Mita Nutra ManGreens Review

Are ManGreens Any Good?

ManGreens is an testosterone booster come greens powder hybrid, but the question is does it do either properly?

First off Mita Nutra’s Man Greens, shouldn’t be confused with Morning Man Greens, which is another product and unfortunately easily confused.
Typically speaking hybrid supplements don’t fare too well in our reviews, normally by trying to be two things at once they end up underdosing core ingredients, or simply not being able to be a fully effective supplement for either of the things that they try to do. ManGreens actually isn’t too bad. Mita Nutra ManGreens isn’t perfect by any stretch, but it is an interesting greens powder for men, which is a refreshing take. Sure it’s not as good as a dedicated testosterone booster, but by the virtue of green powders having more space to work with, isn’t actually terrible at either. 

The servings are 15grams, which when compared to other capsule type supplements that often try to be hybrids is a lot, one capsule is normally about 1gram, so we can pretty quickly see why it doesn’t normally work. ManGreens on the other hand, does get all 9 of it’s ingredients within the effective dosage range, which is a good start. It doesn’t hide behind a proprietary blend, like a lot of greens powders, including the likes of AG1, which when we run the numbers means half their ingredients can’t possibly be dosed properly.

With a couple of notable testosterone boosting ingredients like Ashwagandha, and the king of greens powder ingredients spirulina.
ManGreens does fail on a couple of core fronts though, one of the things that most greens powder customers are looking for is as close to full micronutrient (vitamins and minerals) coverage as possible, and unfortunately ManGreens is pretty poor on this front. 

It’s also not the best tasting greens powder, so you’ll definitely want to mix it with juice or something else rather than just adding water. 

The short hand of the ManGreens review is, yes it’s not bad, we’d say it’s not as good as taking a dedicated testosterone booster, or a more comprehensive greens powder like Super Green Tonik, but it’s decent. If you’re not already using a testosterone booster or greens powder, it’s a decent option. If you are, we wouldn’t recommend swapping off your current routine.  

Best Greens Powders

ManGreens Ingredients

Organic Spirulina Powder 5000mg – Spirulina is the king of greens powder ingredients, the blue green algae has a host of health benefits from lowering blood pressure to improving immune health. It’s rich in vitamin c and e as well as having a lot of anti oxidants. This is a good dose and it’s a great start for ManGreens. 

Organic Maca Root Extract 1500mg – Maca root extract is known for it’s enhancements to the… ahem “gentleman’s area”. It’s been shown to raise libido effectively in both men and women in double blind trials as well as improving blood flow to the nether regions. It’s one of only a couple of ingredients that’s actually been consistently shown to be effective for this and 1500mg is on the higher side of dosage so all good here. Maybe we’d have preferred a little less maca and a little more beetroot. 

Organic Beetroot Powder 1000mg – This is the bottom end of beetroot in terms of dosage for it’s benefits. In theory it can lower blood pressure and increase NO2 flow to the muscles and improve athletic performance. Which is pretty good, we would’ve preferred a slightly higher amount in ManGreens, but this is still pretty good. 

Moringa Leaf Powder 1000mg – This is good for the liver, kidneys and heart, it’s in a good dose, decent inclusion. Spinach Powder 1000mg – Spinach powder is a common ingredient in greens powder, rich in vitamins and anti oxidants. Pretty standard, but a good inclusion none the less, nothing special, nothing wrong. 

Ashwagandha 600mg – 600mg is the ideal dosage of Ashwagandha for boosting male hormone so this is a good inclusion, it also has the benefit of improving sleep quality and lowering cortisol build up which can further improve hormone production. 

Turmeric Root Powder 500mg – This is the one negative point in our ManGreens Review. 500mg would be ok, if it was curcumin extract from turmeric, unfortunately Turmeric is only 10-30% curcumin and 500mg is the ideal dose for curcumin. This would’ve had great benefits to joint and guy health if it was the right extract as well as being a potent anti inflammatory.   

Coleus Forskohlii Powder 250mg – One of the less effective ingredients for hormone production, it’s fine, but it’s a c tier test booster, it’s efficacy rate is relatively low, although it’s a relatively low percentage of the man greens formula so we’re not going to knock too many points off the ManGreens Review score. 

Tongkat Ali Powder 125mg – Along with Ashwagandha Tongkat Ali is one of the better ingredients for boosting male hormone production, across meta analysis it seems to be effective in about 40% of high quality trials against placebos, and when taken across all trials between 30-50% of men have a positive response.   

What Man Greens Leaves Out And Their Claims

As for some of the claims that ManGreens make about what it leaves out, flax, soy, alfalfa and that they can raise estrogen, this is functionally nonsense when talking about competitor greens powders. Most don’t contain any notable dose of soy, and the estrogen effects were only found at around 40grams of soy protein, no difference was noticed below a daily intake of 20g of soy protein. The milligrams in some greens powders aren’t going to make much difference. And as for flax and alfalfa, the latter isn’t demonstrated at all and flax would again require you to consume more than the entire 15gram dose in most greens powders.   

ManGreens Review Conclusion

Man Greens is alright, it’s not as good as a full on testosterone booster, and it’s not a fully comprehensive greens powder either. If you want an all in one supplement then it’s really not a bad option. If you’re particularly concerned about taste then we also would recommend something else. So, whether or not we recommend ManGreens or not really comes down to what you’re after. If you just want to raise test levels and already have a balanced diet, then get a testosterone booster like Prime Male, if you just want to cover your nutrients, then get Super Green Tonik. As both of these specialised supplements do these things better. If you just want something to dip your toe in to optimising your health, Man Greens is actually pretty good.  

Best Super Green Options
Criteria Rating
Taste 2/10
Essential Nutrients 5/10
Health Benefits 8/10
Ingredient Quality 8/10
Customer Satisfaction 7/10
Value 8/10
Recommended 7/10