping their stomach healthy, most reviews simply report that they like the product, without saying why, or focus solely on the price, suggesting that they prefer quantity over quality.

When looking at the negative reviews, however, it appeared each reviewer had evaluated the product in much greater depth, as each provides a clear description of their issue with the capsules.

Details like it doing notthing even after following the directions and it being used for weeks, being of a low quality, having issues with delivery, and even causing side effects like headaches, migraines, heart palpitations, nosebleeds, abdominal swelling, and stomach pains were all noted by at least one reviewer.

This seems to suggest that the high rating of the product must rely solely on people who prioritise a low price and large quantity over the quality of the content of the product, as most detailed user statements support the findings of our own report, which is that this product is simply not the answer to your needs.

Host Defense Mushrooms Ingredients

Royal Sun Blazei (Agaricus Brasiliensis) - 143 MG

Royal sun blazei mushrooms are a species of fungi native to Brazil and the surrounding countries in South America that are perhaps best known for their ability to help people keep their food cravings under control, relieve stress, and prevent or reduce emotional outbursts and physical weakness.

They can then also help enhance your liver and immune system health and functions, regulate your mood and blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and treat issues like allergic reactions, alopecia, arthritis and certain chronic cardiovascular and digestive issues (1).

The problem is, studies suggest the royal sun blazei mushroom will only support your health in products that contain at least 500 mg per serving. As the Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules contain less than a third of this at 143 mg, they just will not be able to provide the benefits this mushroom can usually offer.

Cordyceps (Cordyceps Militaris) - 143 MG

Cordyceps militaris is a type of parasitic fungus that is native to Asia which has been used for centuries in many traditional Chinese medicines, due to the huge number of both physical and mental heath benefits that it is said to offer for the human body.

Cordyceps mushrooms can enhance brain, heart and testicle health and functions, immunity, mental clarity, brain cell growth, and your physical performance, while also helping prevent or treat the signs of aging, inflammation, mental decline, arthritis, coughs, diabetes, diarrhoea, headaches, and tumours.

However, the benefits of cordyceps mushrooms are only produced when you consume at least 1,000 mg of cordyceps mushrooms per day (2). With Host Defense Stamets 7 containing just a seventh of this at 143 mg per serving, it is therefore again much too weak to deliver the results that it is included to offer.

Reishi (Ganonderma Lucidum) - 143 MG

The reishi mushroom is a type of polypore fungus from the ganoderma family that grows in many forest locations but is most common in east Asia. It has long been put in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean medicines, and it is fast becoming one of the most used ingredients in mushroom supplements.

The reishi mushroom can boost your mental health and functions, immunity, mood, sleep, strength, and stamina, combat anxiety and stress, reduce blood sugar and blood pressure levels, and prevent or treat metabolic syndrome and many other types of disease or illness and the symptoms they can cause (3).

The issue is, the reishi mushroom will only be able to deliver any of its benefits if you take a minimum of 1,440 mg a day. With Host Defense Stamets 7 reishi content being less than 10 percent of this at 143 mg per serving, it is again simply far too weak to support your health in any of the ways that it should.

Maitake (Grifola Frondosa) - 143 MG

The maitake mushroom is very popular in Japan, but it is commonly found in many countries throughout Asia, North America, and Europe as well. It is full of antioxidants, beta glucans, vitamins, and minerals, so it can offer an incredible variety of both mental and physical health benefits for the human body.

They can help reduce your blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, boost your immunity and cognitive health and functions, and help treat many different types of chronic illness, medical condition, or ailment, provided you consume at least 5 mg of maitake extract per pound of body weight a day (4).

Unfortunately, that poses an issue here, as the maitake content of Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules is just 143 mg per serving. This means its presence in the product helps no one and is doing nothing more than just taking up space that could have been used to raise the dose of the other ingredients instead.

Lion's Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) - 143 MG

The lion's mane mushroom is a species of tooth fungus found in Asia, Europe and North America. It is one of the most popular and potent medicinal mushrooms on Earth, and is widely used in cooking, due to a unique, meaty taste and texture that makes it a great substitute to meat in vegetarian dishes.

Lion's mane mushrooms are rich in many bioactive compounds and can improve your focus, blood flow, memory, disposition, brain cell and nerve growth, immunity, and mental health, functions and clarity, and prevent or cure brain fog, inflammation, mental decline, and some types of mental disease (5).

The problem is, 1,000 mg of lion's mane mushroom extract is needed each day to produce any of these effects. As Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules lion's mane content is just 143 mg per serving, it is simply too weak to make any real difference or provide any of the effects that they are intended to.

Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) - 143 MG

The chaga mushroom is a species of fungus found on birch trees that is full of melanin and various polyphenols, triterpenoids, and polysaccharides. Between them, these nutrients allow the chaga mushroom to offer a great range of health benefits to people taking medications that contain them.

If used properly, taking chaga mushrooms in supplements like this can help you keep the gut healthy and functioning properly, boost your immunity, lower your blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and help prevent or cure cell mutations, fatigue and certain different chronic illnesses and somatic ailments (6).

However, as the effects of the chaga mushroom has only ever been noticed by those who consume at least 500 mg per day, the 143 mg chaga content present in a serving of Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules will be unable to deliver the effects that they were intended to provide.

Mesima (Phellinus Linteus) - 143 MG

Mesima mushrooms are a type of phellinus mushroom better known as the black hoof mushroom which is native to East Asia. It has long been used in traditional medicines in the region, due to claims it can help sick people recover faster and keep pregnant or breastfeeding women healthy.

Among the most commonly mentioned supposed beneficial effects of the mesima mushroom are an ability to reduce the size of tumours, combat allergic reactions, prevent the growth of bacteria and the damage it can cause, protect the liver, lungs, colon and prostate, and improve your overall immunity.

The issue is, no healthcare professional has ever properly evaluated whether or not the statements mentioned above are actually true (7). As a result, its presence in supplements like Host Defense Stamets 7 capsules and other products of a similar nature may produce no positive effects of note.

Host Defense Mushrooms Pros & Cons


  • The content of the capsules consists mainly of proven mushroom extracts
  • Has a very fair purchase price and easy to obtain
  • Organic, GMO and gluten free and vegan friendly


  • Most of the mushroom extracts are present in dosages that are far lower than what is required to be of any use
  • One of the mushroom extracts has never been proven to be of any use in a product such as this
  • Some people who did purchase the product report that it did nothing for them at all, caused side effects, or led to them experiencing delivery or quality issues

Host Defense Stamets 7 Review Conclusion

Host Defense Stamets 7 looks like one of the top mushroom products on the market when you look at things like its review score or ingredients. Unfortunately, after doing the research required to write this review, it has become very clear that the content of the capsules will not offer the results the brand say.

From extremely low ingredient dosages and ingredients not proven to be of any use in products such as this, to past users claiming it causes side effects, it simply fails in too many ways. That is why we highly recommend you do not purchase Host Defense Stamets 7 and instead give Nootrum Mushrooms a try as it actually has the right doses of the relevant mushroosms and isn't dramatically more expensive.

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